Games Like Elden Ring

Top 7 Games Like Elden Ring

Mended the Elden Ring? Here's 7 other games just like Elden Ring.

Like any self-respecting RPG gamer, you would have already mended the Elden Ring and will be on the hunt for other games like Elden Ring to sink your teeth into! Well, good news, there’s plenty of them!

Including classic titles from Elden Ring’s maker, From Software, to games like Elden Ring that you might not have noticed the similarities, we’ve put together a shortlist of titles that resemble Elden Ring for a variety of reasons. But be warned, there’s not much that can live up to Elden Ring so don’t be expecting an upgrade!

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With the Dark Souls series a slam dunk throughout all four corners of the globe and Elden Ring selling more copies than the entirety of this series within the first few months, you would be foolish to think that there is much that can live up to Elden Ring.

However, for anyone looking for games like Elden Ring that are willing to take this on board, here’s our shortlist of the best games like Elden Ring to play next. As always, our list comprises of titles that you could own simultaneously without feeling like you are playing a repeat of another.

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What other game is Elden Ring like?

From RPG games with deep lore to role-playing fantasies that have you enduring bouts of heavy combat, here are the top 7 games that are similar to Elden Ring:

  1. Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
  2. Dark Souls 3
  3. Bloodborne
  4. Ninja Gaiden Black
  5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  6. Devil May Cry 5
  7. Sifu

As always, we have selected our list based upon a variety of games that every gamer can own without feeling like they are just playing a total repeat. Some of them are old school classics and others more modern. Yet, it could be argued that Elden Ring has taken inspiration from each one of these games.

Scroll down to read a quick review of each game like Elden Ring!

Legend Of Zelda - Breath Of The Wild

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release Date: 3rd March, 2017
Platform: Nintendo Switch

While far removed from a ”souls-like experience”, Breath of the Wild has lots of features that directly mirror what you can find in Elden Ring. You’ve got a massive open world full of things to discover, a ridable horse, third person combat with close-range weapons, and of course, one of the greatest RPG storylines of all time. The list is endless.

For most, Legend of Zelda might seems like child’s play. After all, isn’t the Nintendo Switch primarily made for children? While strictly true, there’s plenty of similarities to Elden Ring nonetheless. For starters, if you are looking for games like Elden Ring that are equally as complex, the hardest difficulty setting on Legend of Zelda is surprisingly challenging.

In Master Mode, common enemies will be able to take out massive chunks of your health in a single hit, and for me, it honestly made the experience so much more fun.

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I won’t ramble on too much about Breath of the Wild as chances are that you’ve already played it. But, if you haven’t, you should. It’s an all time classic.

Dark Souls 3 - Fire Fades Edition On Xbox

Dark Souls 3

Release Date: 28th March 2017
From Software
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Okay, I told a small lie, there is one mention of the Dark Souls series with this list of games like Elden Ring. But honestly, can you really blame me?

In case you are brand new to souls-like games, From Software has been producing games similar to Elden Ring for a long time now. If you count Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, they’ve produced a total of 7 games like Elden Ring to date.

I’m recommending Dark Souls 3 over the others for a few reasons. In my opinion, Dark Souls 3 is the best game from the Dark Souls series – period. It has just the right amount of difficulty, it avoided some of the design issues that the previous two titles had and the game plays out very well on next-gen consoles. Not to mention, it’s got some amazing graphics, partially due to the fact that it was developed for a new console generation at the time.

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However, please be advised that as of right now, Dark Souls 3 servers for PvP have been experiencing issues, and the team has been hard at work to get these servers back online for a considerable amount of time. Although, even without PvP, this is still an experience I would strongly recommend.

It’s a great game made only better by some of the best DLC content that we’ve ever received for a Dark Souls title.

Bloodborne - Best Dark Souls Game


Release Date: 24th March 2015
Developer: FromSoftware
Platforms: PS4

If there is one game that’s not strictly a Dark Souls game but epitomises everything that Dark Souls and Elden Ring entails, that game would be Bloodborne. Whilst Elden Ring and the Dark Souls series have amassed such huge followings, some would say that Bloodborne is the best souls game to have ever blessed our consoles.

That’s some accolade!

As a third-person action RPG, Bloodborne embellishes everything you love about Elden Ring but within a stunning gothic setting. As another game by FromSoftware, you can expect all the goodness you’ve enjoyed with Elden Ring but with increased difficulty and much faster combat.

Be ready to be punished if you play this second-hardest Soulsborne game passively. A warning – the bosses in this game are some of the hardest of all Soulsborne games.

Ninja Gaiden Xbox Original Game

Ninja Gaiden Black

Release Date: 20th September 2005
Platform: Xbox & Series X

The inclusion of this title might throw some of you for a loop, but I truly believe that Ninja Gaiden might have been the very first exposure to souls-like experiences for many gamers. Ninja Gaiden Black is just a remastered version of Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, although that title would serve basically the same purpose as this one.

Granted, it’s missing some of the modern elements that make up your typical souls games. For example, Estus flasks and losing experience upon dying are missing. However, if you’re looking for a difficult game like Elden Ring, look no further.

Ninja Gaiden was the original third-person action game that made so many gamers throw their controllers in anger and frustration. Not because of anything out of their control, but because the skill required to beat the game is so high. Bosses hit you for massive amounts of damage, and they only way to beat them is to learn their patterns and outsmart them.

Check this one out if you want a more old-school game like Elden Ring.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Samurai Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release Date: 21st March 2019
Developer: FromSoftware
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Google Stadia

A wildly different take on the original Souls and Elden Ring formula, you will be required to pick up a samurai sword here and not an axe. If you are an ardent Elden Ring fan, you will notice how both these games are challenging but have fair rules.

If you can master this game, then you will find it provides a very satisfying Elden Ring like game experience with some of the best boss fights ever. Although the games have similarities, you will notice that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is also quite different from Elden Ring at the same time. Unlike in Elden Ring, where you must fight off enemy attacks, you get to control the flow of combat by staying on the offensive.

As for the difficulty level, this is one complicated and challenging game that even the most crazy souls like game fans find hard to conquer.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

Release Date: 8th March 2019 
Platform: PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One & Series X

The Devil May Cry community has always had a heavy overlap with the Dark Souls community. Both these games feature very dark themes and visuals, while at the same time allow for a massive amount of skill expression from the person playing. Plus, like any good Soulslike experience, this game is also hard as nails.

To give you an idea of the difficulty, Devil May Cry 5 opens up with an “unbeatable” boss fight. I put that word in quotes because you technically can beat it if you’re absolutely god-like for a secret ending, but this is not expected of the player. It’s just like the famous Dark Souls tagline says: “Get ready to die”

I’m recommending Devil May Cry 5 over the other games in the series, as this one feels like the best value you can get for what you get, although you really can’t go wrong with Devil May Cry 3 or 4 as well. Even DMC is pretty good if you can look past some of its flaws. Just don’t play Devil May Cry 1 or 2 as they haven’t aged so great.



Release Date: 6th February 2022
Platform: Playstation 4, PS5 & PC

Sifu is one of the newest games on this list, but I feel confident recommending it for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Sifu is one of the hardest titles I’ve played in recent memory that wasn’t a soulslike game.

Combat is extremely reliant on you being able to read what your opponents are going to do. You cannot button-mash your way through this one, attempt to do so and you will get absolutely flattened. You need to wait for attacks and either dodge or parry them, just like you would in Elden Ring.

This game also features a system that’s similar to Elden Ring upon dying. When you die in the game, your character ages at least a year, and if you die frequently you’ll find yourself ageing rapidly. This is a very harsh consequence for failure – finishing a level after dying several times will make future experiences even harder.

Once you master the combat and start doing well, Sifu becomes an absolute blast. I highly recommend checking this one out if you’re in search of a difficult experience like Elden Ring.

Games Like Elden Ring

Other Games Like Elden Ring Roundup

When selecting my top 7 games like Elden, I hunted for games that are not your typical souls-like experience. Titles that thrive on epic storylines, complex mechanics and even better graphical displays.

That said, souls-like games are still the closest match you will find to games like Elden Ring.

So, keep in mind having now read the list above that not every game needs to be the exact same thing as Elden Ring for you to like them. Whether the game shares the same combat system, gameplay, or well-written narratives—all games are slightly different in their own right.

Out of the all the games like Elden Ring, I would have to say that Sifu is most closely linked for it’s impressive mechanic when dying and of course, Dark Souls 3 is the best like for like game to Elden Ring.

Are any titles missing that you think are worthy of a mention? Let us know of any other games like Elden Ring in the comments below. We would love to hear from you! Meanwhile, here are some other awesome articles for you to check out!

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