Best PS Plus Games

Best PS Plus Games (2024 Update)

Stack your library with our shortlist of the best PS plus games right now.

The PlayStation Plus collection boasts a wide and deep range of over 700 stellar games. From indie darlings and blockbuster hits to international imports and all-time classics, narrowing down a shortlist of the best PS Plus games is a real challenge.

There are full series to spend months exploring. 😍

You can swagger and stroll through the neon-lit streets of the Yakuza series or lithely leap into haystacks in the Assassin’s Creed series.

Spoilt for choice on the day that you decide to purchase a PS Plus subscription, we have no doubt you’ll be wondering what the best PS plus game is to play right now. Well, we’ve made your job easy by listing our own collection from the most popular PS plus games to platformers that you may not have considered. Read on to find out! 👇

Top 10 Best PlayStation Plus Games

Regardless of whether you are a PS Plus Essential, Extras or Premium member, we’ve shortlisted our top 10 must-play games on the PlayStation plus right now.

If you’re jonesing for a certain genre or wondering where to start, here’s the shortlist for your viewing pleasure.

Here are the top 10 best PS Plus games to play now:

  1. God of War (2018) – Best Overall
  2. The Last of Us Remastered – Most Popular
  3. Bloodborne – Best RPG
  4. Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Best Action
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Best FPS
  6. Until Dawn – Best Horror Game
  7. Overcooked 2 – Best Co-Op Game
  8. XCOM 2 – Best Strategy Game
  9. Golf With Your Friends – Best Sports Game
  10. Ratchet & Clank (2016) – Best Platformer

As always, my list of must-play PS Plus games has been generated based on the principle of selecting a variety of games that could sit nicely within a single gamer’s collection. While there are many other PS Plus games to consider, I don’t like listing repeats or sequels so go easy in the comments! 👇

God Of War (2018)

God of War (2018)

Best PS Plus Game Overall

First Released: 20th April 2018
Game Developers: Santa Monica Studios, Jetpack Interactive
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Essential, Extra & Premium

A true must-play game on the PS Plus and one of the highest-rated games of the decade, God of War should be the first download for any PlayStation Plus player. That’s regardless of skill or difficulty preferences, as the game accommodates all players with its accessibility settings.

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What you’ll get is a father-son road trip through the ancient realm of Midgard. One filled with monster slaying, intriguing puzzles and family bonding. Without saying too much, the game is stunningly cinematic, highly enjoyable and showcases the best of the medium.

Few would argue there’s a better place to break in your new PlayStation Plus subscription than starting with God of War (2018). And, if you do, hit us up in the comments with why you have such disdain for this legendary title.

The Last Of Us Remastered: Playstation Plus

The Last Of Us Remastered

Most Popular PlayStation Plus Game

First Released: 29th July 2014
Game Developers: Naughty Dog
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Essential, Extra & Premium

If you have not already heard of The Last Of Us series then chances are that after the HBO series found such success, you’re probably itching to play the games. A gruff father must guide and guard a chatty teen through a long-ruined land of the infected and the immoral.

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Though the game and series follow similar narrative beats, the moments are different. In the game, you take your time watching wild animals wander through the reclaimed cityscapes or fighting off bandits with little more than your brain and a brick.

The mix of horror, action, thrills and heart is captivating from start to finish, so it’s easy to see why The Last Of Us is the most popular game on PlayStation Plus.

Bloodborne - Best Dark Souls Game


Best PS Plus RPG Game

First Released: 24th March 2015
Game Developers: FromSoftware Inc
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Essential, Extra & Premium

The best RPG on PlayStation Plus will always be a contentious title. And, between Borderlands, Demon Souls and the Final Fantasy 7 remake, the competition is great (in both senses of the word). But if there is one must-play RPG that you’ll only find on PlayStation, it’s Bloodborne.

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The setting is singular and captivating: a Victorian city born from the dreams (or nightmares) of Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft. The gameplay is similarly horrifying, as you’re tasked with cleansing the diseased city and hunting grim beasts cursed by old gods.

For those who are unfamiliar with games like Dark Souls, it may be a steep learning curve, but it’s also a rewarding one and a fine place to start.

Spider Man: Miles Morales - Playstation 4 & Playstation 5

Spiderman: Miles Morales

Best Action PlayStation Plus Game

First Released: 12th November 2020
Game Developers: Insomniac Games & Nixxes Software
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Extra & Premium

If it’s a toss-up between Insomniac’s 2018 Spider-Man game and the studio’s second, shorter instalment, Spider-Man: Miles Morales– Miles Morales edges out the win. At least when the choice is which to play first!

Miles Morales begins with the two spider-men fighting to stop a rampaging Rhino from destroying half the city. You get to zip through ravaged office buildings and topple the rambunctious Rhino with finesse. It’s the best introduction to the web-swinging, baddie-beating fun that the series provides.

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The 2018 game, however, begins with you wading through ranks of generic tough guys and goons until you reach Kingpin at the top of a tower– there’s also a little too much slow crawling through vents to really give you that Spider-man high (at least initially).

The sequel also improves on the original’s gameplay. While the flinging and flying are endlessly fun in both games, Miles gets a host of new powers that spice up the brawling and fix some of the biggest gripes with the 2018 game.

The biggest complaint that could be made is that it’s too short, which of course can be fixed by downloading Spider-Man 2018 next.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3: Zombie Chronicles Edition

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Zombie Chronicles Edition)

Best FPS PlayStation Plus Game

First Released: 16th May 2017
Game Developers: Treyarch
Subscription Availability: PS Essential, Extra & Premium

While it’s true that Black Ops III is far from the latest first-person shooter to hit PS Plus, it’s the best place to start– especially if you have a friend and an extra controller.

You’ve got three different and fully fleshed-out game modes to choose from: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies.

All three can be played alongside a buddy and Black Ops 3 enjoys a host of new movement mechanics to spice up the classic run & gun gameplay. Wall run, sliding and jetpacks add new surprises to the campaign and multiplayer modes while zombies fans will be treated to eight of the series’ beloved maps.

Once you’ve had your fill of the many offerings of Black Ops 3, your next PS Plus pitstop should be Battlefield 1, Death Loop or the Far Cry Series.

Until Dawn: PS Plus

Until Dawn

Best PlayStation Plus Horror Game

First Released: 25th August 2015
Game Developers: Supermassive Games
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Extra & Premium

When you’re watching a horror movie, the best thing the characters can do is act as you would. If the heroine grabs a knife and barricades herself up somewhere safe, you’re right there with her, but if someone decides to search for monsters in the dark, you’re either going to laugh or frown.

Until Dawn has you make the choices for eight teens staying at a cabin in the woods. If Dan loses his fingers to a bear trap or Sam gets dragged away by the killer, it’s because of your choices. And even better, with a group of friends you can each take control of a different camper to watch the mystery, betrayal and sacrifices unfold.

Fans of classic horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and The Thing will no doubt love Until Dawn. And, it’s for this reason that I would rank Until Dawn as the best horror game on the PS Plus. But if that’s not your style, it may still be worth a try, as there’s more to Blackwood Mountain than meets the eye.

Overcooked 2: PS Plus

Overcooked 2

Best PlayStation Plus Couch Co-Op Game

First Released: 7th August 2018
Game Developers: Team 17 & Ghost Town Games
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Extra & Premium

Maybe fussing and bustling around a kitchen, busting your butt to dish out delicacies doesn’t sound fun, but it is. You and up to four others must chop, cook and plate food for hungry customers and, for whatever reason, four cooks dashing around on a pirate ship as their ingredients roll around on the floor makes for some truly high-energy gaming.

You, your family (or your friends) will be laughing, shouting and crying over slinging a sushi roll into space or seeing your chef slip off the ice into a raging river throughout Overcooked 2. Get your kids involved, have a cook-off with your wife, heck, just don’t drop the lettuce.

As the best co-op game on the PS Plus, Overcooked 2 (and all other editions for that matter) brings couch gaming back to the forefront in a world where so few games enable local cooperative gameplay.

XCOM 2: PS Plus


Best PlayStation Plus Strategy Game

First Released: 5th February 2016
Game Developers: Feral Interactive & 2K Games
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Extra & Premium

If chess is the original or classic strategy game, XCOM is the modern strategy game. And XCOM 2 is playing chess with the timer. The context is that you’re the General and chief strategist for the rebellion against alien overlords.

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From the makers of all great strategy games, Feral Interactive, XCOM 2 is choosing which missions to send your limited and valuable squads on, then seeing them to victory. Maybe you send your rookie along with your A-Team, only for an ambush by merciless Cryssalids to leave greenhorn as the sole survivor.

There are few easy victories in chess. And, in XCOM 2, there are few perfect missions. So enjoy strategy at it’s finest with the best PlayStation Plus game for seekers of a thrilling mental challenge.

Golf With Your Friends Game

Golf With Your Friends

Best PS Plus Sports Game

First Released: 29th January 2016
Game Developers: Team 17 & Blacklight Interactive
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Extra & Premium

Golf With Friends sounds pretty innocuous, doesn’t it? And it really is just that: putting the ball around the minigolf course while competing with your pals. But somehow, it’s all too easy to cheer when you’ve hit a nice one, and then all of a sudden you’re all joking around, laughing and enjoying a good swing of the stick. This comradery makes Golf with your friends the best PS Plus game for sports fans.

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It also helps that you’re not stuck playing on the usual green fields. Instead, there’s a range of charming ranges to aim for aces on. Candyland, a museum and a pirate cove all make an appearance. That said, if you’re not one for cut shots or birdies, you might find the PlayStation Plus collection lacking with its meagre handful of sports games.

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank (2016)

Best PS Plus Platform Game

First Released: 12th April 2016
Game Developers: Insomniac Games
Subscription Availability: PS Plus Premium Only

Since the PlayStation 2, the scrappy duo have been mascots for the console and with good reason. The bouncy gameplay, wondrous weaponry and quirky characters are wholly delightful. This 2016 version is a remake of the first game, with updates and upgrades in all the important places. And, while it’s release date goes all the way back to the 12th April 2016, it’s still one of the best PS plus games for platform lovers.

Enjoy the growing friendship between a mechanic looking to see the world and an unusual robot as they blast baddies from planet to planet. Feel like an intergalactic hero after you best the Blargian snaggle-beast or make a warbot dance with your Groovitron.

Then, once you’ve wet your whistle seeing their origin story, your next stop might be the gorgeous PS5 exclusive, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Best PS Plus Games

The Final Word

Hopefully, this list of the best Playstation Plus games will provide you with a foothold in the mountain of games on PlayStation (and maybe even some new favourites!). It’s no small task to distil PlayStation Plus’s dense catalogue of games to the cream of the cream, so you’ll have to forgive us if we’ve missed a treasured game or even a big name.

To cover our bases, we’d like to make a special mention to Hollow Knight, Yakuza 0, Death Stranding, Doom, Uncharted 4, and Arkham Knight– but even this is too few. With ten or twenty more selections, we would be missing classics and all-timers, so instead, we wish you luck in exploring the collection for yourself.

After all, you have a PS Plus subscription now so you can just freely download any game that is available with your subscription level!

Have we missed any PS Plus games worthy of making the list?

Drop a comment below with your recommendations for us to play, and if they are worthy enough, we’ll add them to our shortlist! Once you’re done, don’t forget to check out some of my other roundups, game reviews and technology deep dives:

Content Disclaimer: This handpicked shortlist of the best PS Plus games has been independently written. GamePro has not been commissioned by any game developers featured on this list, nor have any royalties been exchanged for this article. This includes financial reimbursement, free advertising or free gifts.

Should you click on any Amazon link and make a purchase, GamePro may receive a small commission. But that’s just how this website is kept alive and free to use! Please feel free to hit the comments with any questions about the PlayStation Plus and we’ll endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

PS Plus FAQs

Question about the PS Plus and its littany of games? No sweat! Here are the most commonly asked questions out editors receive about PlayStation Plus subscriptions

How much is PS plus in Australia?

The cost of a PS Plus subscription in Australia ranges between $11.95 and $21.95 depending on the level of subscription that your purchase. Each subscription package comes with a variety of benefits and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. As of this writing, the cost of PS Plus subscriptions in Australia are:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential: AUD $11.95 per month.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra: AUD $18.95 per month.
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe: AUD $21.95 per month
Can two PSN accounts share PS Plus?

Yes, you can share a single PS Plus subscription with two PSN accounts on the same console. However, if you want to share with a friend on another console, this is not possible. The subscription package account would need to sign out of their PSN account on their own console and sign into the secondary PSN account to use PS Plus.

Do you keep PS Plus games if you downgrade?

No, you do not keep any PS Plus games that you have downloaded once your subscription ends or is downgraded. The only games that you would keep by downgrading your account would be those that are available on the lower tier package that you are downgrading towards. If your PS Plus subscription expires, any content that has been downloaded will also no longer be available.

Do you need PS Plus for COD?

No, you do not need PS Plus to play COD (Call of Duty) online. The game has it’s own multiplayer servers and does not require the PS Plus for online gameplay. Gamers who do have a PS Plus subscription that want to play COD will receive no additional benefits by owning a subscription package.

Does EA Play come with PS Plus?

No, unfortunately, EA Play is a separate subscription service to PS Plus. Although some EA games are available to play with a PS Plus subscription, the complete list of games that are available with EA Play would require for you to sign up to EA Play directly.

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