Razer Seiren Mini Review

Razer Seiren Mini Review 2024: Perfect For Starters

Miniature by nature. Big on value for money.

Razer Seiren Mini
Professional streamers will have moved far past the Razer Seiren Mini. However, for starter streamers and gamers looking for a standalone microphone that delivers better-than-average sound, the Razer Seiren Mini is a great startup microphone.

The design is sleek, it’s highly portable and for the price, you won’t find much better on the market. Yes, there’s just the single polar pattern and yes, Razer Synapse is not included. Yet, gamers who live in a quieter environment will benefit greatly from the simple plug-and-play nature that the Razer Seiren Mini provides.

It’s really quite a good microphone; it’s just not going to blow you away. But, for less than $45, you couldn’t really expect that anyways.
Very Cheap
Highly Compact
Sleek Design
Plug & Play
Took The L
Average Sound
Single Polar Pattern
No Button Controls
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Razer Seiren Mini Review

Mini by nature, but big on expectations, the Razer Seiren Mini is a compact USB condenser microphone that promises to support creators with their first steps into the world of streaming. Released on 10th October 2020, the Seiren Mini has been at the front of Razer stores for quite some time now and it’s high tide we gave our Razer Seiren Mini review another look.

How does the Seiren Mini stack up today? Let’s find out.👇

Razer Seiren Mini Review Contents:

Razer Seiren Mini Design


The Razer Seiren Mini is a pill-shaped USB microphone that is sleek and sturdy; suitable for gaming desks and porting around when you travel. 

At just 16.3cm tall and 8.69cm wide, the Razer Seiren Mini is lightweight, and solid but also somewhat understated. There’s no Razer Synapse and this microphone could easily be mistaken for a cheap office microphone, rather than something that has come out of the studios of a world-leading gaming peripherals manufacturer.

Definitely not the Razer vibe my taste buds have nourished.

But that’s okay because what you get with the Seiren Mini is exactly what it promises. A no-thrills experience that’s clear from both the design and the components inside. Perfect for office workers who need a cheap microphone for Zoom calls and starter gamers.

One cool design principle to mention, however, is that the ball head that screws onto the fixed stand can swivel to whatever direction you need for the super-cardioid microphone to collect your voice accurately. You’re going to need to use this feature and the microphone head itself looks great when mounted to either the black, white or pink variations of the Seiren Mini.

Razer Sieren Mini Shock Mount


Synonymous with its simplistic design, the Razer Seiren Mini also comes with simple features. In fact, there are just a handful of basic features; a pure plug-and-play experience.

Firstly, the Razer Seiren comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern. This means that the Seiren Mini is great at picking up voice directly in front of the receiver, but not so great from behind. Additionally, it definitely will reject sound that originates from the sides. 

As a result, this makes the Seiren Mini a really good choice when it’s just you speaking into the microphone but terrible for anyone who wants guests on their podcasts. Unless, of course, you sit nice and cosy together on the same seat.

There’s an internal shock mount for vibration control, however, there are no buttons on the physical microphone unit. You just get the microphone and a cable.

Unfortunately, this means that anyone who wants to fiddle with the gain and other sound controls, you are going to have to do this via the software that you use on your computer to record the audio. This also includes no physical button for muting – which is a little annoying.

It’s made to just work straight out of the box.

Razer Sieren Mini Super Cardioid Microphone

Sound Quality

Truthfully, the sound quality from the Razer Seiren Mini is really not bad given that there are no physical controls to explore. I have to be careful here and not liken the Seiren Mini to more expensive microphones as that would be unjust. 

However, compared to rival microphones such as the AT2020, there are no real major plosives and the internal shock mount does a very good job at keeping unwanted vibrations away from the sound output when you are tapping away. 

So, for the price, it’s respectable.

Inside the pill-shaped design, you will find a 14mm condenser capsule that will record 16-bit audio from 44.1KHz to 48KHz. There’s accuracy across the majority of the frequencies that your vocal cords can hit and you actually sound, well, just like you.

You may need a pop filter to help with some of the more subtle sounding words and perhaps a cover to assist with the fact that the Seiren Mini doesn’t particularly handle the sound of your keyboard very well. However, beyond that, for straight-up talking into the microphone, it does a very good job for its price range.

Razer Seiren Mini Black

Connectivity & Compatibility

Staying true to the no-thrills design, the Razer Seiren Mini is a two-step process to get started. First, you attach the microphone to the rod that is provided and then you plug the microphone into an available USB port on your Windows PC or Mac. That’s it, you’re connected!

For the daytime worker and nighttime gamer, this presents a really simple solution to get started. Plus, because of the style of the Razer Seiren Mini, you can point the microphone towards your mouth to give that single polar pattern a helping hand in finding your voice.

In the box, you will find a round desk stand that the microphone sits atop, a microphone rod to connect to this stand and a micro USB to USB-A cable. This is the bigger USB cable and not the small USB-C cables you will find with most modern microphones. 

For compatibility, given that the Razer Seiren Mini operates with a USB-A cable, this makes the microphone compatible with almost all Windows PCs and Macs up to 2015. For newer Macbooks and iMacs with a USB-C port, you will need to buy an adapter to convert USB-A to USB-C.

Razer Synapse

Unfortunately, the Razer Seiren Mini is not compatible with Razer Synapse. Therefore, if you are a gamer who loves to play around with RGB lighting, this microphone is not for you. 

While Razer Synapse would have been cool and would put the Seiren Mini on par with some of the other budget gaming microphones that fall within the price point, it’s really not a big deal for me. I would rather pay less money than have some lighting effects.

Razer Seiren Mini Features

Price & Value

Razer Seiren Mini Cost: From $44.00 AUD

As of this writing, the Razer Seiren Mini can be purchased from Amazon for $44. Elsewhere, you can also pick up the Razer Seiren Mini for just north of $50 at retailers such as JB HiFi and Officeworks. At this price, the Razer Seiren Mini provides a lot of value for starter streamers. 

When you consider that other budget microphones such as the FIFINE A6V are $25 more expensive than the Razer Seiren Mini, there is not much else on the market to rival this pocket rocket from Razer. At best, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ would be the most comparable to the Razer Seiren Mini and this will also cost you at least $20 more as well. 

Why Buy?

If you are someone who simply wants a no-thrills, plug-and-play experience, you will get the most value out of the Razer Seiren Mini. Here, the Razer Seiren Mini really excels with instant compatibility across both Windows 10 and Mac.

You should buy the Razer Seiren Mini USB Microphone if:

  • Your gaming headset does not have a microphone
  • Your gaming headset microphone is very poor quality.
  • You need a cheap microphone for Discord.
  • You are just starting out as a streamer.
  • You don’t have a noisy keyboard.
  • You don’t play games on Xbox, PlayStation or Switch.
  • You will use the Seiren Mini for work meetings.
  • You are not too fussed about studio-grade sound quality.
  • You don’t like to mess around with settings.

Razer Seiren Mini Microphone Review

Razer Seiren Mini Review Verdict

Save for the single polar pattern and poor noise cancellation, the Razer Seiren Mini is a superb microphone for starter streamers and gamers who are seeking a no-thrills experience. Particularly, gamers who play in quieter environments.

If you use a membrane keyboard or are happy to position the microphone further away from the keys, the Razer Seiren Mini will happily oblige with mitigating unwanted sound. Else, you’re going to get some disturbance when you’re bashing your keys.

It’s not exactly studio-grade quality and Razer Synapse is not supported. However, for less than $45, the Razer Seiren Mini is one of the best budget gaming mics you will find on the market. At this price point, the only rival microphone would be the Audio Technica AT2020USB+ and even then, that will cost you more money.

Thoughts on the Razer Seiren Mini? Hit the comments below.

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Razer Seiren Mini FAQs

Questions about the Razer Seiren Mini? No sweat! Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive about Razer’s miniature condenser microphone.

Does the Razer Seiren Mini have a mute button?

Unfortunately, no, the Razer Seiren Mini does not have a mute button on the physical microphone. This means that to mute the Seiren Mini, you will have to use the software that you are recording to activate this setting. Honestly, it’s not too frustrating when your muscle memory gets used to heading for the software instead of the physical microphone. However, this is a product flaw in my personal opinion.

Does the Razer Seiren Mini have software?

No, the Razer Seiren Mini is a plug-and-play USB microphone and does not have software. Just simply plug the USB cable into your PC or Mac and the microphone will start working.

How to adjust Razer Seiren Mini settings?

While there are no physical buttons on the Razer Seiren Mini to adjust the settings, you can use whatever recording software you are using to adjust the sound. The adjustments are limited such as only really being able to modify the microphone gain, however, for most starter streamers and gamers, you won’t need to adjust any settings.

How to make Razer Seiren Mini sound better?

To make the Razer Seiren Mini sound better, gamers should play around with the settings within whatever software they use to record sound. The Seiren Mini does not have its own software and so you will be limited to the settings within your recording app. As for the physical microphone unit, you can make the Razer Seiren Mini sound better by purchasing a third-party pop filter and muffler depending on what sound input you want to improve.

Is the Razer Seiren Mini good?

Overall, the Razer Seiren Mini is very good for its price. You can’t really compare this to other microphones as it is one of the cheapest on the market. Its plug-and-play nature is well matched with gamers who want a no-thrills experience and the sound output is actually quite respectable given the price tag. A great option for budget-conscious gamers and streamers who just want a simple microphone. Just don’t go expecting studio-grade sound or controls.

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