Best Armor Sets Starfield

Best Armour Sets In Starfield (Early & Late Game)

These armour sets will have you fending off the Crimson Fleet with ease.

You can’t survive on a toxic plant without a spacesuit, and you can’t survive a bite from a wild Ashta without heavy protection. So the settled systems in Starfield have a wide variety of fashionable armour sets to collect and protect.

Some look like an old American astronaut, others like a futuristic badass, and one looks like you’re wrapped in tinfoil. Surprisingly, one of the best Starfield spacesuits belonged to your sweet ol’ grandma.

But which are the best-rated armour sets in Starfield? Let’s find out!👇

Best Armour Sets Starfield

Just like some of the other most-played RPG games on Xbox, if you’re going to stand any chance of completing Starfield with increased difficulty, saving a few sets of armour in your inventory will be essential.

With each set of armour packing various bonuses and buffs, we have rounded up the top 6 armour sets in Starfield for every type of encounter. Find out which is the best armour to wear in Starfield in the early game, late game and more.

The best armour sets in Starfield are:

  1. Starborn Spacesuit – Best Overall
  2. Mark 1 Constellation Suit – Best For Early Game
  3. Mercury Spacesuit – Best For Toxic Environments
  4. Mantis Spacesuit – Best For Modifications
  5. Gran Gran’s Marine Spacesuit – Most Balanced
  6. Bounty Hunter Spacesuit – Best For Defence Boosts

Starborn Spacesuit Starfield

Starborn Spacesuit

Best Armour Suit Overall

How To Unlock: Complete and replay the game

The Starborn Spacesuit in Starfield is a unique armour set that evolves with each new playthrough. Starting as the Starborn Spacesuit Astra after the first game completion, it undergoes a series of Starfield armour upgrades (10 in total), culminating in the formidable Starborn Spacesuit Venator. This final version boasts unparalleled defensive stats, making it one of Starfield’s most potent armour sets. In the final iteration, players can expect an overall statistic of 246 alongside a defence resistance of 50 to a variety of environmental factors.

Beyond its impressive capabilities, the Starborn Spacesuit is also a visual marvel, symbolizing a player’s achievements and dedication to the game; almost like a trophy. While obtaining the Venator requires multiple playthroughs, its blend of aesthetics and performance makes it a sought-after prize for dedicated Starfield players.

It’s for these reasons that the Starborn Spacesuit is without question the best armour set available in Starfield right now. It’s a worthy pursuit.

Starborn Spacesuit Venator Statistics:

  • Mass: 17.40
  • Value: 68,340 Credits
  • Armour Item ID: 0021C77F
  • PHYS: 246
  • ENGY: 246
  • EM: 246
  • Corrosive: 50
  • Airborne: 50
  • Radiation: 50
  • Thermal: 50

Starborn Spacesuit Bonus Effects:

  • Balanced Boostpack – Balanced Power Output

Mark 1 Constellation Spacesuit Starfield

Mark 1 Constellation Suit

Best Armour Set For Early Game

How To Unlock: Loot from The Lodge basement in New Atlantis.

The Constellation faction in Starfield offers a unique “NASA punk” aesthetic that many players find appealing. This style is not just about looks; it represents the spirit of exploration and the drive to discover the unknown. While the Constellation’s armour sets are visually striking, they often fall short in terms of stats, especially when pitted against formidable adversaries.

However, there’s an exception: the Mark 1 Constellation Spacesuit.

The Mark 1 Constellation Spacesuit stands out not just for its aesthetic but also for its impressive defensive capabilities. Acquirable towards the start of the game, it’s an anomaly within the Constellation’s armour lineup, offering stats that can rival some of the game’s top-tier armour sets. What’s even more intriguing is how players acquire this prized armour. For those adept at lockpicking, the process is straightforward. After meeting the Constellation crew, players can head to the basement where the Mark 1 set is stored in a locked display case. However, for those who haven’t honed their lockpicking skills, there’s a workaround.

This involves a clever exploit where players can bypass the lock entirely. By closely examining the glass display case, players will notice a tiny gap where the door hinges. By positioning their crosshairs precisely over this gap, they can interact with the armour inside and claim it for themselves – See IGN video tutorial here

While the Mark 1 Constellation Spacesuit boasts high defensive stats, it doesn’t come with any special perks or abilities. Nonetheless, its combination of style and protection makes it a valuable asset for players, especially in the early stages of their Starfield journey.

Mark 1 Constellation Suit Statistics:

  • Mass: 8.30
  • Value: 8,455 Credits
  • Armour Item ID: 001E2B18
  • PHYS: 78
  • ENGY: 46
  • EM: 62
  • Corrosive: 20
  • Airborne: 0
  • Radiation: 10
  • Thermal: 30

Mark 1 Constellation Suit Bonus Effects:

  • No Bonus Effects

Mercury Spacesuit Starfield

Mercury Spacesuit

Best Armour Set For Mid-Game

How To Unlock: Loot during the “Unearthed” story mission.

The Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield, while having a retro appearance reminiscent of 1950s space suits, is more than just a nod to the past. This suit is not just for show; it’s equipped with impressive stats that can aid players in their space adventures; particularly during the mid-game.

In terms of protection, the Mercury Spacesuit offers substantial resistance, especially in challenging environments. It provides significant value in mid-to-late game scenarios, particularly when players find themselves in toxic environments. The suit’s stats are slightly similar to the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit, but where it truly shines is its enhanced environmental resistance. It’s designed to reduce damage with a stat of 90, ensuring longevity in life-threatening situations.

Moreover, the Mercury Spacesuit comes fitted with a range of useful mods, enhancing its utility and making it a versatile choice for various missions. To acquire the Mercury Spacesuit, players need to embark on the “Unearthed” quest line. This journey delves into Starfield’s intricate history and eventually leads players to the NASA Launch Facility on Earth. Here, within a glass display case, lies the Mercury Spacesuit, waiting for a daring explorer to bring it back into action.

In summary, while the Mercury Spacesuit might seem like a quirky, old-fashioned choice at first glance, it’s a powerful asset that combines historical charm with modern functionality. Players would do well to add it to their arsenal as they navigate the challenges of Starfield.

Mercury Spacesuit Statistics:

  • Mass: 16.83
  • Value: 23,534 Credits
  • Armour Item ID: 001D0F96
  • PHYS: 92
  • ENGY: 100
  • EM: 25
  • Corrosive: 25
  • Airborne: 25
  • Radiation: 25
  • Thermal: 25

Mercury Spacesuit Bonus Effects:

  • Pocketed – Increases Carry Capacity by 5%

Mantis Spacesuit Starfield

Mantis Spacesuit

Best Armour For Modifications

How To Unlock: Finish the ”Mantis” sidequest

The Mantis Armor set in Starfield is a true testament to the game’s blend of style and functionality. Evoking imagery of a space-age vigilante, akin to a “space-batman,” this armour set is not just about aesthetics; it’s a powerhouse in stats and capabilities too.

Acquiring the Mantis Armor is an adventure in itself. The journey begins rather ambiguously, with players free to explore and engage in various activities. As they navigate the vastness of space and confront spacers, a pivotal moment occurs when they discover a note on one of the defeated spacer’s bodies. This note, labelled “Secret Outpost,” serves as the gateway to a thrilling sidequest filled with challenges and rewards.

The quest associated with the Mantis Armor is a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. Players will find themselves solving intricate puzzles, confronting vigilantes, and even stumbling upon a free spaceship. This multi-faceted quest not only offers a deep dive into Starfield’s lore but also provides players with tangible rewards for their efforts.

At the culmination of this quest, players are rewarded with the legendary Mantis Armor set. Being a legendary set, it comes with a unique feature: each item in the set boasts three randomized perks. These perks enhance the armour’s capabilities, offering various advantages to the wearer. However, for those who are particular about the perks they receive, there’s a workaround. If the randomized perks are not to a player’s liking, they can simply reload their game before acquiring the gear, which will refresh the perks.

Regardless of the specific perks, the Mantis Armor set stands out for its exceptional defensive stats. It’s designed to offer players stellar protection against the myriad threats they’ll encounter in the vast expanse of space. In essence, the Mantis Armor is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of a player’s dedication, perseverance, and mastery over the challenges of Starfield.

Mantis Spacesuit Statistics:

  • Mass: 16.20
  • Value: 31,755 Credits
  • Armour Item ID: 00226299
  • PHYS: 116
  • ENGY: 84
  • EM: 100
  • Corrosive: 0
  • Airborne: 30
  • Radiation: 15
  • Thermal: 15

Mantis Spacesuit Bonus Effects:

  • Sturdy: 15% less incoming melee damage.
  • Weapon Holsters: Weapons weigh 50% less.

Gran Gran's Spacesuit Starfield

Gran Gran’s Spacesuit

Most Balanced Armour Set

How To Unlock: Add ”Kid Stuff” Trait and speak to your parents.

Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor in Starfield is a tribute to the player’s formidable UC Marine grandmother. For those with the “Kid Stuff” trait, the armour becomes accessible through a unique questline in New Atlantis. By repeatedly conversing with their parents, players can quickly uncover their family’s storied past and obtain the armour. Plus, if you want to unlock the Gran Gran’s armour set even faster, just take a day’s rest in between conversations.

Statistically, Gran Gran’s Marine Spacesuit is on par with the Mark 1 Constellation Spacesuit. However, it has its distinct advantages. The armour set comes equipped with the “Pocketed” mod, enhancing its utility and storage capabilities. In turn, this makes the Gran-Gran’s Marine Armour Set one of the most balanced armour sets in Starfield.

Aesthetically, the suit stands out with its rugged black leather design, reflecting the fearless spirit of the player’s grandmother. It serves as a constant reminder that the player hails from a lineage of warriors, with Gran-Gran being a testament to resilience, bravery, and determination. In Starfield, wearing Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor is not just about protection; it’s about embracing one’s legacy and drawing strength from the past.

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit Statistics:

  • Mass: 8.14
  • Value: 6,858 Credits
  • Armor Item ID: 0022B8F6
  • PHYS: 76
  • ENGY: 60
  • EM: 68
  • Corrosive: 20
  • Airborne: 10
  • Radiation: 15
  • Thermal: 35

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit Bonus Effects:

  • Pocketed – Increases Carry Capacity by 5%

Mercury Spacesuit Starfield

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

Best Armour For Defense Boosts

How To Unlock: Loot or buy

The Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield stands out as a testament to the game’s unpredictable nature. While many might expect the best armour in the game to be a reward for a grand achievement or a challenging quest, the Mercury Spacesuit defies these conventions. You can just loot it at any time in the game or buy it from a clothing store! However, its acquisition method shouldn’t overshadow its capabilities.

In terms of performance, the Mercury Spacesuit offers substantial protection, especially in hostile environments. It’s designed to provide more value in mid-to-late game scenarios, particularly when players are exploring toxic surroundings. The suit’s enhanced environmental resistance ensures longevity in such conditions. Moreover, it’s equipped to reduce damage with a notable stat of 90, ensuring players are well-protected in life-threatening situations.

For those specifically looking for the best version of the Bounty Hunter suit, the Advanced variant, a trip to The Key is recommended. This station, orbiting Suvorov in the Kryx system, houses Zuri Abara’s stock, where players might find this coveted armour set.

In essence, the Mercury Spacesuit exemplifies the unpredictability and vastness of Starfield’s universe, where the most valuable treasures might be found in the most unassuming places. If you’re bored of the Mercury Spacesuit but enjoy its statistics, the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is a sweet little upgrade.

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit Statistics:

  • Mass: 20.90
  • Value: 20,780 Credits
  • Armour Item ID: 00228570
  • PHYS: 128
  • ENGY: 132
  • EM: 126
  • Corrosive: 15
  • Airborne: 15
  • Radiation: 15
  • Thermal: 15

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit Bonus Effects:

  • No Bonus Effects

Best Armour In Starfield

The Final Word

It’s a good thing the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit makes you look like the ultimate predator, else, once you have found a good one, you probably will change spacesuits again. This is too bad because the design work on all the costumes and garments in Starfield is stunning. The cowboy stylings of Akila City are a personal favourite, and there’s even a chubby mascot suit for a giant tardigrade. Too bad you can’t wear that one all the time, huh?

Whatever spacesuit you choose to venture out into space, be sure that you scan the planet first to see whether your outfit will meet the minimum requirements so that you avoid a nasty and painful death.

Content Disclaimer: This article on the best Starfield armour has been independently written by Branden Zavaleta. Branden has completed more than 200 hours playing Starfield on Xbox and continues to refine his knowledge of the game. GamePro has not been commissioned by Bethesda to produce this guide. 

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