Wired Vs Wireless Keyboard - Which Is Best?

Wired Vs Wireless Keyboard: Which Is Best For Gaming?

Which will you choose? Wired or wireless keyboards for gaming?

Can’t decide between wired vs wireless keyboards for gaming?

We’ve all been there before! While the answer to this question ultimately depends on the games you are playing, there are some clear differences between wireless and wired gaming keyboards that should be considered before you make a purchase.

For the most part, many gamers will not notice the differences between the keyboards. After all, both wired and wireless keyboards look almost identical, come with the same features and often the exact same keys. In most cases, the only visual difference is that one has a cable and one does not.

So why does it matter which one you buy?

Well, depending on whether you take gaming seriously or not, choosing between a wired or wireless keyboard will make all the difference. Find out which keyboard is right for your setup as we explore the key differences between wired and wireless keyboards.👇

Wired Or Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard: Which Is Best For Gaming?

Wired keyboards are better than wireless keyboards for gaming due to faster response times and increased reliability. Wired keyboards also are typically cheaper to purchase than wireless keyboards which is a tipping point for some gamers.

While most gamers will not notice the difference in latency, wired keyboards guarantee almost next to zero latency. This means that you can rely on your keyboard strokes to record each press of a button exactly when you want them to be recorded during intense battles. Say goodbye to missing out by a split second and say hello to smooth gaming performance.

Here are the key differences between wired and wireless keyboards:

Wired Keyboard Wireless Keyboard
✓ Faster Response Time ❌ Slower Response Time
✓ Zero Interference ❌ Potential Interference
✓ Cheaper To Buy ❌ Slightly More Expensive
✓ No Batteries ❌ Needs Batteries
❌ Less Convenient ✓ More Convenient
❌ Doesn’t Travel Well ✓ More Versatile

Conversely, while wired keyboards are connected via USB to your computer, wireless keyboards rely upon your internet connection and bluetooth to connect to your gaming rig. This means that for wireless keyboards to be effective, they are reliant upon the quality and stability of your internet connection. This also includes relying upon minimal disruption from surrounding components which also share the same connection. We’re talking fractions of a second here, but every little helps!

However, for casual gamers playing games that do not require lightning-fast reaction times, a wireless keyboard may be better for gaming. Beyond the fact that wireless keyboards are better looking, the benefits of no cables and the ease of being portable make wireless keyboards an excellent choice for casual gamers too.

To find out more about the differences between wireless and wired gaming keyboards, click the links below or keep on scrolling 

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Best For Speed: Wired Keyboard

When assessing keyboard speed, we are talking about how long your computer takes to recognise your keyboard stroke which is measured in response time. For several reasons, wired gaming keyboards have a faster response time than wireless ones.

Firstly, wired gaming keyboards are connected directly to the computer via. In contrast, wireless keyboards are connected via Bluetooth or another wireless connection. This means there is less lag between when a key is pressed and when the computer receives the signal with a wired keyboard.

Secondly, wired gaming keyboards typically have a higher polling rate, which means they can send signals to the computer more quickly. For games where you keyboard bash a little, you’re going to want as much polling as possible.

Finally, wired gaming keyboards often have unique features that help to reduce input lag, such as a built-in USB port or an optical fiber connection. While wireless keyboards are only marginally slow, wired gaming keyboards are just faster.

Most Reliable: Wired Keyboard

Wireless gaming keyboards are becoming more popular, but some gamers still prefer wired keyboards for gaming. The primary reason behind this is because wired keyboards are more reliable than wireless gaming keyboards. The same goes for the differences between wired and wireless gaming mice too.

Firstly, wired gaming keyboards don’t rely on batteries, so you’ll never have to worry about your keyboard dying in the middle of a game. They also have a more responsive key feel, which can be important for some gamers; particularly with FPS games. And, since they’re wired to your machine, there’s no chance of interference from other devices.

So if you’re looking for a reliable gaming keyboard, stick with a wired model.

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Most Durable: Both

It is a common misconception that wireless keyboards are less durable than their wired counterparts. However, this is not the case. Both wired and wireless keyboards are equally as durable, and you don’t have to worry about one being more fragile than the other.

Wired and wired keyboards often use the exact same components, except one is attached with a wire and the other a bluetooth connection.

Keyboard durability is vital for many reasons:

  • A durable keyboard will last longer.
  • A durable keyboard is more resistant to wear and tear.
  • A durable keyboard is more likely to function correctly.
  • A durable keyboard suffers less from key ghosting
  • A durable keyboard does not suffer much from key fading.

Most Convenient: Wireless Keyboards

For gamers who do not play competitive FPS games, this is where wireless keyboards start to be better than wired keyboards. There are several reasons why a wireless gaming keyboard is more convenient than a wired gaming keyboard.

Firstly, wireless gaming keyboards allow you to have more freedom of movement. A cord does not restrict you, so you can move your keyboard freely while playing a game. The couch, your back garden or even your kitchen. It doesn’t matter.

Secondly, wireless gaming keyboards are more portable. If you’re traveling or moving around often, it’s much easier to take a wireless keyboard with you than a wired one. The cabling on wired keyboards can also be more delicate, making them more susceptible to damage if not handled carefully.

Lastly, wireless gaming keyboards tend to have better features. Now, this is not an exact truth as wired keyboards can also boast the same features, however, wireless keyboards are often designed for gamers who preference aesthetics over out and out gaming prowess. More often than not, wireless keyboards come with built-in batteries and RGB backlighting so that you can game in any environment.

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Best Looking: Wireless Keyboards

While it’s true that cable clutter can be unsightly, there are several reasons why wireless gaming keyboards look better than their wired counterparts. For one, wireless gaming keyboards don’t have any visible cables, which gives them a sleeker look. For gamers working within tight spaces, the more wireless gaming gear you can use, the less claustrophobic you will feel whilst gaming.

Additionally, wireless gaming keyboards are often more compact than wired ones, making them easier to transport. While everything else on the keyboard will be exactly the same as a wired keyboard, the lack of wires and the smoother nature to a wireless keyboard makes it better looking. If you’re looking for gaming keyboards that perform as well as look great, then a wireless gaming keyboard is the way to go.

Cheapest: Wired Keyboards

Wired keyboards are typically cheaper than wireless keyboards – but not by much.

Historically, wireless keyboards were often more expensive than wired keyboards. However, as technology has improved, the gap in price between the two is marginal.

For most people, the price difference is not worth the extra convenience of a wireless keyboard. Therefore, saving a few cents and also extracting better gaming performance makes for a compelling case as to why you should buy a wired keyboard instead of a wireless keyboard.

However, for the freedom of a wireless keyboard, get ready to pay extra.

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The Final Word

The age old debate over whether wireless vs wired keyboards are best for gaming is finally coming to a close.    is full of debate about whether wired or wireless gaming keyboards are better. Some people say that wired keyboards are more responsive and have lower latency. In contrast, others say that wireless keyboards are more convenient and allow for more freedom of movement.

So, which is the better option? Well, it entirely depends on your needs and preferences. A wired keyboard is probably the way to go if you want the absolute best performance. But a wireless keyboard might be better if you value convenience and portability.

What are your thoughts? Wired or Wireless?

Join the discussion and hit the comments below with whether you prefer a wired or wireless keyboard when gaming and your reason why! Once you’re done, feel free to check out some of my other product deep dives and tutorials below:

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