LEGO Marvel Superheroes Cheat Codes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheat Codes (2024 Update)

Your up to date list of every cheat code for LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Since porting over to the Nintendo Switch in 2021, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has gone through somewhat of a revival of late. Today, there are thousands of gamers still enjoying this wonderful LEGO title; both legitimately and with cheat codes.

If you happen to be one of those sneaky types, then we have a list of all the cheat codes for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and how to use them right here. 

Get ready to unlock the Iron Man Hulkbuster and double up on those studs! 👇

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheats

All Lego Marvel Super Heroes Cheat Codes

Unlike most cheat codes which rain down fire and make completing a game all too easy, cheating in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a little more subtle. Rather than gifting almighty power and invincibility, the majority of cheat codes available for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes simply unlock different characters that you can use.

Which, when you take a look at the updated cheat code list for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, you will agree is still massively overpowered!

The full list of cheats in LEGO Marvel Superheroes are:

  • 2NGSRZ – Iron Man (Heartbreaker)
  • 35E41W – Pumpkin Chopper
  • 5T3CQU – Avenging Cycle
  • 7HWU4L – Captain America (Classic)
  • AA0Z50 – Carnage
  • B7AA3K – Hydra Agent
  • CK7SDS – Iron Man (Hulkbuster)
  • D5B7O3 – S.H.I.E.L.D. Staff Car
  • H8CSE6 – Thor (Classic)
  • J58RSS – Howard the Duck
  • KXFQ87 – Beetle
  • OAW2LB – Wolverine (Cowl)
  • P9OWL0 – Black Cat
  • Q5X1J5 – Iron Patriot
  • SH9MZQ – Spider-Cycle
  • SZ8Q06 – M.O.D.O.K.
  • TQ4C57 – War Machine
  • UZFBG4 – Studs x2
  • WFOZXQ – Spider-Man (F.F.)

As always, the moment you enter a cheat code into LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, the ability to 100% complete the game will be gone. So, for all your achievement hunters out there, be careful before entering any of these cheats as it may stop you from unlocking achievements.

How To Use Cheats In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

How To Use Cheats In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

Now that you know all of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes cheats, you’re naturally going to be wondering how to use them. The good news is that entering cheat codes is extremely simple and you can enter multiple codes throughout a single game.

To use cheats in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, follow these 8 simple steps

  1. Step 1: Press [PAUSE] to enter the pause menu.
  2. Step 2: Select [EXTRAS] from the pause menu.
  3. Step 3: Click [ENTER CODE]
  4. Step 4: Enter any of the cheat codes
  5. Step 5: Once entered, the name of the cheat and the word ‘Unlocked’ should display.
  6. Step 6: As soon as you see this display, go back to the [EXTRAS] menu
  7. Step 7: Scroll down until you see the cheat code that you wish to activate
  8. Step 8: Switch the cheat code on to use this cheat in the game.

Once you have activated a cheat, the cheat code will be available to use throughout the game. At any time, you can switch off the cheats but returning back to the extras menu and deselect the code that you want to remove.

Now, go forth and Hulk smash your way through the game!

What’s your favourite LEGO Marvel Superheroes Cheat Code? Drop us a comment below and let’s have a debate over the most overpowered cheat codes in LEGO Marvel Superheroes. 

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