Most Popular Australian Twitch Streamers

Most Popular Australian Twitch Streamers (2024 Update)

Looking to sub to a new talent? Here's the best Australian twitch streamers to follow.

Streaming has become a big part of the pop culture, gaming, and entertainment zeitgeist over the past few years, with the lockdown era, only increasing the popularity of streamers; including their net worth and importance within society.

What was once a niche – a hobby at best – is now a full-blown career choice for many gamers. It pays the bills and creates a celebrity status. In fact, the most popular Australian twitch streamers in particular can earn upwards of $10M per year across Twitch alone.

But who are the best and most popular Twitch streamers from Australia?

Let’s find out!👇

Top 10 Australian Twitch Streamers

The majority of the top streamers come from the west, with the likes of America, the UK, Sweden, and Germany producing star names who continue to surprise their fans to this day. However, in our own backyard, you will find many a celebrity in the streaming world with Australia-producing household names such as Lachlan, Loserfruit, and LazarBeam.

Here are the top 10 most popular Twitch streamers in Australia:

  1. Harley Fresh (Fresh) – 4.47M Followers
  2. Jesse & Jordan Eckley (x2Twins) – 3.1M Followers
  3. Kathleen Belsten (Loserfruit) – 2.86M Followers
  4. Paul Licari (Pestily) – 1.28M Followers
  5. Bianca (Heyimbee) – 959K Followers
  6. Shaun Cochrane (AussieAntics) – 953K Followers
  7. Lee (schrodingerLee) – 877K Followers
  8. Lachlan Power (Lachlan) – 848K Followers
  9. Nathan Ryan (Crayator) – 799K Followers
  10. Drew Timbs (Midbeast) – 756K Followers

Keep on reading to find out more about each of these Aussie greats! 👇

Fresh - Twitch Ratings

Harley Fresh (Fresh)

4.47 Million Followers

Fresh, real name Harley Fresh, is a Hong Kong-born Australian streamer who used to go by the name mrfreshasian and is rated as one of the best Australian Twitch streamers.

The internet personality moved to Sydney aged four, and he’s a competitive Fortnite player who was a pro with Team Renegade; currently serving as part of Luminosity Gaming’s team. His mother is Chinese, while his father is Australian, and Harley apparently had a rough upbringing, even living in poverty and only eating once a day before making it big online.

Interestingly, despite not using Twitch for the past two years, having left the platform in August 2021, he continues to have a high follower count. The 21-year-old has mostly been active on YouTube, where he has 7.73M subscribers, with his amazing gameplay and skills ensuring that fans arrive in hordes to check out his content.

x2 Twins - Twitch Ratings

Jesse & Jordan Eckley (x2Twins)

3.1 Million Followers

This channel is run by two twins, Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley, from Brisbane, Australia. These gaming YouTubers and Twitch streamers are mostly known for their wonderful Fortnite content, having also participated in many esports tournaments. The duo is also very active on YouTube, where they have 5.98M subscribers thanks to the kind of gameplay videos they keep uploading.

With a focus on Epic Games’ FPS offering, Jesse and Jordan have made quite an impression on their fans and continue to entertain with their unique strategies and frequent rage quitting. They are also highly active on other social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, boasting quite a good following on these sites. The twins also stream Minecraft once in a while, and their broadcasts usually last five hours.

LoserFruit - Twitch Ratings

Kathleen Belsten (Loserfruit)

2.86 Million Followers

Loserfruit, real name Kathleen Veronica Belsten, is one of the most popular female Aussie streamers today. She is known for her Fortnite and Just Chatting content, which has helped her become the second most followed female gaming creator on Twitch, only behind fellow platform megastar Pokimane. Such is her fame in the battle royale title that she became the second broadcaster after Ninja to receive a custom outfit as part of the Fortnite Icon Series.

The Melbourne resident is also quite famous on YouTube, having accrued 3.68M subscribers. She also has two other channels on the red platform, where she posts vlogs and additional gaming videos for her fans. Over the past few weeks, Loserfruit has also streamed games like Hogwarts Legacy, Rocket League, and Sons of the Forest, showing how diverse her content can be.

Pestily - Twitch Ratings

Paul Licari (Pestily)

1.28 Million Followers

Paul Licari, better known as Pestily, is an Australian streamer who started his journey with Half Life under the name [HoA] Pestilence, which is where the inspiration for his current name came from. The Adelaide-based online star is mostly known for playing the multiplayer tactical first-person shooter, Escape from Tarkov.

However, he has recently played Sons of the Forest and Raft, both recent open-world survival video games with good reviews from fans and critics.

Pestily is also a 3x EFT World Champion 2020 and was a big Counter-Strike participant, winning trophies and medals from LANs when he was younger. Per his own admission, the broadcaster had to serve eight years in the Australian Army as a Rifleman before joining as a part-time firefighter with the MFS in South Australia. However, he and his wife moved back to Adelaide around early 2018, when the gaming creator began streaming full-time.

HeyImBee - Twitch Ratings

Bianca (Heyimbee)


Bianca, more popularly known as Heyimbee, is an Aussie content creator known for her Minecraft, Chatting Streams and grind to rank in Apex Legends, Minecraft, and Just Chatting streams. The Twitch Partner is also a regular on YouTube, where she plays VRChat and other titles. She started off with Mojang’s legendary sandbox title on the Google-owned website, but with the number of followers she was getting via VRChat, the 29-year-old decided to focus on that.

Intriguingly, heyimbee has revealed that she is allergic to bees, and that she got the nickname bee after her family first found out about her condition. She is also a big self-professed fan of The Sims and has claimed to have played every game from the series. Over the last few months, she has mostly stuck to Just Chatting, so fans will be hoping she gives them a few more gameplay videos in the near future.

AussieAntics - Twitch Ratings

Shaun Cochrane (AussieAntics)


Shaun Cochrane, who goes by AussieAntics online, is another Australian Fortnite gaming creator famous for his content on the building and shooting game. The Sydney-based streamer started out as a host for custom games and tournaments in 2018 before getting an opportunity to host the LPL x NRL League Royale Grand Finale in his hometown. With this success, he decided to leave his job and pursue streaming and casting full-time.

Having joined NRG’s streaming team in September 2021, he moved on to Dignitas, where he is currently part of its content creation team. AussieAntics also has 315K subscribers on YouTube, and what sets him apart from many other streamers is that he left-handed. The Twitch partner also has a regular stream schedule, making it easier for fans to track his activities and keep in touch with him.

SchrodingerLee - Twitch Ratings

Lee (schrodingerLee)


schrodingerLee is one of those online personalities who has not revealed their intimate details for a long time, only showing his face to the world during a September 2022 subathon. The upcoming content creator is famous for his Valorant, Apex Legends, and Just Chatting broadcasts, apart from regularly delving into some of the latest horror games.

The Sydney resident is of Korean descent and has 1.3M subscribers on YouTube, where he is pretty active with posting new videos.

The 20-year-old began broadcasting during the pandemic era in late 2020 and has become a popular name in a short period. schrodingerLee is also pretty famous on TikTok, where he has 1.6M followers and 44M likes. He is also a fan of anime, as seen from his various pre-face reveal videos, where a lot of the thumbnails were anime-based.

Laclan - Twitch Ratings

Lachlan Power (Lachlan)


Perhaps the most famous name on this list, Lachlan has been a Twitch regular for years. Real name Lachlan Power, the platform megastar is known for his Fortnite gameplay and collaboration videos with the likes of Ninja, LazarBeam, and Vikkstar123. Currently a YouTube-associated streamer, he is the first Australian gaming content creator to hit 10 million subscribers on the site.

Lachlan, born in Brisbane, has three siblings, and his mother was a bank manager, while his father is a local politician serving as the mayor of Logan City. His growing popularity and influence allowed him to start his own esports organization, PWR, which has become the Oceania region’s premier esports organization. His contributions to Fortnite also ensured he got his own outfit as part of the Fortnite Icon Series in October 2020.

Crayator - Twitch Ratings

Nathan Ryan (Crayator)


Nathan Ryan, more popularly known as Crayator, is another gaming creator who has flown the Australian flag high in the content creation industry. He usually broadcasts Just Chatting, Sons of the Forest, and Hogwarts Legacy, although he is also known to dabble in Minecraft, Valorant, and Apex Legends.

Another former member of the disbanded Australian YouTube group Click, the Melbourne resident has also made the transition to YouTube, where he continues to add high-quality content for his 1.1M subscribers.

For those unaware, Crayator once briefly featured in Glitch Productions’ web series, Meta Runner, where he was a voice actor in the episode One Shot. He usually streams at the beginning of the week and posts reaction videos on his second YouTube channel. The 30-year-old is also a psychology student for readers interested in trivial tidbits.

Midbeast - Twitch Ratings

Drew Timbs (Midbeast)


Lastly, Midbeast is a retired League of Legends pro who now creates content for Team Liquid. He used to be part of the Bang eSports, Absolute, Infernum Gaming, and Team Exile5 rosters and is popular for his outstanding LoL gameplay and VOD reviews.

Midbeast is also known to broadcast his Clash of Clans playthrough videos, and he regularly makes lists involving the most popular and most watched Twitch content creators. He has 452K subscribers on YouTube, where he also posts clips related to LoL. The 27-year-old was a former national-level swimmer who began his League of Legends journey in the summer of 2011 and has not looked back since.

While Midbeast might only have a follower base of 3 quarters on a million on Twitch, he is still rated as one of the best Australian Twitch streamers.

Top 10 Most Popular Australian Twitch Streamers

The Final Word

While you may be surprised to not see LazerBeam on our list of top 10 Australian Twitch streamers, the reason for that is that LazerBeam predominantly only features on YouTube where he has amazed over 20M followers. Nevertheless, our top 10 most popular Twitch streamers are well worth subscribing too for your next downtime session.

Australian content creators are some of the most popular and legendary names in the industry and have achieved so much over the years. They also continue to create quality content and inspire the next generation of streamers and gamers with their success and talents. More importantly, they give the Oceania region a huge presence in the most vital events the industry has to offer.

Many of these names have made YouTube and Twitch better places with their content and ability to keep audiences engaged and entertained. The likes of Lachlan, Loserfruit, and Midbeast have also achieved legendary statuses in their games and esports, further proving the worth of broadcasters from Down Under. With their continued success and ability to inspire more of their countrymen to take up streaming, look out for more big names coming out from Australia.

Did we miss anyone off the list? Drop us a comment below and don’t forget to check out some of our other awesome tips, tricks, walkthroughs and tutorials:

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