How To Dismantle Items In Witcher 3

How To Dismantle Items In The Witcher 3: An Easy Guide

The thrift is real. Here's how to dismantle items in The Witcher 3

So, you’ve invested in a good satchel and collected an abundance of junk throughout your travels. Now you’re wondering how to dismantle items in Witcher 3 for alchemy, new gear or profiteering at merchants.

After all, if you want to make your way to Toussaint for some delicious wine, you’re going to have to be smart with the loot you collect as gold is relatively scarce.

The good news is that dismantling items in The Witcher 3 is relatively simple and can be done in bulk at armourers or blacksmiths throughout The Continent.

And here’s a quick guide to show you how! 👇

Dismantling Items Witcher 3

How To Dismantle Items In Witcher 3

Items that can be dismantled in The Witcher 3 range from junk that you find on your travels to weapons, armour and quest items that are of no further use to you.

As you make your way through the vast lands, you’ll likely be levelling up with new weapons and armour. So, keep hold of as much old loot until you find a merchant or a blacksmith to dismantle the goods before putting the dismantled items to better use.

To dismantle items in The Witcher 3, follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Speak to a blacksmith or armourer.
  • Step 2: Ask them to craft something.
  • Step 3: Press R1/RB to access the Dismantle option.
  • Step 4: Select items you want to break down.
  • Step 5: Pay the armourer or Blacksmith.

Once you have broken down your items or junk, you can use these to craft new gear, clothes weapons or potions. Additionally, should you wish to make more money in The Witcher 3, you can sell the ingredients or materials for a profit.

Dismantling items in The Witcher 3 will typically yield more money when selling to merchants rather than selling the entire piece. So, be sure to pick which items you want to use for new gear wisely as, once again, gold can be scarce at times with enemies carrying very little on their person.

Where To Sell Items Witcher 3

What Items To Dismantle In Witcher 3

True to most RPG games, figuring out what to dismantle and sell in the Witcher 3 is actually rather puzzling. After all, you would hate to dismantle and sell the components of an item only to find that you need one of the pieces to craft a new sword.

Nevertheless, you should not shy away from dismantling outdated or older items as the materials that you obtain from dismantled goods are typically rare across the Continent.

Some of the best items to dismantle in The Witcher 3 include:

  • Relic swords – High value at blacksmiths
  • Armour – High value at blacksmiths
  • Bear hides – High value at merchants
  • Jewellery – Greater value from silver when dismantled
  • Rubies – Great for crafting swords

By weighing up your need for crowns versus the materials, you will soon be able to decide what is worth selling or keeping. Certain rare components such as Dimeritium and Black Steel ingots, however, should not be sold as they are near impossible to find.

Through the dismantling of items, you are also decreasing the amount of weight that Geralt is carrying which can come in handy during combat and just general manoeuvrability around the map.

How To Make Money In The Witcher 3

Final Tips

When you dismantle an item in The Witcher 3, you will notice that different blacksmiths and merchants offer varying prices for dismantling the same components based on your location.

While spending a little more on craftsmen in the cities much seem counterintuitive, you will often find that what you receive by way of dismantled components is of better quality. Again, weighing up your need to save crowns or obtain better-quality components is a choice you will have to make!

For the master blacksmith, head on over to Crows Perch and you will enjoy a far better quality of craftsmanship which can result in superb rare weapons.

Know of any other tips on dismantling items in The Witcher 3? Hit the comments below, and don’t forget to check out my other tutorials, roundups and walkthroughs of your favourite games.

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