Best FPS Games For Xbox One

Best FPS Games (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

We guarantee you've not thought of some of these.

Last Updated: 18th December 2021

The bread and butter of what makes up the vast majority of the mainstream video game market, first-person shooters (or FPS) are a staple of many video gamers diets. While the worst FPS games make us feel cheated, the best FPS games make us feel like John Wick-Esque badasses who literally cannot be killed.

Today, it’s those types of games that we are focussing on in our summary of the best FPS games for Xbox One. As we gracefully made our way through many levels, taking out enemies in the most creative of methods and with deadly aplomb, our editors have selected 10 of the best FPS games available today.

As with all of our listicles, we don’t choose based upon popularity. We choose based upon the fun we had and the production of the game. All of this while keeping in mind that a single player could own all of these games without loss of quality.

So, without further chitter chatter, scroll down to read our editors shortlist of the greatest FPS games on Xbox One right now.

BioShock Infinite Remastered

Bioshock Infinite Remastered

We’re going to allow personal bias to pervade our decision making here as many people will be wondering why we have picked Booker DeWitt’s airborne adventure over Jack’s submerged shoot-outs in the leaking halls of Rapture.

Admittedly, the original BioShock game that saw you being strung along by the insidious Atlas in his quest to usurp the mighty Andrew Ryan has a near-perfect blend of horror and FPS elements in equal measure. Not to mention the claustrophobic nature of the environment only ramping up the atmosphere. However, it’s the latter about the specific location that each respective game takes place in that makes the third game in the trilogy more appealing.

The first two BioShock games feel quite terminal. Venturing through a fallen aquatic utopia now ruled by homicidal mutated drug addicts and crooked false idols has a constant air of defeatism about it (in our opinion anyway).

With BioShock Infinite Remastered, the fact that you arrive in Columbia before the place slowly begins to turn to ashes (with large thanks to your arrival), you see how your own actions turn the sky-bound city from a heavenly suburb into a floating pyre (in multiple universes no less). This has more impact when you can see your actions reflected in the world around you.

We would also consider this one of the best FPS games in the BioShock series because of the jack-of-all-trades nature. It does a lot of things quite well like the weapons, vigors, dialogue, locations and enemies. In fact, all of those mechanics are very good. However, the storyline itself feels more like an adventure akin to Indiana Jones, Star Wars and more classic tales that are imbued with more “positivity” for lack of a better word.

PS: BioShock 2 is also better than you remember. Trust us.

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 FPS Game

Garnering a reputation as the factory assembly line that churns out Open World classics like hotcakes, Ubisoft is back at it again with Far Cry 4. To say that every one of Ubisoft’s sausage factory open-world games is poor quality (even though some have been pretty terrible) would be wholly unfair.

In fact, they have had more good games than bad. In particular with their First-Person Shooter/Open-World hybrid series of Far Cry that has seemingly stood the test of time.

While you could make a case for many of the Far Cry games to reign supreme as the grand champion of the series, we have opted for Far Cry 4. The original was an open-ended adventure not really seen before in gaming, Blood Dragon was a comedic spoof that played in a toyful manner with the franchise, and Primal brought prehistoric times alongside including a Survival mode to add a real serrated edge of difficulty.

However, for us, Far Cry 4 is a great game across all aspects. From the narrative to skill trees and everything in between, the story of AJ Ghale returning to his homeland to continue the rebellion his family started is simply fantastic. There’s a healthy dose of arcade action, and the usual Open World/Ubisoft tropes of obscured maps unlocked by towers and the like are indeed present, but the real star is the environment of Kyrat.

A lush landscape that is as fun to traverse as it is dangerous, coupled with the flamboyantly lethal Pagan Min as an antagonist (helped in no small part by the tremendous acting of Troy Baker) makes the game a joy to play through.

PS: A secret Easter Egg awaits for the patient types. Or just YouTube it. Whatever.


Superhot VR Game

What on earth is this game, you ask?

Superhot is probably the most curious title on our list of the best FPS games for Xbox One in that it most certainly is a First-Person Shooter, However, Superhot incorporates the shooting aspect of the game as a vehicle to clear the puzzles in front of you rather than to defeat enemies standing in the way of your objective.

For those that aren’t aware of this game, Superhot involves destroying enemies in various rooms and arenas within a time limit. However, time only moves when you move. The same rule is also applied to the timer which only counts down as you move around.

The game would be fantastic enough just for its unique spin on the ritualistic act of point a weapon at enemies and shooting at them. However, the setup of the game has you play as someone who gets told about the new VR game Superhot. While playing through the puzzle rooms, the game throws cryptic messages alongside glitches that appear in front of them. This adds an element of growing mystery beyond the standard gameplay.

With a neo-hacker theme, the games aesthetics perfectly play to this design and it is much removed from your standard FPS games which is everything we love about it. Should you like this game also, you can quickly download the expansion, Superhot: Mind, Control, Delete, which adds in Roguelike elements with procedurally generated levels.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Okay. We are fully prepared to take some flak for this listing. Yet, we have had so much damn fun with this game it is not even funny. As such, we felt obligated to include Star Wars Battlefront II on our list of the best FPS games for Xbox One despite its rather obvious flaws in certain areas and “lopsided” mechanics.

The tumultuous early beta days almost lead to it being boycotted thanks to fan outrage over the unlock criteria required for the Heroes and Villains like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia. But DICE quickly corrected their error in judgment (which was likely an executive order from EA rather than greed from DICE) and the game came into its own, bringing full-scale galactic assaults of the Star Wars universe to the player.

While this game definitely benefited the Star Wars fans of the video game world (again our bias is rearing its most beautiful head), DICE did a wonderful job of making you feel like you actually were a footsoldier in these gargantuan clashes between the Republic and the First Order. The studio excels in environment and level design, particularly when it comes to scope, but the sound design on display in BFII is just as on point as the visuals.

Getting to play as some of the most iconic characters from one of media’s most established franchises (regardless of what you think of the prequels) is way too much fun for our easily amused minds to handle. Breaking a deadlocked position as Rey or sneaking behind enemy lines as Boba Fett gives a real sense of how the Heroes and Villains can turn the tide of battle. Despite this leading these characters to feel slightly broken.

Utilising a simplified version of the class system from Battlefield and faithfully incorporating planets, characters, abilities, and weapons from the SW universe as well as a number of different multiplayer modes, Battlefront II is a must-own for anyone that ticks the boxes of both Star Wars fan and video game player.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein New Order

While the original Wolfenstein was conceived back in the 1980s by Muse Software, many know of its legendary FPS status thanks to the revival by DOOM creators iD Software with the instalment of Wolfenstein 3D. Of which, this essentially swapped out aliens and demons for Nazi officers while retaining all the features that made DOOM great, like its fluid movement and maze-like levels.

After a lukewarm reboot of the series in 2009 (which actually wasn’t that bad of a game), Bethesda took a stab at reviving the mythical franchise with Wolfenstein: The New Order. What the Elder Scrolls and Fallout publishers made back in 2014 was a tight, responsive, and satisfying First-Person Shooter that still holds up today, as do its two sequels.

While the story is the standard fare of BJ Blazkowicz leading a one-man offensive against the technologically advanced Axis forces, for us this becomes one of the best FPS games for Xbox one for how the game translates the mechanics of the original. From the health and armour to the gunplay, there is a much more modern feel to the game whilst retaining the soul of the older games. It really brings the past into the present.

While we applaud Superhot for adding a refreshing twist on FPS games and those games certainly need to exist, Wolfenstein: The New Order puts shooting at its epicentre and builds the game around that. It simply just feels great to dual wield two shotguns and strafe around the corridors of German complexes. Not to mention blasting away at soldiers and mechs as they feebly attempt to stand in your way.

All games in the rebooted series are worth checking out, but The New Order takes the crown of the three in our books.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

We are slightly begrudging putting any Call of Duty title in a list of the best FPS games for anything. However, there is a reason why COD became one of the world’s most popular franchises – in particular when it comes to First-Person Shooters.

There’s been many Call of Duty titles to choose from over the years since COD spews out games once every November, however, we have gone with one of the most recent entries. That being the reboot of Modern Warfare from 2019.

Whatever you think about COD and what its gradually morphed into throughout its life, the precision in the shooting mechanics and the tactile feedback it gives to its players when enveloped in its gameplay is almost second to none. This is a huge reason (in our googly eyes) why its become so popular with casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Aside from looking absolutely stunning (in the right circumstances), the out-of-left-field reboot of the series breathed new life into the waning IP and grabbed the financial defibrillator to jumpstart Call of Duty’s heartbeat into a healthy state once more.

The campaign is solid while admittedly truncated to an extent. However, the real value for most people will be in the additional Free2Play mode that spawned off the back of Modern Warfare. That of course being the phenomenally popular Battle Royale, Warzone.

Even though the games can be downloaded separately, we are including them as one of the same seeing as they’re that closely related, and we feel slightly dirty just recommending a F2P Battle Royale. Else, we would have just listed Fortnite.

Overall, Modern Warfare is a very good Call of Duty game, and Warzone will keep you and your friends dropping into Verdansk long after your time with Captain Price is over. Will that man ever die?

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

What would COD be without immediately mentioning, Battlefield.

Over the years, Battlefield has spent a good amount of its existence playing second fiddle to the more mainstream FPS series of Call of Duty. However, DICE’s FPS series has really gained some ground in the last few years thanks to titles like Battlefield 3, the Bad Company games, Battefield 5 and Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 4 was the introduction to the Xbox One/PS4 generation and it was at the very least, decent. It didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but it wasn’t a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. Returning to its roots (in fact, going even further by stretching all the way back to WWI), DICE struck gold with Battlefield 1. Although, they did confuse fans and the general gaming public by adopting an unusual naming convention.

By reverting back to the more core and focused class design that allowed games like Battlefield 1943 to flourish, the setting and contextual backdrop of “The Great War” in conjunction with the underpinning of the Industrial Revolution meant the game flexed comfortably within its chosen time period without feeling dated or constrained.

Another great and well-thought-out feature is the way Battlefield 1 frames its single-player campaign and how the campaign trains you in a sense for the multiplayer. The campaign is comprised of “War Stories” that take place all over the world with different armies in different conflicts. This allows players to get a full scope of the historical event in short, punchy bursts that keep the action from becoming stale.

Also, in each story, you’ll be doing things like flying, driving tanks, using boats, defending objectives, and all the tools and training you need for when you head into the PvP portion of the game, adding an element of actual utility to the SP campaign beyond a simple story.

At the time of writing, we firmly believe Battlefield 1 is the best shooter DICE has to offer, however, we are yet to see Battlefield 2042. And oh boy, we cannot wait!

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Overshadowed by similar games released at the same time and usurped almost instantly by its younger Battle Royale brother Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 was an emotionally driven shooter. It showed with gusto that you can make narrative players connect without sacrificing the satisfying nature of mechanics or gunplay.

Granted, not many people come to or pick up First-Person Shooting games to get involved in an enthralling story. While people generally save that kind of thing for RPGs that they’ll put tens or perhaps even hundreds of hours into, the developers know themselves that’s not why their audience has popped in their disc or downloaded their game.

They’re there to shoot people in the face and feel cool while they do it.

Yet, Titanfall 2 managed to do both. To directly quote Thanos, they were “perfectly balanced, as all things should be”.

As you journey forward as inexperienced pilot Jack Cooper, you’re paired with and in a way guided by your newly acquired Titan, BT-7274, or BT for short. Over the course of the game, your bond grows ever stronger and your actions are much more effective. This makes the feeling of progress in both the story of the game but also with your closeness to your partner that much more rewarding.

While he is voiced by the ever-talented Matthew Mercer, Cooper is very much the narrative vessel, the audience living/playing through him and learning the world with him. You could say this is a well that has been visited many a time, but I think in this context it works as both the player and Jack develop the bond with BT in tandem.

Let’s put it this way. When he says “trust me”, you actually do.

DOOM: Eternal

DOOM Eternal

We often cite DOOM as the granddaddy of First-Person Shooters as the creation of John Romero, John Carmack, and the rest of the talented individuals at iD Software practically gave birth to the genre (or at the very least lead to a drastic boom in its popularity).

DOOM as a series can stand tall as it hasn’t really had a weak instalment in over twenty years. There were a couple of less pronounced games like DOOM 64 and DOOM 3 which had less impact. However, they were still good FPS games in their own right. Since the “new age” DOOM arrived on the scene in 2016 with the reboot and the strong lineage has only been added to with DOOM Eternal.

DOOM Eternal simply takes everything DOOM (2016) did well and adds more blood and brutality. Alongside this, DOOM Eternal also adds visceral and euphoric violence, all of which is set to yet another sublime soundtrack that has been coordinated and composed by the legendary Mick Gordon.

It’s actually quite tough to explain through virtual ink why DOOM Eternal is so good. Words can only do so much justice to the demonic majesty of disembowelling a horde of Imps or splitting a Cacodemon in twain. It’s an adrenaline rush that just needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated in all its gratuitous gore.

The game overall just feels fantastic. The creators of the game understand DOOM’s identity and what the true essence of the game is. There’s plenty of fine work done behind the scenes with designing weapons, enemies, levels, and all the other great stuff that act as the building blocks of a video game, but the key philosophy behind all of the design all feeds back to the player’s experience, and the game shines because of that.

And the soundtrack. My goodness, the soundtrack.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

DOOM Eternal

If you have enjoyed anything about Borderlands and have a soft spot for Dungeons & Dragons then you will absolutely go crazy for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Following on from Tiny Tina’s Assault, Wonderlands is a mash-up between D&D and Borderlands whereby Tina (the dungeon master) plays out a wild game of D&D with some friends. You will play ‘The Fatemaker’ and it is your job to save the realm from the massive skeleton army. We say massive, they are relatively simple to kill with the huge amount of weapons and loot at your disposal.

Learn More » Read Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Review

Unlike most other games that made the cut on this list of the best FPS games for Xbox consoles, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands provides you with the ability to not only choose classes but to level up skill trees and merge two classes together. You could be an archer with spells or a magician with a huge hammer, the combinations are endless which adds to a lot of replayability with the game which is awesome.

Overall, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a thoroughly enjoyable looter-shooter that blends good comedy, a great storyline and a huge amount of combos to slay your enemies. Oh, you’ll also enjoy quips from Andy Samberg, Wanda Sykes & Will Arnott who feature as voice-overs throughout the game. Trust us, there will be times of heavy chuckling.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo Master Chief Collection

Almost certainly the best value for money on a console that is a little anaemic when it comes to exclusives, this substantial package of the Master Chief’s story is not only one of the best First-Person Shooters one can get for the Xbox One, but one of the best games for the console altogether.

Period. We said it. Don’t even try to say otherwise.

Haters will say that there technically isn’t any genuinely new content here bar the remastered Halo 2 (including the stunningly remade cutscenes from CGI aficionados Blur) and everything else is riding the coattails of games that had their hay-day one or even two console generations prior. But they’re just haters.

Well, while we understand that point, it doesn’t change the fact that what you have on offer within this collection is a buffet of gaming goodness that caters solely to FPS consumers. You have all four main Halo campaigns, all of which have been optimised to run on the updated hardware, plus all forms of each respective game’s multiplayer (as well as a Classic and Remastered version of Halo 2’s online).

Not only that, you have the additional campaigns of Halo 3: ODST and the fan favourite Halo Reach, with the latter of those two adding in the survival-based Firefight mode and its own multiplayer avenue. It has taken 343 Industries quite a while (which is a generous way of putting it) to fully iron out all the kinks in Chief’s MJOLNIR armour. But they’ve finally now got this to a state that runs pretty much smoothly with Halo: Master Chief.

There’s just simply nothing not to like here. You’ve got six fantastic campaigns within the Halo universe, and a plethora of fun and competitive multiplayer modes to keep you busy for as long as you can play them.

Be the soldier they need you to be.

Best FPS Games For Xbox One

Best FPS Games Xbox One Roundup

Grab your gun, clip on your ammunition and enjoy some of our best-rated FPS games for Xbox One. From intense multiplayer battlefields to obscure FPS games for Xbox, we guarantee that you will have hours upon hours of fun.

For us, the very best first-person shooters must come with a fantastic single-player storyline. Any game developer can create a chaotic and immersive multiplayer experience. Yet, the true craft is in the storytelling. How do you separate your standard “man vs the world” storyline from something truly immersive? Then there’s the content richness. Nobody likes campaigns that only take a few hours to complete. This is why Xbox FPS games such as DOOM and Prey are widely considered some of the best console first-person-shooters available due to that storyline.

Did we miss any great FPS games for Xbox One? The Division, perhaps?

Tell us about your favourite FPS games for Xbox in the comments below. Alternatively, check out some of these other awesome articles for Xbox gamers.

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