OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Review Australia

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Review: It’s Insane!

uThrone by name. uThrone by nature.

Touted as one of the best massage gaming chairs in Australia, the OSIM uThrone will be out of reach for most gamers. Yet, for those who can afford to spend such a large amount on a gaming seat, there’s the promise of something truly spectacular.

As you will likely have previously experienced, the problem with most gaming chairs is that design supersedes comfortability. In particular, cheap gaming chairs that have included massage technology are often just a gimmick.

However, when you design gaming chairs in reverse, taking a dedicated massage chair and slapping on gaming chair liveries, there’s hope for the best of both worlds.

Does the OSIM uThrone gaming chair deliver on this promise?

Let’s find out! 👇

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Review Contents:

OSIM uThrone Orange Massage Gaming Chair

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Design

As a massage chair first and a gaming chair second, the OSIM uThrone gaming chair is slightly bulkier than most other gaming chairs you have likely experienced. While it looks like a gaming chair with flashy liveries, there is a slightly more professional appearance to the OSIM uThrone, particularly with the all-black version. 

Available in black, orange, purple and pink, the OSIM uThrone is thick set, extremely well padded, sturdy, moderately curved at the edges and rather on the heavy side. The base is firm to support your spine, and there are 2 built-in support features with the lumbar cushion and the fixed headrest. Both of these are very well placed and, although slightly too thick for me, perform very well at supporting the natural shape of your body.

In addition, there’s a concealed control panel on the right armrest which enables you to control the chair’s massage functions, including massagers positioned at your shoulders and your lower back. More on that in a moment.

As for the exterior, the OSIM uThrone massage gaming chair is concave and wrapped with premium leatherette which feels just as good to touch as it does to sit down upon. The material is also water and dirt-resistant, which will come in handy when you spill your energy drink!

If you stuck a traditional massage chair, gaming chair liveries and an office chair structure into a blender, you would likely get the OSIM uThrone which, by all accounts, is a very potent and pleasant combination. You can immediately tell that the OSIM uThrone was built as a massage-first chair rather than a standardised gaming chair, and, by all accounts, this works really well.

OSIM uThrone Massage Chairs Purple & Pink

OSIM uThrone Features

At the top of the feature list of the OSIM uThrone is v-hand massage technology. This technology works just like the hands of a real masseuse and promises to act like a true-to-life back massage; rather than a novelty gimmick.

To my surprise, OSIM has actually done a seriously good job with this technology, and it hits all of the right spots on each side of your lower back and neck. Cheaper gaming chairs really flunk in this department, yet, OSIM has absolutely nailed the functionality. I would expect nothing less at this price point!

Not only is the v-hand massager personalisable to suit your shoulder width, but you can also adjust the speed and intensity of the massager. In addition, there are also preset modes via the control panel depending on what type of rejuvenation you are looking to experience. I prefer the rolling and tapping mode as that really gets right into the deep tissues; however, you may enjoy something a little less intense.

As for other features, the OSIM uThrone also comes with your standardised back recliner, which will recline up to 145 degrees and adjustable armrests. These are not 4D armrests which is a bit of a shame considering the price; however, the flagship feature makes up for what you lose on the ability to turn your armrests in any direction.

When you remove all of the gimmicky features that other gaming chairs present, such as LED lighting and footrests, focussing purely on the core of the chair, OSIM uThrone has done a stellar job in the department. What they did try to include (and somewhat failed) with the Bluetooth speakers goes to show that gimmicks are really not everything.

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair (Orange & Black)

Comfortability & Customisation

For overall comfortability, the OSIM uThrone is extremely pleasant during long gaming sessions. While nowhere near as breathable as a mesh gaming chair, the uThrone does well with the premium leatherette to reduce as much sweating as possible.

The personalisable v-hand massage technology absolutely destroys anything else I have experienced, and the concave nature of the backrest gives you a little squeeze that is comfortable; but not too tight.

At times, the back massager became too intense for my liking, and I would have preferred just a small vibration. However, with a little tinkering with the settings, I was able to find the right balance between enjoyability and a setting that would actually do my back some good. It’s quite a weird experience at first, but I would encourage you to let go and allow the uThrone to do its thing!

For customisation, there is actually very little you can customise with the OSIM uThrone’s frame. You can adjust your seat up, down and backward. However, there are no adjustable 4D armrests, and you cannot adjust the lumbar support as you can with the Razer Iskur. I can only assume this is because the uThrone is already perfectly positioned, yet, that would have been a nice touch.

Build Quality

As for the build quality, I have zero complaints with the OSIM uThrone.

I mean, it’s worth an absolute fortune, so this is nothing short of what I would have expected. Again, I would have preferred a fabric version to reduce sweating. However, the uThrone is one seriously solid chair built well from the ground up. The gas lift works smoothly, and the entire base has been made from reinforced steel which will hold a total weight of up to 150kg.

The chair itself weighs up to 34kg and so what you get is a total brick that will support you for long periods of time, even during your most animated moments. There was no moment when I felt the chair was about to buckle underneath me. That said, the chair’s wheels (although functional) seem a little on the cheap side, considering the rest of the build quality, which is a bit of a shame.

With very few components to assemble, each part of the OSIM uThrone is completely solid, and the massage technology is flawlessly assembled too.

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Review


If you have perused any of my other gaming chair reviews, you will know that I hate assembling chairs. It’s the bane of every purchase I make, and I was seriously not looking forward to assembling something that packed some serious technology.

Yet, to my surprise, assembling the OSIM uThrone was actually relatively simple.

Given the price, I had half expected hundreds of components to install, most notably the back massager. However, that was all set up straight out of the box, which resulted in the assembly of other components being a breeze – hurray!

Once you have taken all the components out of the box, your first step is to attach the back of the chair to the seat with a few screws before assembling the wheels and the legs. Once more, these are also really simple to install with just a few high-endurance screws and a handy guide to follow.

Most other gaming chairs force you to install the armrests, yet, OSIM has literally taken care of all of this for you, which makes putting together the OSIM uThrone one of the easiest assembly processes I have experienced to date.

OSIM uThrone Price & Value

Priced steeply at $1,680, the OSIM uThrone is not for the faint of heart.

There are very few gaming chairs in this price range, and while a royal treatment should come at a premium, the question will always linger in the back of your mind as to whether spending this much on a gaming chair is worth it.

Thankfully, OSIM quite frequently provides discounts and promotions on the OSIM uThrone. For example, at Christmas time, gamers enjoyed up to $300 off the chair and a free Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse as part of the package. 

There is also the option to pay weekly instalments with an interest-free payment program. I have not tested this out myself; however, that’s quite a massive win for the OSIM uThrone considering other gaming chair manufacturers will force you down the Afterpay route.

Would I purchase the OSIM uThrone at full price? – Probably not.

While there are plenty of reasons to purchase the OSIM uThrone, I would recommend waiting until special offers emerge to get the best value for money. After all, a $300 discount plus a gaming mouse worth $150 is quite a significant saving!

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Review Australia

OSIM uThrone Review Verdict

uThrone by name, uThrone by nature. 

Overall, the OSIM uThrone is one of the best massage gaming chairs in Australia.

While very expensive to purchase, the v-hand massage technology is world-class, and the overall build quality of the chair is second to none. There’s a sense of real class about the chair that I have never experienced before, and for that, I have rated my OSIM uThrone gaming massage chair review a whopping 96%.

I love how OSIM have taken a ”massage chair first” concept and entered the gaming market. It’s a space that is in much need of competition, and I can see the OSIM uThrone becoming quite popular amongst wealthy gamers in Australia. 

It’s a shame that this technology will be out of reach for most gamers. I genuinely believe that every gamer should be able to access high-quality ergonomic massage chairs. However, if you can afford to spend over $1,500 on a gaming chair, the OSIM uThrone will make you feel like royalty. 

Now all you need is someone to top up your G FUEL!

OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Review Australia
OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair
At this price, I would have hoped that the OSIM uThrone would include 4D armrests and an adjustable lumbar support system. However, while it does not include those features, it nails everything else.

As a massage chair first and a gaming chair second, the OSIM uThrone is a dream for gamers with back problems. Unlike other massage gaming chairs, OSIM's unique v-hand massage technology works like a real-life masseuse and is perfect for improving your ergonomics.

The built-in speakers are a slight afterthought; I can only assume they were included to justify the price. However, there is nothing quite like the OSIM uThrone for comfort. It's insane!
Super Comfortable
Good Customisation
Water Resistant
V-Hand Massager
Took The L
Quite Rigid
Very Expensive
Editor's Rating

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