Best Gifts For Gamers Australia

Best Gifts For Gamers Australia (That Aren’t Games!)

The best gaming gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays or just to say I love you.

Buying unique gifts for gamers in Australia can be a real challenge. Especially when most gamers are psychotic technophiles who have more technology than sense.

Guilty, your honor! 🙋

However, as much as I am ashamed to say that the net value of my tech stack is probably more than my home, there’s some silver lining here for you! I mean, as someone who has gifted and received countless gaming gifts over my 20+ years of sweating out dubs, who better to round up a shortlist of the best gift ideas for gamers in Australia? Right!?

To help you find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life, I’ve trawled through my stockpile of gizmos to bring a collection of awesome presents that will be sure to make you the king or queen of gift-giving.

Christmas, birthdays, consoles, collectables, novelty gifts, you name it.

It’s all right here! 👇

Best Gaming Gifts Australia 2023

If you are hunting down gifts for gamers that aren’t games, you’ve come to the right place. From inexpensive gaming knick-knacks to gaming presents that will literally have your gift recipient falling to their knees in elation, there’s something here for everyone.

Here are the best gaming gifts to buy in Australia right now:

As always, my shortlist of gaming gifts has been built on the premise of providing a variety of gift ideas that every gamer could (and should own). I anticipate that most of the items listed here will be suitable for your recipient.

After all, each and every one of them is awesome!

So, without further ado, scroll down to find the perfect gift for your gamer friend, husband, daughter, brother, wife or even for yourself! 👇

Steelseries Arctis 7P (Best Gift For Gamers In Australia)

Steelseries Arctis 7P/7x

Best Gift For Gamers In Australia (Overall)

Price: From $343.00
Wireless: Yes

Without question, the Steelseries Arctis 7P/X headset is the best gift for gamers in Australia who took the L and opted for a console over a PC.

I remember when I got my first-ever professional gaming headset and my god, I was so happy. While $340+ might be out of reach, if you can stretch, the Steelseries Arctis 7 series will absolutely annihilate any budget gaming headset in Australia.

Headsets make or break games and not only does the Steelseries Arctis series come with wireless connectivity, but the sound quality is simply sublime. Regardless of whether you buy the ‘P’ for Playstation or the ‘X’ for Xbox, the Arctis 7 series will work with Android, PC & Switch too.

One headset, insane versatility.

If you are seriously looking to go down as the best gift giver this year and hunting for expensive gifts for gamers, buy this wireless gaming headset for your recipient! Just remember, ”Steelseries 7X” for Xbox and ”Steelseries 7P” for Playstation. Don’t get that wrong!

Arcade1Up Arcade Machine From Arcade Gamer

Arcade1Up Classic Arcade Machine

Best Gift For Gaming Dens

Price: From $998.00

Club together with the entire family and make home arcades a reality with a classic retro arcade machine from Arcade Gamer. For gamers with a games den, there’s no better gift that will spark an impromptu jaw drop than Arcade1Up’s classic games cabinets.

Featuring history’s greatest arcade titles such as Pac-Man, Big Buck Hunter, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and more, these fully licenced cabinets are the real deal. The games are original, the controllers resemble that of the good ol’ days and as long as you don’t go spilling g-fuel all over them, they’ll hold their value for many years to come!

Everyone has a headset, stream deck and neon lights. But how many Aussie gamers do you know who have one of these bad boys?

Go hard and just get one!

Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand (Best Gift For Gamer Girls)

Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand

Best Gift For Gamer Girls

Price: From $130.00

If you’re buying gifts for gamer girls you want to be careful. Is she a girly, girl or will she be offended if you get something that’s just so stereotypical?

To play safe, the Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand is the best gift for gamers girls. Why? Because it’s functional, it’s freaking awesome and it comes in both pink, black and white to suit all types of gamers. With a 3-in-1 design that supports RGB lighting, a built-in mouse bungee and a 2-port high speed USB 3.0 hub, this functional gaming headset stand is as valuable as it is stylish.

The mouse bungee alone is perfect for PC gamers as it will keep any cords well away from becoming a distraction. Not to mention that the slip-free design will ensure that the headset stand remains stable during those rage quit moments!

Gamepad 3D Illusion Night Lamp

Gamepad 3d Illusion Night Light

Best Gaming Gift For Kids

Price: From $22.00

Buying the best gaming gifts for kids is relatively simple as they will most likely be happy with anything. However, for something a little different to your typical games console at Christmas, the Gamepad 3D Illusion Night Light is the best gaming gift for kids in Australia.

Kids are fascinated with cool lights. And, when you combine that with a console controller, they’ll be in love even more! Featuring both timing and dimming functionality, you can ensure that your child gets a good nights sleep and starts dreaming of clutching up in the final circle much faster too!

It’s the perfect budget gaming gift for your children that’s vanilla enough to guarantee you’re still the favourite parent, but epic enough that they might even say thank you too!

"I Paused My Game" Mens Black T-Shirt

‘I Paused My Game’ Mens T-Shirt

Best Gift For Gamer Boyfriend

Price: From $49.00

If your relationship is anything like my own, my wife and I often joke about how I am married to the game and that she is my ‘other women’. Well, why not play straight into that and grab yourself a gamer gift for him that let’s him know what his face looks like any time you ask him to do the simplest of things? Go on, I know you want to!

While any of our gaming gifts could quite easily double up as the perfect gift for your boyfriend, we can’t imagine any relationship (where you are not into gaming) that hasn’t had this conversation at least once! So have at it!

With a super long lasting and breathable design that’s made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt won’t fade in the wash as quickly as his face will fade when he receives it!

Nintendo Switch Lite in Pink

Nintendo Switch Lite

Best Gift For Gamer Girlfriend

Price: From $288.00

If you’re looking for the best gift for your gamer girlfriend that hasn’t already amassed a metric ton of gaming goodies, the Nintendo Switch Lite is the best present you can buy this year. Every gamer loves the Nintendo Switch, however, with 50% of it’s user base female players, statistics will tell you that there’s a 50% chance she’ll absolutely love it!

Comparing the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite, there is no major difference to specifications other than the fact that the original Nintendo Switch can be docked to your television. So, if you don’t plan on duking it out over some games during date night, save yourself a few dollars and grab the Switch Lite.

Just make sure you load up a few games to go!

Meta Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset

Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

Best Gift For Teenage Gamers

Price: From $629.00

When children become teenagers, the cost of gift giving typically rises. And, while you might shatter at seeing the price of my recommendation, the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset is the best gift for teenage gamers this year. There’s no to ways about it.

With so much hype around Web3 and the Metaverse, there’s no better time than right now to grab a VR headset that will stand the test of time. With over 250 titles across gaming, fitness, social and multiplayer, you might not have to find another teenage gamer gift for the next few years (or at least a few months!).

Why? Because they’ll love you so much for this one!

Bit Faced: Retro Video Game Cocktails

Bit Faced: Retro Video Game Cocktails

Best Birthday Gift For Gamers

Price: From $42.00

What would a birthday be without a few cocktails, right! If your gift recipient is under legal drinking age, any one of our other awesome gaming gifts can double up for birthdays. However, for everyone else, the Bit Faced: Retro Video Game Cocktails book is the best birthday gift for gamers.

Finding birthday gift ideas for gamers is challenging. So, when all else fails, just get drunk and have a laugh instead!

Celebrate in style with 64 cartridge crafted cocktails from gaming’s golden era including Atari, NES, SNES and N64. With 5 challenging chapters including cheat codes, multiplayer modes, versus mode and controller-friendly cocktails for joystick jockeys, you and your friends will be saying G2G before you know it!

Pokémon Novelty Socks

Pokémon Socks (No Joke!)

Best Christmas Gift For Gamers

Price: From $21

What would the silly season be without novelty Christmas socks, right? While any of our gift ideas for gamers would nicely double up as Christmas presents, Pokémon socks are the best Christmas gift for gamers in Australia – of all ages!

If your kids are into gaming, chances are they play on the Nintendo Switch OLED. It’s the best console for children and you’re a parent who likes to splurge on your kids, right? Well, if they have the Switch OLED, there’s also a high chance they’ll be playing all of the Pokémon games on Switch too! So there’s no better Christmas socks that Pokémon socks!

So when it comes to present opening time at Christmas, whip out your dog socks, laugh at those awful yule tide knee high socks but don’t forget your Pokémon socks!

Govee LED Light Strips

Govee LED Light Strips

Best Gift For PC Gamers

Price: From $33.99

Being a PC gamer is just as much about having an awesome gaming rig as it is being awesome at gaming. As the best present for PC gamers, Govee LED Light Strips transform even the most basic of gaming rigs into stunning light shows that look premium.

With easy installation, multiple sizes and app controls to customise colours, settings and timers, Govee LED light strips are quite simply the safest present you can buy for any PC gamer. After all, who doesn’t love smooth hues at night-time?

The reason why I love Govee so much is that the colours themselves are super premium. Too often, I see LED overdose with tacky colours which immediately destroy gaming rig. You won’t find any of that with Govee. Stick em behind your desk, wrap them around the back of your monitor. Who cares! Just make sure you buy some!

Alfordson Vogler (Best Cheap Gaming Chair Australia)

Alfordson Vogler Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Gifts

Price: From $179.95

If you’ve got a young gamer who’s been working so hard to create the ultimate gaming rig then what better gift than to complete their setup with one of the best value gaming chairs in Australia?

While you could go spend 4x this on a gaming chair, the Alfordson Vogler is without question the best value gaming chairs I have ever seen. It’s got a footrest, a recliner, lumbar support, a massage pillow and it’s built for practically anybody!

Learn More: Read Alfordson Gaming Chair Review

Sometimes, practical gaming gifts are the best gifts you can buy at Christmas so don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on something novelty. Get your recipient something that they’ll be able to use for many years to come instead!

Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Controller (Best Present For Mobile Gamers)

Razer Kishi V2 Controller (iOS & Android)

Best Gift For Mobile Gamers

Price: From $169.00

The Razer Kishi V2 is the best gift for mobile gamers. Why? Because it takes everything gamers love about console controllers and brings that to your mobile. If you’ve ever played games on your mobile for long periods of time, you will know that it’s terrible for your wrists. Not to mention that accuracy is also a big frustation.

With the Razer Kishi V2, mobile gamers can not only endure longer gaming sessions, but the overall experience and quality of gaming is amplified ten fold. Suitable for almost every mobile phone that uses Android or iOS, there’s no better accessory to gift mobile gamers than the Kishi V2 mobile gamepad.

Alternatively, if you are keen on buying a mobile gaming controller but perhaps are not a fan of Razer, you should also read my comparison between the Razer Kishi V2 and Backbone One gaming controllers.

Venom Xbox Series X Console Stand

Venom LED Console Stand (Series X)

Best Gift For Xbox Gamers Australia

Price: From $55.00

When I first caught a glimpse of the Venom LED Console Stand, it was love at first sight. If you are looking for the best gifts for Xbox gamers in Australia, look no further than the Venom LED Console Stand for Xbox Series X. It’s nothing short of stunning.

While there are other Xbox stand alternatives that include cooling fans, the Venom LED Console Stand focusses mainly on aesthetics and comes packed with multiple colours to choose from. The glow from underneath your Xbox when playing at night is really something special. A great gift for Xbox gamers who have it all!

If your gift recipient plays on Playstation, there’s actually a Playstation 5 Venom Stand that you can look into also. It’s slightly more expensive that the Xbox version, but, as an Xbox gamer myself, that’s just the price you pay for using a whack console! 😝

Playstation Neon Wall Lights Australia

Playstation Neon Lights Wall Decor

Best Playstation Gift

Price: From $49.00

Since the beginning of time, Playstation and Xbox gamers have gone toe-to-toe battling within an inch of their lives over which is the superior console. And, if the Xbox Series X and PS5 are anything to go by, there’s no signs of that stopping soon!

Speaking for team Xbox, I have spent many a dollar on kitting out my gaming room with as many Xbox periperhals as I can possible find to stake my claim as a war-chief in Microsoft’s charge to greatness. For Playstation gamers, I can only imagine they feel as passionately as I do. Which means, the Playstation Neon Lights Wall Decor is undoubtedly the best gift for Playstation gamers in Australia.

Made from high quality acrylic LED and Silicon strips, the Playstation Neon Sign is the perfect addition for your gaming rooms decor. It’s well built, sturdy and comes with extremely low energy consumption. Honestly, it’s beautiful. But I didn’t say that.

Diswoe Retro Handheld Console (Retro Gaming Gift)

Diswoe Retro Handheld Console

Best Retro Gaming Present

Price: From $33.00

Okay, I’m cheating. This one is technically a game.

But, no matter how old you are, every one can appreciate retro gaming gear. The Diswoe Retro Handheld Console with 400 super classic games is the best retro gift for gamers this year for a variety of reason – not least the sheer nostalgia it brings for us oldies!

Even if you don’t like retro games, the Diswoe console is so much fun. With a rechargeable battery and compact nature, the Diswoe is great both the move or when you’ve had too much turkey at Christmas and just want to slump on the couch to some games.

Inclusive of a gamepad for 2 players which can be ported to your TV, the Diswoe Retro Handheld Console has so many retro games, players will be spending days with this absolutely awesome gaming gift. For just $45.00, take a trip down memory lane and enjoy arcade gaming in style with this year’s best retro gift.

Elgato Stream Deck MK2 (Best Gift For Streamers)

Elgato Stream Deck MK 2

Best Gift For Twitch Streamers

Price: From $216.00

High quality streaming gear is absolutely essential to succeeding on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Without it, streamers often find that visitors leave just as quickly as they arrive. From good streaming webcams to clear microphones and cool stream overlays, the amount of preparation that goes into a high quality video game stream is actually ridiculous.

To this end, the Elgato Stream Deck MK 2 is the best gift for streamers. If I received this as a present I would be absolutely over the moon as the Elgato Stream Deck unlocks so many more possibilities for video game streaming. As a live content creation controller, the Elgato MK 2 works in a similar way to a DJ deck.

Gamers load up presets such as graphical overlays, sound bites and screens. Then, with the simple tap of any one of the 15 LCD keys, streamers can switch screens, launch new media, adjust audio and much more. With direct integration to the world’s most popular streaming platforms, the Elgato Stream Deck MK 2 is the perfect present for gamers who stream this year…. and probably next year too!

BigMouth Game Over Coffee Mug - Novelty Gaming Gift

BigMouth Game Over Coffee Mug

Best Cheap Gaming Gift Australia

Price: From $22.00

Every gamer drinks tea or coffee. Except those shaking on too much G-Fuel.

If you’re looking for cheap gaming gifts in Australia, you cannot go wrong the the BigMouth Game Over Coffee Mug. It’s the perfect gift for the video gamer in your life that’s vanilla enough to be enjoyed by everyone but cool enough to impress.

Made from high quality ceramics, the Game Over coffee mug will literally remind players to refill once they finish their cup and is used with two hands, not one. For a coffee mug, it’s quite a unique gaming gift and certainly will not disappoint!

For inexpensive gifts for gamers, think novelty!

Best Gifts For Gamers Australia

Gift Ideas For Gamers Roundup

Level up any gamers day (and your own respect as a gift giver) with my ultimate collection of cool, quirky and awesome gifts for gamers. Whether on PC, Console, Switch or even mobile, I guarantee that the gamer in your life will love almost absolutely everything on this list.

The art to the perfect is to know your recipient better than they do themselves. Are they into Fortnite? Do they stream on Twitch? Are they a fan of collectibles? You should always ask pertinent questions such as these before you go buying a gift to make absolutely sure that you’re buying the right present.

Know of any other awesome gaming gifts? 

Hit the comments below and share any tips you have for gift givers just like you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read some of my detailed product reviews to complete your setup with the best gear available.

Content Disclaimer: This handpicked shortlist of the best gifts for gamers in Australia has been independently written. GamePro has not been commissioned by any manufacturer listed, nor have we received any royalties for this article. This includes financial reimbursement, free advertising, free gifts, advertising or e-vouchers. 

Should you click on any link to Amazon and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. But that’s just how we keep this website alive and free to use! Please hit us up in the comments with any questions you may have about the best gaming gifts and we’ll endeavour to return fire as soon as possible!

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