Medieval Dynasty Caves & Mines

All Medieval Dynasty Cave Locations (Mine Locations)

Stock up on valuable ore with these 5 epic mining caves in Medieval Dynasty

Caves in Medieval Dynasty (also referred to as mines) are superb locations to harvest valuable ore such as Copper, Iron, Tin and Salt. Whilst some of these minerals are only useable once you have unlocked suitable buildings, knowing where to find the cave locations in Medieval Dynasty is just as valuable as the resources inside.

After all, the aim of Medieval Dynasty is survival and you’ll struggle to craft stronger buildings later in the game without materials that can be harvested from caves.

So where are the Medieval Dynasty Caves located? Let’s find out! 👇

Medieval Dynasty Cave Locations Map
Medieval Dynasty Cave Locations Map

Medieval Dynasty Cave Locations

As you will see from the cave locations map above, there are five caves in total located throughout the Medieval Dynasty. Each one of them rich in resources and each of them is relatively easy to locate.

The precise interval at which minerals inside caves replenish is still uncertain. However, from the observations I’ve made, it would seem that they rejuvenate every season. Nevertheless, there’s an abundant supply of minerals for your immediate building requirements regardless.

The five caves in Medieval Dynasty can be found at these locations:

  • Cave 1: Located between Baranica and Branica in the North.
  • Cave 2: Located south of Lesnica.
  • Cave 3: Located to the North-East of Jezerica.
  • Cave 4: Located in the middle of the map, in the centre of the mountains.
  • Cave 5: Located to the East of Hornica

For the 4th cave, there are 2 roads that lead here as you will see from the map. In addition, the 5th cave is best found by following the river from the lake to the East of Hornica.

Once you know where each cave is located, you can set up your village close to a cave to harvest resources quickly. But be warned, many of the caves in Medieval Dynasty are guarded by irate bears that will need slaying before you can start mining. So, be sure to exercise caution when approaching the caves.

Naturally, if you’re on the hunt for some bear hide, the best place to find will be caves so you can acquire multiple resources at once. However, through multiple play-throughs of Medieval Dynasty, bears seldom spawn in the cave situated near Branica which makes it one of the easiest places to mine resources.

Medieval Dynasty Cave Entrance

The Final Word

One final note on caves and mines in Medieval Dynasty would be that you will need to progress through the game first before you can start procuring premium materials such as Iron. Mining becomes available when you have at least 5,000 building tech points which also unlocks the ability to place a mining facility at the front of the cave. Once this is complete, a lower decking will open where you find super precious resources such as Stone, Iron and Copper.

It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t find certain resources, however, the game flows nicely and you will find them when you need them. Other than that, all mining locations in Medieval Dynasty were prime spots both in the early and late game; providing ample supplies of iron, salt, and copper.

Where’s your favourite mining spot in Medieval Dynasty? Hit us up in the comments below! In the meantime, here are some other guides that you might enjoy:

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