Best Razer Gaming Chairs Australia

Best Razer Gaming Chairs Australia (2024 Update)

Packed with features, here are the best Razer gaming chairs in Australia.

With 3 series to choose from (Razer Iskur, Tarok and Enki), Razer’s lineup of gaming chairs might be limited in variety, but there are plenty of nuances between each chair to suit gamers of all desires.

Each chair comes with Razer’s iconic vibe, different size options, stripped-down versions with the Razer X series and frequent livery collaborations with globally renowned brands such as Lamborghini and Koenigsegg. And so, while the front-of-house might be small, there’s depth lurking beneath.

But which are the best Razer gaming chairs? Let’s find out! 👇

Top 5 Best Razer Gaming Chairs

For gamers who are not looking to spend quite as much as what Secretlabs chairs cost, Razer presents as an excellent alternative with models ranging between $300 and $800. While very similar in looks, each Razer gaming chair offers slight nuances to attract different types of gamers and the quality of the build is assured.

The top 5 best Razer gaming chairs in Australia are:

  1. Razer Iskur – Best Overall
  2. Razer Enki X – Best Budget Option
  3. Razer Tarok Ultimate – Best Value For Money
  4. Razer Iskur X – Best Mid Range
  5. Razer Iskur XL – Best For Large Gamers

Keep scrolling to explore each of my recommended Razer chairs. 👇

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur

Best Razer Gaming Chair Overall

Price: From $799.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 136kg
Recommended Height: 170cm to 185cm

Without question, the Razer Iskur is the best Razer gaming chair in Australia. After all, the Iskur was what gave Razer a fighting chance in the competitive battlefield of gaming chairs in the first place. Since then, each iteration has only fortified its existence and today, the Iskur packs everything you need.

The latest Razer Iskur comes with options of both fabric and leather as well as an all-black finish or black and green livery. Beneath this livery sits a unique and adjustable lumbar support system, a conforming steel frame, high-density PU moulded foam and a class 4 gas lift. All of which, when combined with the Razer Iskur’s 4D arm wrests result in a sturdy, durable and incredibly comfortable frame.

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While the Razer Iskur will set you back a few dollars at $799.00, what it loses out on with cost, it makes up for in abundance with comfort. The adjustable lumbar support system is a godsend for longer gaming sessions and, if you’re okay with just 2D adjustable armrests, there’s not much else wrong with the design.

Where money is no issue, go for the Razer Iskur.

Latest Razer Iskur Deals:

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Razer Enki Gaming Chair

Razer Enki X

Best Budget Razer Gaming Chair

Price: From $379.00 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: Up to 130kg
Recommended Height: 156cm to 194cm

Designed for both small and tall gamers, the Razer Enki X is a compact and comfortable gaming chair that provides the necessary support for long gaming sessions; even without the lumbar support.

Whilst you would think the letter ‘X’ meant good things were on the horizon, the ‘X’ actually stands for a stripped-down version of the Razer Enki. Compared to the Enki, the Razer Enki X is missing a few adjustable armrest angles and lacks some colour. But don’t let that deter you; there’s far better value for money here.

Available to purchase from $379, the Razer Enki X features a contoured seat and backrest that provides optimal support for smaller frames; whilst not crippling taller gamers either. The breathable mesh backrest is highly comfortable throughout summer and despite missing some angles, the adjustable armrests are great too.

For the price, the Razer Enki X is the best budget Razer chair available.

Latest Razer Enki X Deals:

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Razer Tarok Ultimate

Razer Tarok Ultimate

Best Value Razer Gaming Chair

Price: From $499.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 120kg
Recommended Height: 160cm to 180cm

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line Razer gaming chair with lumbar support that is not as expensive as the Razer Iskur, the Razor Tarok Ultimate presents as the best value across the range.

Out of all the Razer gaming chairs I have tested, my personal pick for home use was the Tarok Ultimate. Having now sat in this chair nearly every day for the past 2 years, I can personally vouch that it still feels just as good as it did from day one!

Designed by ZEN, the Razer Tarok Ultimate holds a weight capacity of up to 130kg and comes with both chair, back and seat adjustment systems to help you find the sweet spot. The fabric is premium and the castors roll smoothly across carpet.

While perhaps not as striking as other Razer chair designs, the Tarok Ultimate, performance-wise, is just as good as the rest of them. There’s breathable mesh, memory foam cushions, adjustable lumbar support and fully adjustable armrests.

The perfect mid-range chair within the entire Razer collection.

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Razer Iskur X Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur X

Best Mid-Range Razer Chair 

Price: From $490.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 136kg
Recommended Height: 170cm to 190cm

For the ‘X Factor’ without the price tag, the Razer Iskur X is the go-to choice for many gamers looking to expand their gaming dens with more green and black.

Complete with multi-layered synthetic leather and high-density foam cushions, the Iskur X is extremely comfortable despite being built to withstand a ton of weight. There’s standard ergonomic lumbar support and, to be completely honest, the Razer Iskur X is the best-looking chair from Razer too.

That said, just like the Enki X loses out on some features to its counterpart the Razer Enki, the Iskur X also is missing some minor details. For one, you can only purchase the Iskur X in leather, whereas the full Razer Iskur is also available in fabric. In addition, Razer has replaced the 4D armrests with 2D armrests on the Razer Iskur X.

It’s notable, but definitely not a deal-breaker and by all accounts, the Razer Iskur X is still one of the best mid-range gaming chairs that Razer has to offer in Australia.

Latest Razer Iskur X Deals:

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Razer Iskur XL Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur XL

Best Razer Chair For Larger Gamers

Price: From $849.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 180kg
Recommended Height: 180cm to 208cm

There’s nothing worse than sitting for hours upon end on a gaming chair that’s just not built for someone of your stature. Trust me, I’m 6ft 5′ and built like Roadhog.

The good news is that Razer doesn’t discriminate and packs XL versions of all of their most popular gaming chairs for us slightly larger specimens.

My top pick for larger gamers? The Razer Iskur XL.

Sitting approximately 15% bigger than the Razer Iskur, the Razer Iskur XL delivers everything we love about the Iskur’s premium design, but at a larger scale. Gamers will enjoy a unique lumbar support system, a multi-tilt mechanism and 4D armrests; providing comfort across the entire body. The design is sleek, the moulded foam is well-padded and the durability of the framework is unparalleled.

The only downside is that it’s incredibly heavy once assembled so make sure that you have ample room to construct the chair, and maybe a friend too!

Latest Razer Iskur XL Deals:

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Razer Gaming Chairs

Are Razer Gaming Chairs Good?

Suitable for gamers of different heights and sizes, Razer gaming chairs are comparable with some of the world’s leading gaming chair designers. While their feature list is no different from what you can experience with cheaper gaming chairs, there’s just something about Razer that warrants the price tag.

Plus, when you consider that Secretlab chairs (Razer’s biggest rival) are often a few hundred dollars more expensive, Razer sits nicely in the market as an affordable brand that still packs a punch with its designs.

Overall, what you receive with Razer gaming chairs is a durable, comfortable and ergonomically designed racing seat that is contoured at the edges to give you a little cuddle and absolutely stacked with features. From their unique lumbar support design systems to 4D armrests and breathable holes within the backrest, there is a bucket load of value with Razer gaming chairs and you won’t be disappointed.

What’s your take on Razer gaming chairs? Yay, or nay?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check out some of my other reviews featuring all of the best gear from Razer Inc.

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