Best Budget Gaming Chairs Australia

Best Budget Gaming Chairs Australia (2024 Update)

Sit back and relax (literally!) with this roundup of the best budget gaming chairs available to buy in Australia right now!

Regardless of how little disposable cash you have, finding the best budget gaming chairs doesn’t have to be difficult. With hundreds of options available and the cost of gaming chairs steadily decreasing over the years, I have no doubt you’ll pick up an absolute steal with a short amount of research.

Just like non-branded goods are typically made of the same materials as branded goods, there are plenty of affordable gaming chairs that might not have the same prestige as the Secretlab Titan’s of the world but are high quality nonetheless.

To help you buy the best bang-for-buck gaming chair that’s comfortable during those late-night gaming sessions, I have rounded up the best budget gaming chairs from all of your favourite retailers in Australia.

Let’s grab you a cheap gaming chair that punches well above it’s weight class! 👇

Best Cheap Gaming Chairs Australia

Whether you’re upgrading from a standard office seat or looking to replace a gaming chair that has seen better days, spending between $150 and $300 on a gaming chair will suffice. Having tested all of these chairs for at least 3 months each, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the features entry-level gaming chairs provide. 

The best budget gaming chairs in Australia are:

  1. Alfordson Vogler (With Footrest) – Best Overall
  2. Flash Furniture X10 – Most Popular
  3. X Rocker Super Mario Edition – Best For Kids
  4. ONEX GX2 – Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  5. ThunderX3 TGC12 – Best Gaming Chair Under $300
  6. Brazen Puma – Best For PC Gamers
  7. Advwin RGB Gaming Chair – Best for RGB Lighting
  8. Alfordson MESH – Best Mesh Gaming Chair
  9. YESDEX – Best Massage Budget Chair

Keep scrolling to take a closer look at each gaming chair! 👇

Alfordson Vogler (Best Cheap Gaming Chair Australia)

Alfordson Vogler (With Footrest)

Best Budget Gaming Chair in Australia

Price: From $169.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 180kg
Warranty: 1 Year

Not only is the Alfordson Vogler the best bang-for-buck gaming chair in Australia, but it is also the best gaming chair with a footrest. There’s lumbar support, a USB-powered massager, adjustable reclining and an S-Curve design that makes for extremely comfortable sitting. Falling short of RGB lighting, the Vogler has the works!

Voted the #1 Amazon Best Seller for video gaming chairs, the Alfordson Vogler is loved by many Australian gamers just like you.

Learn More: Alfordson Vogler Gaming Chair Review

Uncompromising on materials, the Vogler is wrapped with premium PU leather which offers fantastic comfort and modest breathability too. There’s a reinforced steel base for structural integrity and unlike other cheap Australian gaming chairs, the Alfordson Vogler uses a metal frame instead of a wooden board.

As a comfortable racing seat that could easily double up as a professional office chair, I’m a huge fan of the Vogler for it’s sleek design, versatility and structural prowess. All in all, this is the best budget gaming chair in Australia right now.

Flash Furniture X10 - Best Budget Gaming Chair For Kids

Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair

Best Budget Gaming Chair For Kids

Price: From $243.00 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: 113kg
Warranty: 2 Year

With over 1,700 five-star reviews on Amazon and currently ranked as the #2 Computer Gaming Chair, Flash Furniture’s X10 gaming chair takes our award for the most popular cheap gaming chair in Australia. When you consider that only 5-10% of consumers write reviews, there are up to 17,000 homes with this bad boy from Amazon purchases alone.

With a 5-year limited warranty and a 2-year parts warranty, Flash Furniture’s X10 gaming chair promises to stay with you for the long haul. While there’s no lumbar support, the combination of foam, mesh, plastic, plywood and polyurethane leaves for a highly comfortable experience.

With a seat size of up to 55cm and a total weight capacity of up to 113kg, the Flash Furniture X10 was made for smaller adults who game all week long!

X Rocker Super Mario Official Rocker Chair

X Rocker Super Mario Edition

Best Cheap Gaming Chair For Kids

Price: From $149.00  »  Lumbar Support: No
Weight: 10kg  »  Suitable For: Kids

The X Rocker Super Mario rocker chair undoubtedly stands out as the ultimate budget gaming chair for your kids. It’s exceptionally affordable and robust. Plus, it will save a ton of space in your home and the faux leather material ensures hassle-free cleaning with just a quick wipe.

The chair’s allure lies not only in the ease of setup but also in its captivating Super Mario-themed design. Although the Super Mario edition lacks built-in speakers, which some other X Rocker gaming chairs offer, its compelling price of $149.00 cannot be ignored. Moreover, the X-Cool Foam interior prevents overheating during intense gaming sessions, allowing kids to immerse themselves in their games without discomfort.

While this chair can accommodate adults, it might not provide the utmost comfort for extended gaming periods. But, grab yourself one for the kids and if you like it, buy one for yourself too!

Onex GX2 Gaming Chair Red & Black


Best Cheap Gaming Chair Under $200 Australia

Price: From $179.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 125kg
Warranty: Unknown

If looks could kill, the ONEX GX2 would be an absolute slayer!

Available at popular retailers such as Amazon, Catch and Temple & Webster, the ONEX GX2 is the best cheap gaming chair under $200 for design and manufacturing quality. Presenting as a slimline racing seat with high breathability and premium leatherette materials, the sleekness of the ONEX GX2 it’s seriously impressive.

Learn More: Read ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Review

The colours are vivid, the comfort is great for smaller gamers and for the price, this is an absolute steal. There’s solid neck support, lumbar support cushions and cushy padding which makes for an enjoyable experience for longer gaming sessions. 

Whilst the ONEX GX2 does not feature all of the bells and whistles that come with the Alfordson Vogler, there’s enough here to satisfy the majority of your needs. I personally have never been a fan of back massagers and footrests anyway. So, if you are looking for a cheap gaming seat that spent more manufacturing budget on the build than they did the luxuries, the ONEX GX2 is a great purchase.

ThunderX3 Gaming Chair (Best Gaming Chair Under $300 Australia)

ThunderX3 TGC12

Best Gaming Chair Under $300

Price: From $299.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 110kg
Warranty: 12 Months

If you’re not a fan of gaming chair designs that hug you too tightly, the ThunderX3 TGC12 series is the best ergonomic gaming chair under $300 that you can purchase in Australia. Featured on my shortlist as the best ThunderX3 gaming chair, the TGC12 sports a stunning livery that just screams high-tech from the word go.

Available at Amazon, Officeworks, Bunnings, Temple & Webster and practically all of your other favourite Australian retailers, the ThunderX3 is an absolute bargain at $299.

It’s edgy design makes you just want to game all day long and that is also achievable due to the fact that the TGC12 series is highly comfortable too. The seat is firm but relaxing, the backrest will recline up to 180 degrees and the rocker mechanism provides good flexibility without you feeling like you are about to fall off the back into the abyss. There’s nothing I hate more than poor reclining mechanisms and the ThunderX3 was not a disappointment.

Learn More: Read ThunderX3 Gaming Chair Review

Where other budget chairs skimp out on critical components such as the gas lift system, the ThunderX3 utilises a hydraulic Class 4 gas lift which supports up to 150kg in weight. The seat height is adjustable and with a score of 1.1 times the standard BIFMA safety rating, you’ll have plenty of peace letting your children use this bucket seat.

For racing game lovers, you’ll want the ThunderX3 TGC12.

Heymix Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Heymix Ergonomic Chair

Best Cheap Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

Price: From $259.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 200kg
Warranty: 3 Years

If you chucked a Secretlab logo on the Heymix ergonomic gaming chair, it could almost be mistaken for the stunning Secretlab Titan 2020 edition. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, however, the Heymix is without question the best cheap gaming chair with lumbar support available in Australia right now.

Available at Amazon and HEYMIX directly, you won’t find a cheap gaming seat that’s as structurally sound as the Heymix Ergonomic gaming chair.

From the plush black leather body to a strong metal steel frame, the Heymix Ergonomic Chair focusses on build quality over fancy quirks and for that, I absolutely love this seat! Comfortably carrying weight of up to 200kg, it does not matter whether you are a small child or a strong adult, the HEYMIX just simply will not buckle.

Whilst a little more expensive than some of my other cheap chair recommendations, what you get with the HEYMIX is pure quality all round. The high density cushions are tuned to mould to your back and the 2D armrests are totally adjustable as well. It feels like a tailor-made experience rather than a bodge job and for this reason alone, there is no better gaming chair for ergonomics.

If you’re looking for a budget chair that will support your spine, go for the HEYMIX.

Brazen Puma Budget PC Gaming Chair

Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair

Best Budget PC Gaming Chair

Price: From $289.00 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: 150kg
Warranty: 2 Years

If your kids are massively into PC gaming or any console, they will absolutely love the Brazen Puma PC Gaming chair. While on the smaller side compared to some of our other top-rated cheap gaming chairs, the Brazen Puma is perfect for kids or small adults. Okay, so it’s not quite to the standard of some of Razer’s gaming chairs, but it’s half the price and still packs a punch.

Making up for the lack of lumbar support with a super comfy seat design, the Brazen Puma is an extremely classy gaming chair made in the UK built to last for the long haul. With a class 3 gas lift that upholds a PU mesh and faux leather seat, the Brazen puma is breathable and tough.

Learn More: BraZen Puma Review

Beyond it’s core capabilities as a gaming seat, the Puma also features in-built speakers which quite frankly are pretty amazing. Simply connect the 3.5mm jack to your PC or console and have sound coming out of either side of your chair whilst you play. If there’s one chair on this list that increases the immersion factor, it’s the Brazen Puma.

Advwin RGB Gaming Chair

Advwin RGB Gaming Chair

Best Budget Gaming Chair With RGB Lighting

Price: From $184.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 120kg
Warranty: Unknown

Now things are about to get a little spicy.

The Advwin RGB Gaming Chair comes with everything you can expect with a cheap, but high quality gaming seat except there’s extra bonus – RGB lighting!

If you are shopping for a cheap gaming chair that will have your friends going insane with envy, you should buy the Advwin RGB. As the best budget gaming chair with RGB lighting, the Advwin RGB presents with a faux-leather finish and a seat that is wider than most chairs; making the Advwin RGB suitable for gamers of all shapes and sizes.

Gaming is all about immersive experiences and the Advwin RGB gaming chair is the epitome of immersion. Bordered with novel LED flashing bulbs on the edge of the seat, the USB powered LED lighting will give you control over the brightness too.

From just $184 at Amazon, the Advwin RGB gaming chair is a wonderful gaming gift that’s perfect for kids or adults who have decked out their gaming rooms with LEDs. There’s a recliner that goes from 90-180 degrees and this also comes with a lock mechanism for safety. The comfort level is superb, the cushions are huggable and plush, and the feeling you get is luxurious.

Add some richness to your gaming with atmospheric lighting.

Alfordson Mesh Gaming Chair

Alfordson Mesh Gaming Chair

Best Cheap Mesh Gaming Chair

Price: From $169.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 180kg
Warranty: 5 Years

Perfect for gamers who perspire frequently or for anyone looking at a more professional cheap gaming chair, Alfordson’s Mesh series is the best cheap mesh gaming chair in Australia right now. Not only are they super affordable, but they are also robust, sturdy, highly flexible and can take some weight too!

With certified Intertek A1 Mesh, the Alfordson Mesh series allows you to play games as ferociously without having to take a shower every other round. This is one of the best parts about mesh gaming chairs and Alfordson has really capitalised on high-grade mesh. Sure, you forego the stereotypical gamer chair appeal. However, comfort is most important.

What I like most about the Alfordson Mesh series is that they quickly double up as a professional office seat making the Alfordson Mesh one of the best office chairs under $300 in Australia too. Your colleagues don’t need to know you’re a total sweat lord at night and from just $169 at Amazon, you can hide your dirty little secret for a steal!

There’s a five-year warranty which is often unheard of with gaming chairs and the flat seat is plush with 9cm worth of high-density foam which delivers superior comfort. It’s flexible, comfortable and versatile which is everything that the hard-working gamer needs.

Enjoy the summer months with the Alfordson Mesh.

YESDEX Massage Gaming Chair

YESDEX Massage Gaming Chair

Best Cheap Massage Gaming Chair

Price: From $249.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 150kg
Warranty: 1 Year

Also straight out of HEYMIX’s warehouse, the YESDEX massage gaming chair promises to deliver equally as brilliant comfort while also giving you a little back massage too.

Befitting your a-typical gaming seat design, the YESDEX is upholstered with faux leather and comes with a 15 degree rocking system which provides great flexibility during gameplay. There’s a 155 degree recline that’s well supported, adjustable 2D armrests and a retractable footrest when you decide you’ve had enough of FPS games and want to play something more chill.

As for the headrest and massage lumbar pillow, these are also adjustable and not too overpowering. The lumbar pillow provides you with a better experience to rest your spinal column after long hours of sitting and the massage unit delivers the right amount of strength.

With a sturdy nylon base, strong metal frame and an SGS level gas lift that carries up to 150kg of weight, the YESDEX is without question the best budget gaming chair with a lumbar pillow massager available within Australia right now.

Best Budget Gaming Chairs Australia

Cheap Gaming Chair Buyers Guide:

Depending on whether you are looking for a dedicated gaming chair or a hybrid between an office chair and something to slay dragons with, there are a few considerations you should take into account when considering the best budget gaming chairs.

To find the best budget gaming chairs, consider the following:

  • Budget.
  • Size.
  • Lumbar Support.
  • Materials.
  • Build Quality.
  • Weight Capacity.

Chances are, even the best cheap gaming chairs will not tick all of these boxes. So, it’s important to prioritise what really matters to your gaming experience. For example, should you be working with a very strict budget then don’t even look at chairs beyond this price point. We both know you’ll end up overspending on something that wasn’t affordable.

Once you have done this, the next step to choosing a good chair is to decide between leather or mesh. If you sweat a lot then a mesh chair might be better suited. However, for gamers who are as dry as sandpaper and prefer looks over comfortability, PU leather will do just fine.

Now you know your budget and your material type, the next consideration is, of course, deciding between features or build quality. When working on a budget, you will not often be able to find a chair that’s packed with features and high-quality materials.

Do you want lumbar support? Are you looking for a little massage as your play? Or does the build quality and longevity of the chair mean more to you? Prioritise what’s important and you won’t be disappointed!

Which budget gaming chair are you currently using?

Share with us in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our roundups of other high-quality budget gaming gear to complete your setup:

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