How To Get The White Mask Of Varre In Elden Ring

How To Get The White Mask Of Varre In Elden Ring?

Sure, the White Mask of Varre looks a little stupid. But nobody will have vocal chords left to say anything about it when you've buried them.

The Lands Between is a treacherous place where you’ll rely on your combat skills to survive. Throughout your journey, you can come across powerful items to aid you in your struggle. One such item is the White Mask of Varre.

This plain white, almost expressionless mask is a popular piece of equipment for bleed builds as it boosts your damage if it senses blood loss in the vicinity. The slight grin and tinge of blood on the mask also gives the Tarnished an unsettling look when worn.

But how do you get the White Mask of Varre? Read on to find out!👇

How to Get the White Mask of Varre?

There are two methods to obtain the White Mask of Varre in Elden Ring. The first (and faster method) is to complete the Varre questline and transport it to Moghwyn’s Palace. The second, and more traditional method, is to continue through the game until you reach a portal in Consecrated Snowfield which will teleport you to Moghwyn’s Palace.

If you are struggling in the early game and want to bolster your strength quickly, the first method is the best option for you. However, for any gamers who are happy to wait for a little to get the White Mask of Varre, the second method will be more enjoyable.

Regardless of which method you choose, both will place you in Moghwyn’s Palace which is where you will get the White Mask of Varre. Once here, you will need to head to the southeast portion of Moghwyn’s Palace until you see a lake of blood. Then, approach the lake and you will be invaded by three Namless White Mask NPCs.

The first NPC will spawn right at the entrance of the lake while the second will show up at the rocks to your left. The final Nameless White Mask will spawn near a tree on the south side of the lake. Only the third NPC will drop the White Mask, but you will have an easier time if you take care of the other two NPCs first.

Once you have dealt with the third NPC, you will get the White Mask of Varre. However, keep in mind that killing Mohg, Lord of Blood will lock you out of ever obtaining the White Mask.

White Mask of Varre Elden Ring

Method 1: Varre Questline

Varre is the first NPC you encounter after leaving the game’s starting area. In fact, the mask he is wearing is the same one you’re looking to acquire. You can find Varre standing next to the First Step Site of Grace. Speak to him and he will instruct you to go to Stormveil Castle.

After defeating Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle, Varre will tell you to visit the Roundtable Hold to meet the Two Fingers. Follow his instructions, and you’ll find Varre gone from the First Steps Site of Grace when you return.

At this point, you can find Varre in the Rose Church at Liurnia of the Lakes. Speak to Varre at this location and choose “They didn’t seem right” when given dialogue options. Talk to Varre one more time after this and he’ll give you five Bloody Festering Fingers.

These Festering Fingers are items used to engage other players in PVP. Use three of them to continue with Varre’s questline. After using three Festering Fingers, talk to Varre once more and he will reveal himself to be a servant of Lumiary Mohg, the Lord of Blood. Let Varre anoint you to receive the Lord of Blood’s Favor and proceed with the quest.

You will now be tasked with soaking the Lord of Blood’s Favor in a maiden’s blood.

From the Rose Church, the nearest location you can do this is at the Church of Inhibition in northeast Liurnia. You’ll find a maiden corpse when you get to the Church of Inhibition. Take the Finger Maiden Set from her then chose “Dye cloth with maiden’s blood” and make your way back to Varre.

Speak to Varre for the penultimate time and he will congratulate you and give you a reward. Speak with him a second time and he’ll give you and item called the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This is a reusable item that can teleport you to Mohgwyn Palace.

Lake of Blood, Moghwyn's Palace - Elden Ring

Method 2: Consecrated Snowfield Portal

The Consecrated Snowfield is accessed later on in the game after meeting certain prerequisites. First, you’ll need to obtain both halves of the Dectus Medallion to get to Altus Plateau. Next, you need to defeat Morgott, the Omen King in order to get to the Mountaintops of the Giants. The final step to reach the Consecrated Snowfield is to complete a quest line involving an NPC named Latenna.

After completing Latenna’s questline, you can get to the Consecrated Snowfield by using the Grand Lift of Rold. Once you get to the Haligtree Site of Grace, make your way northwest to get to the portal. You will know that you are headed in the right direction when you come across the unmissable Yelough Anix Ruins.

From there, continue going northwest until you find an Albinauric guarding a nearby portal. Defeat the Sanguine Noble Invader and you can use the Consecrated Snowfield portal to enter Mohgwyn Palace.

White Mask of Varre Statistics

White Mask Elden Ring Stats

Besides the fact that the White Mask looks ridiculous, there is a reason why players are willing to take a little bit of hazing by wearing one. Firstly, the White Mask has the special effect of boosting your attack power by 10% for 20 seconds when there is blood loss nearby. This can be triggered when blood loss has been inflicted on an enemy, or on the player.

Secondly, the White Mask also pairs very well with some of Elden Ring’s best bleed weapons like the Rivers of Blood and the Lord of Blood’s Exultation.

The Rivers of Blood is a katana armament that can inflict blood loss on enemies, while the Lord of Blood’s Exultation is a talisman that raises your attack power by 20% when blood loss has been inflicted nearby. The latter’s effect will stack with the White Mask, giving you a total of 30% bonus attack power when used together.

Here are some of the White Mask’s other stats:

Damage Negation

  • Physical – 2.7
  • Strike – 3
  • Slash – 3.3
  • Pierce – 2.7
  • Magic – 3.5
  • Fire – 3.7
  • Lightning – 3.9
  • Holy – 3.7


  • Immunity – 23
  • Robustness – 18
  • Focus – 21
  • Vitality – 22
  • Poise – 5

So that’s all you need to know about getting the White Mask in Elden Ring. It’s pretty powerful in the right build, and, despite what others say, I actually think it looks pretty cool when worn. So, do your best to pick up one throughout your time in the Lands Between.

Thoughts on the Elden Ring White Mask?

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