Apex Ranks & Ranking Distributions

Apex Ranks: Apex Legends Rank Distribution [UPDATED]

Everything you need to know about Apex Legends ranks.

Working your way up to become an Apex Predator? As one of the most competitive battle royales, Apex ranks are not easy to acquire. In fact, as soon as you step away from messing around with heroes in the rookie leagues, the intensity amplifies quickly.

Respawn & EA have made a classic and the competitive scene is epic.

In this short guide, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Apex Legends ranks including what each rank will entail, the current ranking distribution and an easy-to-follow explanation of how the Apex ranking system works.

So, how do your Apex rankings stack up against other players? Let’s find out! 👇

Apex Ranks Guide Contents:

Apex Legends Rank Distribution

Apex Legends Rank Distribution

Apex Legends rank distributions are live statistics that showcase the percentage of players within each ranking tier of Apex Legends. In Season 17, according to Apex Legends Status which tracks over 4,000,000 players, the average player rank is Silver II. Therefore, if you rank anywhere above this status, you are doing better than most.

Interestingly, the latest ranking distributions also indicate that the Master rank has the greatest number of players with this rank status. With only 750 players eligible to reach Apex Predator status, it is quite clear that nearly 10% of all players who play Apex Legends are very close to making this rank bracket.

The latest Apex Legends rank distribution are:

Apex Rank Ladder Points Player Distribution
Rookie IV O LP 6.823%
Rookie III 250 LP 7.226%
Rookie II 500 LP 6.816%
Rookie I 750 LP 6.296%
Bronze IV 1,000 LP 5.958%
Bronze III 1,500 LP 7.468%
Bronze II 2,000 LP 7.445%
Bronze I 2,500 LP 6.315%
Silver IV 3,000 LP 5.362%
Silver III 3,600 LP 6.069%
Silver II 4,200 LP 5.416%
Silver I 4,800 LP 4.123%
Gold IV 5,400 LP 3.556%
Gold III 6,100 LP 3.787%
Gold II 6,800 LP 3.261%
Gold I 7,500 LP 2.42%
Platinum IV 8,200 LP 2.518%
Platinum III 9,000 LP 2.046%
Platinum II 9,800 LP 1.624%
Platinum I 10,600 LP 1.316%
Diamond IV 11,400 LP 1.855%
Diamond III 12,300 LP 0.781%
Diamond II 13,200 LP 0.455%
Diamond I 14,100 LP 0.264%
Master 15,000 LP 0.751%
Apex Predator Top 750 Players 0.076%

Apex Legends Ranks

Apex Ranks

In total, there are 22 ranks in the competitive mode of Apex Legends; ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator. All players start each season in Bronze rank and work their way up to becoming an Apex Predator. To rank up in Apex Legends, you will need to earn ladder points by playing well during competitive matches.

Each round requires you to stake 35 ladder points and only the top 50% of teams at the end of the round will score ladder points. The rest, unfortunately, will not have been placed high enough to recoup enough ladder points to cover their stake. Therefore, while kills and assists yield bonuses, placing in each game you play is critical.

The current ranks available in Apex Legends are:

Rookie Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Rookie Rank

Apex Rank Points: 0-1,000 RP

The rookie rank in Apex Legends is a preliminary ranking tier that was created to introduce new players to Battle Royale. Here, you can practice your skills without any concerns over losing your rankings. There is no cost to enter a game and your rank points will slowly rise each game until you reach Bronze.

Unfortunately, this also means that there are no rewards for playing well in this rank.

Once you progress past the rookie leagues, this is when Apex Legends will start to become a little more serious. Most players will be vying to rank up and so the higher you rank, the more difficult the game becomes.

Bronze Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Bronze Rank

Apex Rank Points: 1,000-2.500 RP

The Bronze tier is the first competitive starting rank in Apex Legends.

Here, you will progress through Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II and Bronze I with Bronze IV being the lowest and Bronze I being the highest.

When playing in the Bronze tier, you can expect relatively easy gameplay as most players will still be new or inexperienced with the game. There will be a few throwers. plenty of uncoordinated teams and some easy kills along the way if you are good with the trigger.

However, in particular, at the start of a new season, there may also be some really good players who have just started the game so keep your wits about you!

Silver Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Silver Rank

Apex Rank Points: 3,000-4,800 RP

The next rank progression in Apex Legends from Bronze status is the Silver rank.

In Silver, as players improve, you will find that whilst this rank is still not extremely competitive, there will be more players with a base understanding of the game. Be wary of teams starting to collaborate cohesively.

Similarly to Bronze, the Silver Rank is divided into four divisions (Silver IV, Silver III, Silver II and Silver I). Once again, Silver IV is the lowest and Silver I is the highest. It’s not that difficult to rank up from and with some patience and good teammates, you will quickly make your way into Gold rank.

Gold Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Gold Rank

Apex Rank Points: 5,400-7,500 RP

Once you reach over 5,400 rank points, you will progress into the Gold rank of Apex Legends. At this stage, you are now playing against players who are better than the average gamer and you will start to feel the competitiveness.

It’s an intermediate rank where each player has a solid grasp of the game.

Working your way from 5,400 rank points to 7,500 rank points, you will progress through Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II and Gold I. Each of these tiers will become progressively more difficult and I would recommend that you really start to study the game and subsequent maps.

Other players that you will be facing will likely be watching professional Twitch streamers to gain new tips and tricks.

So, if you want to make it to Platinum, learn the game.

Platinum Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Platinum Rank

Apex Rank Points: 8,200-10,600 RP

The Platinum rank is a highly skilled rank where players really start to get salty.

From 8,200 to 10,600 rank points, you will encounter gamers who know the game really well and know exactly what hero combinations they should use. Ultimates will be used to devastating effect and the coordination of teams near impeccable.

Easy kills don’t really exist in the Platinum rank.

To progress from Platinum Rank to Diamond Rank, you will need to not only dedicate a lot of time to the game but will also need to make use of advanced strategies. A solid awareness of the map and your surroundings will also be pivotal.

Diamond Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Diamond Rank

Apex Rank Points: 11,400-14,100 RP

Diamond is the first tier in Apex Legend that you could classify as an elite-ranking status. Players in the Diamond rank have exceptional game sense, mechanical skills, reflexes and strategic thinking. Here, some of the players may be ex-master ranked players and so you are really going to have to be on top of your game to keep progressing forward.

Avoiding chokepoints and staying on the edge of the circle will be your friend here. Oh, and some solid coordination with your teammates wouldn’t go amiss either. Raynday Gaming breaks down some of the strategies Predator players such as Nick Mercs deploy for anyone who wants to learn how to reach Master rank!

Master Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Master Rank

Apex Rank Points: 15,000+

As the penultimate rank before players reach Apex Predator status, the Master rank is a prestigious title that showcases exceptional skill and expertise in the game. Each player who is ranked in this tier will have extreme game knowledge and reflexes that are akin to professional eSports gamers. We’re talking about the top 2% here.

The Master Rank is the first ranking tier where you do not have to progress through ranking points. Once you reach 15,000 ranking points, the only rank above this is to become one of the top 750 players in the world. This is why the Master Rank, as an isolated ranking tier, is host to the largest percentage of gamers compared to the other ranks.

Because it is so hard to get that next jump!

Apex Predator Rank Badge - Apex Legends

Apex Predator Rank

Top 750 Players

As the highest possible rank in Apex Legends, the Apex Predator rank is reserved for the top 750 players in the game. It represents the absolute best of the best and each player in this category will have unparalleled skill, reflexes and strategic thinking.

If you reach this rank, you are an absolute god and props to you.

Previously, the Apex Predator status was limited to the Top 500 players. However, EA has now extended this to the top 750 players given that the competitiveness of Apex Legends has only increased. There are more players worthy of this status than there were before.

However, even with a 50% increase in the pool size, you’re still going to struggle.

Apex Legends Ranked Mode

Apex Legends Ranked Mode

The ranked mode in Apex Legends is a competitive scene where players go toe-to-toe to become the ultimate Apex predator. To unlock ranked mode, you will need to be level 50 or higher to compete. However, we recommend playing a few more casual games first.

Ranked mode is the exact same game format as the quick-play mode but with more at stake. In competitive Apex Legends, you will be matched with similarly skilled players to ensure fairness based upon a hidden MMR rating that is calculated on your performance. There are also rewards available based on your final rank at the end of the season.

The more you compete and play well, the higher you will rank. The level up to a new tier, Apex uses MMR points and Ladder Points. When you start a new competitive match, you stake ladder points and can regain them back (plus earn more) by playing well.

Apex Legends Ladder Points

Often confused with Rank Points, Ladder Points (LP) are the new points system in Season 17 of Apex Legends. Ladder Points are calculated similarly to Rank Points, however, they are awarded mainly for placements in matches. Previously, you could earn rank points for healing and reviving teammates. However, this has now changed.

To enter a game costs 35 ladder points and the cost is the same regardless of your Apex ranking tier. Players will then earn Ladder Points by finishing within the top half of players in a match with kills and assists also awarding points.

Apex Ladder Points Breakdown:

Placement Ladder Points
14+ -35 LP
13 -25 LP
12 -25 LP
11 -25 LP
10 20 LP
9 25 LP
8 40 LP
7 60 LP
6 80 LP
5 100 LP
4 125 LP
3 150 LP
2 175 LP
1 200 LP

As you can see, because of the cost of entering a match, you could end up with fewer ladder points than when you started. Therefore, you should focus on placements and not always try to become the kill leader in each game. Although, if you can do both, you will be handsomely rewarded and probably in Master rank already.

Apex Legends Matchmaking

Apex Legends Matchmaking System

Similarly to Dota 2 matchmaking, the Apex Legends matchmaking system utilises a hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) for each player to decide who will compete.

However, what is somewhat unique to Apex Legends is that Apex does not allow for MMR ratings to be public knowledge. Doing so stops players from intentionally abusing the system or intentionally dying. Just like we have seen in other games.

Instead, your MMR rating is secretly calculated based on your performance and final placement within matches. You can earn more MMR for placing highly and getting kills, or you can lose MMR by playing poorly.

To ensure fairness, MMR ratings are constantly adjusted after the last game that you played. After all, a winning streak doesn’t mean you’re ready to hit the big leagues. Therefore, because the system is constantly updating your live MMR versus the competition, you may find that there is a slight increase in queue times during calibration.

Apex Legends Rewards

Whilst placing in the top 50% of matches is the primary source of earning Ladder Points in Apex Legends, there are also rewards available for playing well too. If you manage to place within the top half of the match (1st to 10th) and also score some sweet kills or assists along the way, bonus rewards are up for grabs.

The three types of rewards in Apex Legends are:

Elimination Rewards

The first type of reward you can acquire is “Elimination Rewards” when your team kill many other players, If your personal individual kills and assists are greater than what is expected for your hidden MMR rating, then additional elimination bonuses will be rewarded.

However, placing higher will also be a faster route to levelling up in Apex Legends. So, don’t go getting all bloodthirsty at the risk of potentially placing.

Rating Rewards

The second type of reward available is “Rating Rewards”. If your MMR significantly outperforms your current ladder points, you will acquire additional points at the end of the game.

This is to ensure that your MMR aligns as closely as possible with your ranking tier so that your next game is with similarly skilled players.

Skill Rewards

Finally, the last type of bonus reward is for “Skill”.

You will earn Skill bonuses when your team outperforms or wins matches where your MMR rating is actually less than your opponents. If you were the underdog going into the match, but manage to come out with a strong placement, you will come out with much greater rewards.

Apex Ranks & Ranking Distributions

The Final Word

Whilst both the ranking and matchmaking system of Apex Legends is subject to change, the new Apex matchmaking system, I believe, is well-balanced.

Before, a common occurrence would be that you would go on a hot win streak and then get paired with a bunch of noobs who could barely fire a weapon.

It was almost like Apex didn’t want you to reach that next rank.

However, with the new matchmaking system algorithm, I am finding that it is very rare that you will enter a game and absolutely dominate (or be slayed). Unless of course, you are one of those Smurf types with fake accounts.

So, where do you rank in Apex Legends? 

Drop us a comment below with your greatest ranking in Apex (across any season) and be sure to check out some of our other tutorials and game review when you’re finished:

Content Disclaimer: This guide on the latest Apex Ranks ranks has been independently written using data directly from Apex Legends Status. GamePro has not been commissioned by EA or Respawn Entertainment for this article; nor have we received any royalties for this article. Please note that statistics are updated weekly and are kept as up-to-date as possible. Should you notice that statistics are not up to date, please drop a comment and we will update them as soon as possible. 

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