How To Get To Toussaint Witcher 3

How To Get To Toussaint Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Expansion

Find yourself some new armour, the road to Toussaint is brutal.

If you’ve downloaded the Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion, no doubt you’ll be eager to know how to get to Toussaint. After all, the expansion takes place in Toussaint’s fantastical land, where knights tilt at windmills, and at giants too!

For many players, the vibrant vistas and charming chevaliers will be the highlight of the game and a well-earned break from the vile swamps of Velen. But getting to Toussaint and the Rennaisance retreat isn’t as simple as sprinting for the soonest signpost. Instead, it takes some sleuthing and a little skill. 👇

How To Get To Toussaint In Witcher 3

As it’s quite easy to breeze past the small, specific settlement where you’re first invited out to the Italian-style countryside, stepping foot in Toussaint is a quest in itself. Find the hamlet called Holloway, deal with a band of ruffians and make mincemeat of a rampaging giant. It’ll take some time and effort to work your way out into wine country.

But I assure you it’s worth it!

Here are 5 steps to follow on how to get to the duchy of Toussaint in The Witcher 3:

Step 1: Read Velen Noticeboards

Scan The Velen Noticeboards

The first step towards reaching Toussaint is to scan the Velen noticeboards.

Maybe it’s not the flashiest way to find the game’s DLC content, but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise for those just looking for monsters to kill. Once you’ve completed the quest “A Poet Under Pressure”, a new note will appear on the next noticeboard you see.

A note entitled “Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest” will be displayed. It tells of a beast that has been terrorizing Toussaint and that Geralt, the “Most Famous Among Witchers” has been entreated to help.

Should you take interest in this quest, your next stop is a place called Holloway.

Step 2: Visit Stonecutter's Settlement

Visit Stonecutter’s Settlement

Once you have scanned the noticeboards, it’s time to head to Holloway.

Southwest of Oxenfurt is a fortified settlement of stonecutters. Also known as Holloway, as part of the war, the Redanian army has transformed this nondescript village into a cosy little abode. The message from the notice board has humbly beseeched you to appear there and to meet three knights of Toussaint.

When you arrive you’ll notice that the erected walls and gates have failed and that the hamlet is little more than a handful of houses and heaps of wooden remains. You’d better hurry up and see what’s happened to the villagers, and perhaps the knights.

Step 3: Aid The Knights

Aid The Knights

It seems that since the Redanians have fled, bandits have been harassing the Holloway locals. The gilded knights you’ve come to meet have decided to assist the people and ask only that Geralt wait while they “dissuade” the pillagers.

If you like, you can do just that and keep your hands clean.

But if you desire to leap into battle, consider gaining some gold and gearing up first. The bandits you’ll face will be a hearty level 35, and a lesser Witcher may get overwhelmed. When you’ve made your choice and watched a glorious battle unfold, the knights will officiously read the Duchess’s request.

A contract to slay The Beast of Beauclair (for a hefty reward).

Step 4: Accept Duchess' Request

Accept The Duchess’s Request

It’ll be some time before you can return to Velen, so you needn’t accept Anna Herietta’s request immediately. If you prefer to prepare for your journey, then you can safely decline and return later. However, if you want to reach Toussaint in The Witcher 3, this quest must be accepted at some stage.

What? You thought some bandits would be the end? Oh, no no no.

Once you do accept the summons, you and the three knights ride off into the sunset towards Toussaint. This will also complete the quest “Envoys, Wineboys” and net you a nice XP bonus which is always a treat!

On to the golden grapevines and green fields!

Step 5: Defeat Golyat

Vanquish Golyat

When we next see Geralt, his travels are over and he’s made it to the Duchy of Toussaint, but sadly, his travails aren’t over as Geralt and friends’ are welcomed by a battle with a giant.

Yes, the final step on how to get to Toussaint is to kill Golyat.

Though you may prefer some old-fashioned sword swinging– as a reference to the battle of David & Goliath–this accursed creature can be felled by a single bolt between the eyes from your crossbow. After a well-aimed shot (or a handful or slip-shod shots), your prize is a pretty and pricey trophy, and to continue on to more monster slaying

Happy hunting!

How To Get To The Duchy of Toussaint In The Witcher 3

Parting Words

Now that you know how to get to Toussaint in Witcher 3, it’s time to saddle your horse.

During your further travels into Toussaint, you’ll first examine the latest victim of The Beast of Beauclair, and one of its accomplices. After that, there are unexpected murders, rooftop chases and underground mysteries.

So it’s safe to say that the main story of Blood and Wine is exciting and intriguing, and some even say it’s the best of the whole game. But don’t forget to enjoy the side quests too. Gwent lovers can enjoy the new Skellige deck, wine lovers can renovate and restore their own vineyard, and monster hunters can see and slay unusual new creatures like the giant centipede.

Know of any other tips on how to get to Toussaint? Hit the comments below, and don’t forget to check out my other tutorials, roundups and walkthroughs of your favourite games.

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