Best Xbox Games For Kids

Best Xbox Games For Kids

Sick of Fortnite? Here are some superb alternatives.

We absolutely love Fortnite. However, we know that this love is not shared by everyone. Despite being one of the best Xbox One games for kids, there are many other alternatives that we guarantee your young ones will have hours of fun playing alone or with you!

If you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, chances are you will have already discovered some really good Xbox One games for your kids. From destruction derby-Esque titles like Wreckfest to the incredible ventures of Ori and the Blind Forest, the Xbox Game Pass is absolutely packed with value.

Failing that, there’s always our editor’s hand-picked list of the best Xbox One games for kids to choose from. Now, without further ado, explore our favourite kid-friendly Xbox games below and get ready for all-around family entertainment.

Best Kids Xbox Games Shortlist

Before we delve into our reasoning behind each selection, here’s a quick glance at the best Xbox games for kids and young children to play in 2022:

Scroll down to read our in-depth reviews of each game featured on this list of best children’s Xbox games. When you’re done, don’t forget to hit us up in the comments with your childrens favourite Xbox One game.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack - Xbox Games For Kids

Hasbro Family Fun Pack

Best Xbox Game For Families

Age Recommendation: Ages 7+ Years

If you can’t bring the kids to the parents, then bring the parents to the kids! Hasbro games are back with another banger compilation of four of your favourite games. Including Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit, bring some of the games you once loved to the couch with Hasbro Family Fun Pack.

Featuring backwards compatibility, Hasbro Family Fun Pack can be played on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Although Trivial Pursuit may be too complex for your children, you are bound to have fun with the new twists and turns of Monopoly.

Suitable for any children who can understand these games, but primarily ages 7 years and upwards, Hasbro Family Fun Pack is one of the best Xbox games for kids as this title is also highly suitable for young adults too.

Unlock your inner Sherlock.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Xbox One

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Best Xbox Kids Platform Game

Age Recommendation: Ages 5+ Years

What is there not to love about Spyro? With many makeovers over the past decade, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is one of the best versions to hit Xbox consoles this decade. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is the return of your favorite dragon with more fire, more attitude, and better features.

Presenting the ever-snarky and quick-witted Spyro the Dragon with sicker burns and HD graphics, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy presents dynamic realms and plenty of zany humour. As always, the realm needs saving once more, and Spyro is back to take you and your family on an adventure of a lifetime.

Despite being aimed at children, if you have ever played Spyro as a child yourself, the reignited trilogy will spark some nostalgia in you too. It is without question one of the best RPG games for Xbox consoles and you will be amazed at how far our hilarious fire-breathing dragon has come.

Wreckfest - Xbox One


Best Xbox Racing Game For Kids

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

If you ever played Destruction Derby on the original Playstation, you will know immediately what’s to come with Wreckfest. As a modern take on the hit classic, Wreckfest is a superb combination of racing simulation and all-out destruction.

We won’t give away too much, however, the first race you complete is a destruction derby on the back of a lawnmower. Yeah. You can imagine the fun there is to be had with this one. With a choice between actually trying to win races or being a complete devil and wrecking other cars, there are many ways you can enjoy this game with your kids.

With real races to complete, car tuneups, liveries and more, Wreckfest takes the best parts of modern-day racing simulations while sprinkling some smoke and carnage. Just be sure you warn your children about the dangers of driving! 😀

Overcooked 1 & 2 - Xbox One

Overcooked & Overcooked 2

Best Xbox Co-Op Game For Kids

Age Recommendation: Ages 7+ Years

Teamwork and symbiosis are two essential life lessons that the Overcooked franchise teaches your children. Set within the Onion Kingdom, players prepare, cook and serve the most delicious meals to hungry customers; racing against time.

Can your family save the world; one pie at a time?

The game is customer-centric, where the player serves their customers in teams of two. This multiplayer game offers gamers to put their best foot forward as a team serving the most exquisite meals using cooking techniques such as frying in a time crunch.

It is set in an apocalyptic scene where teams have to survive against the harsh environment settings through better communication. Taking you back to the Onion Kingdom, where the players must assemble their chefs, OverCooked enables one to save the world one pie at a time.

Expletive Language: While the game delivers on its entertainment quota, guaranteeing long entertaining hours that one can enjoy with their families, there is a risk of your kid learning swear words and expletive language in the process.

Human: Fall Flat - Xbox One

Human: Fall Flat

Best Puzzle Xbox Game For Children

Age Recommendation: Ages 5+ Years

Another teamwork-centric game is Human: Fall Flat which makes you save a fellow human instead of throwing them under the bus, is the Human: Fall Flat. With physics lessons at its core, this scientific game is set in a dreamland where each dream takes the player to exciting new venues from grand castles, high towers to snowy mountain caps.

The path to clearing a level remains open-ended, with multiple ways to get through to the next level. Much like a toddler’s balance control, the humans in the game are wobbly, and activities like climbing up a rope can take a hilarious turn when your human crashes and burns.

Since this is a dream world, if you fall off a ledge or get backstabbed by a friend, your human respawns back to the same level. Human: Fall Flat is an entertaining game to be enjoyed with your family for a humorous evening.

Minecraft - Xbox One


Best Xbox Game For Young Children

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

The explosive world of adventure land began with Minecraft. Over a decade old, Minecraft has broken all stereotypes with their constant addition of features to keep their fans engaged. It provides a creative outlet to kids while helping them learn things in a real-world simulation.

With youtube influencers shifting towards Minecraft, their fans have jumped the ship with them, resulting in a tremendous fan following of this national treasure. Any risks in Minecraft come with the online player interactions, which can be easily monitored by a parent.

With their constant updates in this 3D universe of volcano fortress, Minecraft remains the best-selling video game of all time.

Lego Games - Xbox One

All Lego Games

Best Value Xbox Games For Kids

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

Since the age of dawn, the LEGO games have been topping the Xbox charts due to their versatility and likeabilty. Be it Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel or DC universe, anything you have seen on the screen is pretty much available as part of the LEGO games franchise.

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Catering to your children’s personal favourites, the LEGO universe has it all. For the creatively blessed, the LEGO world provides a platform to let your creativity go berserk. As a one-stop-shop for days worth of entertainment, pretty much all of the LEGO games for Xbox One are an absolute hoot.

Steep Review - Xbox One


Best Sports Xbox Game For Children

Age Recommendation: Ages 5+ Years

If you ever played SSX on the original Xbox or any of the greatest original Xbox games, then Steep is somewhat like this game for the modern era. Well, it’s not anywhere close but there’s snow at least. Although this game is quite old now, there is still bags of fun to be had for your children as they tear up the slopes or wingsuit down the mountains.

Editor Note: Read Full Steep Xbox One Review

Out of all the games on this list, Steep is one of the best Xbox games for children when it comes to allowing your children to carve their own adventure. As a completely open world, your kids can participate in world events, challenges or just casually adventure around the mountains. Just be sure to let them know if the dangers of extreme sports!

Rocket League - Xbox One

Rocket League

Best Online Multiplayer Xbox Game For Kids

Age Recommendation: Ages 5+ Years

Blending two of the world’s biggest loves, Rocket League brings flashy cars to soccer as players go head to head to score the most incredible of goals. With rocket boosters, car customisations and incredibly enjoyable limited time only game modes, Rocket League recently became one of the most played games of all time.

Not to mention the incredible soundtracks. Suitable for just about any age, Rocket League has such a strong community of players, we have no doubt your kids will be able to jump into online matches quickly. Just be sure to turn off the game chat for your little ones as the community can be slightly toxic which sucks. However, the game itself is incredible!

Ori & The Will Of The Wisps - Xbox One

Ori & The Will Of The Wisps

Best Kids Metroidvania Xbox Game

Age Recommendation: Ages 7+ Years

The Ori series developed a cult following for its expansive, vivid, and roaming-friendly worlds. The latest release makes it feel like you’re in a theater setting with psychedelic colors and arresting set-pieces as your character quests and solves puzzles. While ‘Will’ is rated E for everyone, younger children not used to the Minecraft roaming concept may have difficulty engaging. For others, however, its dreamscape offers adventures around every turn.

Zoo Tycoon - Xbox One

Zoo Tycoon

Best Kids Xbox Simulation Game

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

What’s not to love about the zoo? Allow your childrens imaginations to run wild. Build, manage and maintain your dream zoo alone with up to four players. Design the optimal sanctuary with customized animal pens while learning about each of their inhabitant’s needs, behaviours, and what works best to entice visitors to their attractions. Get up close and personal with nearly 200 visually stunning animals.

This experience lets you do everything from adopting your favourite animals to releasing them back in the wild to adjusting and decorating enclosures to piece-by-piece road construction. In this zoo, the choice is yours.

Rare Replay - Xbox One

Rare Replay

Best Kids Action Xbox Game

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

Although not every Rare game here is rated ”E”, there is bags of choice as Rare gifts to you a trip down memory lane of some of its best titles. Enjoy Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark and even Battle Toads. If you are a gamer yourself, you will know that Rare has a fantastic pedigree for producing high-quality games and this roundup is simply stunning.

Although much older than some of the other titles on this list of the best kid-friendly Xbox games, your children will have hours and hours of fun. Hey, you might even join in on the action too!

Super Lucky's Tale - Xbox One

New Super Lucky’s Tale

Best Single Player Xbox Game For Children

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

Featuring a cute young fox on a mission to save the world, Super Lucky’s Tale is challenging, full of intrigue and comes with a collection of game mechanics that both kids and adults can enjoy for hours.

As with most of the best Xbox One games for kids, Super Lucky’s Tale is colourful, light-hearted and full of incredible voice acting and audio.

In an attempt to thwart the nefarious Jinx, Super Lucky’s Tale is a solid 3D platform game that blends puzzles, jumps, tailspins and other super cool mechanics. As one of our best Xbox one games for 5 years olds, Super Lucky’s Tale will be enjoyed by everyone.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts 3

Best Xbox RPG Game For Kids

Age Recommendation: Ages 4+ Years

Set within a vast mixture of Disney and Pixar worlds, Kingdom Hearts 3 follows the journey of Sora, the unknowing heir to spectacular powers. Teamed with Donald and Goofy, can you stop ‘The Heartless’ from invading and overtaking the universe?

In a classic lightness vs darkness, the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise is extremely enjoyable, packed full of a mixture of game mechanics and can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. What’s not to love about teaming up with your favourite old and new Disney characters to take down evil?

Taking our crown as one of the best Xbox One games for kids, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a huge hit with families across Australia and should feature within your play cabinet this winter.

Best Xbox Games For Kids

Best Xbox One Games For Kids Roundup

So, if your kids are not ready to shoot down scopes in Call of Duty, there are hundreds of kid-friendly Xbox games in the market for you to choose from. While not always possible to find ”family-friendly” games, many of these games can also be enjoyed by you too!

Remember, influencers play a significant role in diverting traffic to new games and therefore your kids might already be hooked on ranking up in Apex Legends or Fortnite. However, not all of these games are meant for children, and while it is difficult to control what the free web has to offer, one can definitely replace games like Fortnite with better games that are kid-friendly for your children.

Did we miss any titles? 

Tell us about your favourite Xbox games for young children in the comments.

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