Best PC Games For Kids

Best PC Games For Kids (2024 Update)

Keep your kids entertained for hours with these amazing titles.

Keep your children entertained with our shortlist of the best PC games for kids that are absolutely guaranteed to deliver hours upon hours of fun.

Despite your best wishes, your children are going to grow up being glued to whatever screen is accessible. You cannot fight it. It’s just how the world works. However, the good news is that, regardless of what we were told back in the 90s, scientific research suggests that moderate exposure to video games can prove to be useful; helping to improve happiness, reduce anxiety, and develop critical thinking skills.

Now, while there are loads of free online games available, your children might be looking for something a little bit more substantial to play on the computer.

So, if you are struggling with ideas to keep your children entertained from dawn to dusk, perhaps now is the time to introduce them to PC gaming.

But, before you load up your shopping cart with famous PC game titles, parents should be aware that not all games are actually suitable for all age groups. For instance, titles like Giants Uprising, Mortal Kombat, and Saints Row IV may all sound harmless and incredibly fun.

However, you will be surprised by how twisted the storyline can become.

So what are the best PC games that are suitable for your children? Let’s find out!👇

Top 10 Best PC Games For Children

To help you cut through the gigantic catalogue of video games that are available, we have rounded up some of the best PC games for kids that are guaranteed to keep your little tikes entertained. In addition, our recommended PC games for children listed below all have child-friendly PEGI ratings.

So, you can have total peace of mind knowing that there will be no violent scenes or foul language throughout the gameplay.

Here are the top 12 best PC games for kids to play right now:



Best Overall Kids PC Game

Rated: General (G)

Roblox epitomises everything that a good children’s PC game should be about. It’s fun, educational, engaging and beautiful. As an award-winning educational video game, Roblox comes packed with thousands of real-world stories of kids, just like yours, who are about to make it big in the world of development.

Your children will be eyes-deep in the experimental marvel that is Roblox whereby its founders are dedicating their lives work to revolutionising the classroom and making education an enthralling experience. Play, create, chat, develop and work as part of a team to create games within games on the Roblox platform.

With thousands of custom games to explore and ample opportunity for your children to flex their creative muscles, Roblox is just as popular as Minecraft among young gamers and will be here for many moons to follow.

I expect this game to feature in school classrooms.

Rocket League

Rocket League

Best Multiplayer PC Game For Kids

Rated: PEGI 3

What is not to love about rocket-fuelled futuristic cars playing Soccer? Suitable for children of all ages (just as long as you turn off the voice chat feature), the premise of Rocket League is simple. Race around the autodrome trying to score in your opponents’ goal while performing insane tricks and rocket boosts in the process. If your children enjoy Twitch TV, chances are they have already watched many streamers playing this game.

Go solo, team up with others and kit out your car with absolutely insane liveries and boosters. There are literally hundreds of collectables that you can trade, earn with experience points and win through tournaments. So, as a game that will never tire, Rocket League is one of them. What’s more, with crossplay availability, your children will enjoy playing with friends on different consoles.

Overcooked 1 & 2 - Xbox One

Overcooked! All You Can Eat!

Best Co-Op PC Game For Kids

Rated: General (G)

Without question, the Overcooked series is one of the best family games to ever be produced. Developed by Team17, Overcooked! All You Can Eat! offers an immersive multiplayer experience that will entice your children to put on aprons and because of a master chef after the fun! Similar to the premise of the first and second instalment, each player will be challenged to serve food as they move through over 150+ levels (or kitchens) amongst solving distinct culinary chaos.

The different obstacles and challenges get kids excited and, at the same time, pumped to achieve their goals. The moving platforms, fire hazards, and time limits require players to work harmoniously together and communicate effectively to succeed. If you have several bickering kids, you’d be glad to see them getting united, even only for a few hours of playing this game.

Aside from the sheer volume of levels, the whole gameplay is surprisingly challenging if your children plan to go through the levels alone. Fortunately, you can team up with three fellow chefs in real-time and cook up a storm ala Gordon Ramsay to clear out the rounds!

Another major point of this PC game is that it has a unique range of accessibility options. For instance, you can simply go to the settings and choose dyslexia-friendly texts or set the overall visuals to a fully scalable UI. Overall, Overcooked is an absolutely stunning experience for both adults and children alike!

LEGO Worlds Gameplay

Lego Worlds

Best PC Game For Young Children

Rated: Parental Guidance (PG)

Lego is a household brand and has been part of the childhood of many for quite a long time now. Aside from the blocks that we are used to, Lego managed to occupy a niche in the field of gaming by creating Lego Worlds. With a concept that is strikingly similar to Minecraft and Terraria, the construction-focused game paves the way for your children to embrace creative freedom.

For little kids who may not be familiar with the game, don’t worry; it has a tutorial mode that teaches kids how to use the game’s tools and mechanics, making it easy to get started.

While you can easily spend hours looking for rare materials and designing your dream place in its potentially infinite number of worlds, several quests will help you unlock new characters items, or you might even be rewarded with some gold bricks. The objectives of this open-world game are simple: explore, build, and become the master builder. There are also some brawling moments that you will encounter, but it is not as impressive as when you are in combat in Minecraft.

Honestly, your imagination is the limit when playing with LEGO!

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

Minecraft Dungeons

Best Sandbox Kids PC Game

Rated: Parental Guidance (PG)

Are you looking for the best dungeon crawling games for PC? Minecraft Dungeons is hands-down the best one out there! Perfect for RPG lovers and intrepid adventure seekers, this fan-favourite title strikes the right balance of combat and character-building while making it possible for you to spend hours enjoying its gameplay. Although the storyline for each level may seem cliche, you might be surprised with its outstanding varieties of biomes, enemies, loots, weapons, and skill combinations! For this reason, kids (and even adults) enjoy experimenting with the best builds together.

If you already have an idea about how Minecraft works, you probably will think that this game carries over the same customizations for the characters. However, the downside of this is that you are only meant to select from its collection of pre-made skins. Although, it’s not that much of a bummer that you will have to share the same character look with another player, right?

While it is no match to the original Minecraft, this version excels since it looks fantastic, is engaging enough, and is ideally suited for the varying skills of budding gamers. In fact, certain aspects of the game will even remind you of how Diablo works! The only difference is that Minecraft Dungeons does not have the same depth as boosting your way through Diablo 4 gameplay. It is charming and deserves merits of its own.

Cities: Skylines Game

Cities: Skylines

Best Kids PC Simulation Game

Rated: General (G)

For the slightly older and creative child in your family, Cities: Skylines might be one of the best PC games you could purchase to explore that creativity. Similar to Sim City in the sense that city management is at the core, Cities: Skylines puts players in the position of God as they build a bustling community to be proud about.

The objective of the game is for you to create your own city from scratch and make it as sustainable as possible. You will be tasked to design everything from creating a series of powerlines, arranging the underwater sewage routes, to even zoning. Unlike other PC games, this one is relaxing since you do not have quests, nor do you have to pass certain levels to unlock new spots.

Prepare your town for tornados, sinkholes, tsunamis and even meteors in this rapidly changing world of various scenarios. It might be a slower-paced game, but boy does it still massage the mind.

Ori & The Will Of The Wisps

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Most Colourful Kids PC Game 

Rated: PEGI 7

It’s not often we praise Microsoft, however, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is without question one of the best franchises to come out of this game studio. Boasting a unique ethereal environment with its gorgeously designed characters, weapons, and colourful backgrounds, your children will absolutely fall in love with Ori. Picking up after the finale of the first game, players explore the interconnected forests and rescue an owlet named Ku. What makes this an exciting game is that the concept is well thought of, and the scenes can seriously evoke emotions like no other games we have played before.

According to Moon Studios, the Ori series may be continued in the future.

For something a little different to your fast-paced shooters or heart-pumping racing games, your children will absolutely love the aerial combats and will definitely ask you for more screentime to complete the game. This is a must-buy for everyone (no matter your age) and we highly recommend that you get both this instalment and the original with Ori And The Blind Forest. The first instalment was good enough with its great gameplay and minimalist story, however, it is not as dynamic and dramatic as this one.

Subnautica Game


Best Kids PC Survival Game

Rated: Parental Guidance (PG)

As one of the best open-world survival games of all time, Subnautica is a beautiful adventure where players explore the oceans on an alien planet after crashlanding many moons ago. Create your base, fight creatures, collect resources and ultimately do whatever it takes to survive as the game throws curveballs, crafting tools and even submersibles at you. As the deep sea tales unfold, can you navigate your way successfully within this foreign land?

Within Subnautica, there are a few different game modes. First up is a survival mode where you deal with depleting health, hunger and oxygen. Then, there is freedom mode where your children still have to survive but without all the elements stacked against them. Finally, there are both the creative and hardcore modes. We don’t need to tell you what hardcore mode is like, however, within the creative mode, health and thirst problems are disabled whilst all crafting tools are accessible without the need for collecting resources.

So, no matter how old your children are, Subnautica can lend itself to both challenging and easy to play environments depending on your needs. Unknown worlds entertainment have absolutely changed the face of open-world games with this incredible title.

Rayman: Legends Gameplay

Rayman Legends

Best PC Platform Game For Kids

Rated: General (G)

Without question, Rayman Legends is one of the best platformers to be released. You may remember Rayman from your own childhood and by golly has this game come a long way. From its beautiful 2D setting and graphics to the level of detail that has gone into the design, soundtrack and gameplay, Rayman Legends is ultimately one of the best PC games your children can have this year.

Just like your typical platformer, Rayman Legends has you playing through 120 levels with up to four players working to jump and attack opponents as you traverse through gorgeous lands. Through collecting items, activating mechanics and cutting through ropes, you will gain high scores and unlock new worlds. In addition to this, your children can also take part in daily and weekly challenges, visually impressive boss levels and localised co-op for them trickier levels. Rayman Legends is simply just one of the games that all the family can enjoy.

LEGO: Marvel Superheroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Best Value PC Games For Kids

Rated: General (G)

Unless your kids are into Batman and all that DC weirdness, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be an absolute hit with all the family. With over 130 playable characters such as Wolverine, Spiderman and Deadpool, this game will become highly addictive to collect them all. Each character brings special abilities to explore and these are all varied enough to make you want to try them out.

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Although the puzzles are easy and the campaigns are fairly short, there is enough variety to the game to keep your kids entertained. Plus, there’s nothing more exciting than playing as your favourite Marvel superhero and enacting all of their special moves. That said if Marvel is not your thing, all LEGO games for PC are perfect for kids. They are all exciting enough to be entertaining, yet child-friendly enough to not introduce gore.

Suitable for children of all ages, the entire Lego Marvel series delivers the greatest value for money from any title on this list. Now, all you have to do is keep them fed and hydrated!

Best PC Games For Kids

The Final Word

If you are yet to buy a PC, you should also look into the Nintendo Switch OLED which also has hundreds of games available that are perfect for your children. However, where desktop computers and gaming laptops are concerned, there are literally thousands of games available that are suitable for your children. Choosing the right one will ultimately come down to the types of interests your child has.

Do they like more creative games? Or are they strictly into fast-paced action? Regardless of the answer, we have no doubt you will make the right decision.

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to discover the best titles that you and your kids can enjoy together. One thing that most of the newer titles have in common is that they usually have a co-op feature that will help your children learn about camaraderie and the joys of working with others. Aside from that, many of these have quests that are not straightforward, which means that they will have to focus and think hard to level up. For that, there’s always a boosting service by KBoosting to help you along the way! Let’s get started!

Know of any other titles that deserve a spot on this list?

Tell us more about your favourite PC games for kids in the comments or enjoy these other articles from our editors at GamePro.

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