Skull & Bones - PS4, PC & Xbox One Trailer

Skull & Bones: Ubisoft Answers Sea Of Thieves

The swashbuckling adventure is almost here.

As one of the most elusive pirate games to not yet sail the seven seas, Skull and Bones is a pirate MMO game that is currently undergoing development at Ubisoft Singapore. Set to rival Sea of Thieves, Skull & Bones takes a more aggressive approach to life at sea by pitting pirates against each other in all-out warfare.

Skull & Bones - PS4, PC & Xbox One Trailer
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PS4, PC & Xbox One
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With plundering, naval battles and more serious tones, the Skull and Bones gameplay trailer showcases numerous pirate abilities such as camouflaging your force as members of another alliance. It is through gameplay mechanics such as this that will make Skull & Bones extremely tactical and thrilling to explore.

While we eagerly await an official release date, we are not giving up on this game. For now, scroll down to acquaint yourself with a quick summary of what’s to come.

Skull & Bones Gameplay

Skull & Bones Gameplay Summary

Unlike the joyous nature that Sea Of Thieves commands, Skull and Bones will embellish the grittier side of pirate life. Sailing around the oceans in a similar fashion to Ubisoft’s other huge hit, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, the primary goal of Skull & Bones is to take your pirate to the top of the food chain.

To do this, players will team up with other pirates, form alliances and shoot cannons at other boats using special abilities to take down bigger warships. Collecting maximum loot in the process, you will need to buddy up with trusted maties to ensure that your force is strong enough to take down the greatest of foes. 

But there’s a catch. Alliances throughout Skull and Bones are extremely fluid. Therefore, your loot hoarding buddies could quickly turn on you when it’s time to cash in your divine treasures. So watch out for those icebergs, but also watch your backstabbing buddies.

Skull & Bones Release Date

Despite being first announced at E3 back in 2017, Skull and Bones unfortunately still has no scheduled release date. In fact, this game has had huge trouble leaving the docks for quite some time now. This has ultimately resulted in questions over whether Skull & Bones might suffering from early signs of scurvy.

However, despite numerous knockbacks, we have seen frequent updates from Ubisoft over the years with additional features and, most recently, a new direction for the game. Typically, when games are delayed it is for good reason. But with fresh scars from the catastrophe that was Cyberpunk, it stands to reason that excited fans are a little nervous.


Skull & Bones Release Date

Skull & Bones Beta Access

Despite no release date in sight, eager pirates can still get into the thick of the action by signing up for the Skull and Bones Beta access. As a positive step towards letting the general public play the game at some stage, we hope that Ubisoft is nearing the end of development for a full release very soon.

Skull & Bones Vs Sea Of Thieves

Although Sea of Thieves has dominated pirate gaming for a considerable amount of time, there is much room for a contrasting alternative. With Skull & Bones, that contrast is met as both games take on two very different stances to piratehood. Whereas Sea of Thieves plays to the jolly, drunken and treasure-mapping pleasures of being a pirate, Skull & Bones gets down and dirty with all-out warfare, backstabbing and thievery. 

Full Comparison: Skull & Bones Vs Sea Of Thieves


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