Razer Opus X Review Australia

Razer Opus X Review 2024: A Surprise Package

Super price to performance ratio. A top pick for when on the move.

While the Razer Opus X might fool you into thinking it’s the superior model of the much loved Razer Opus gaming headset, it’s actually the baby brother.

Yet, superior in many ways nonetheless.

As a completely surprise package from Razer, the Razer Opus X is cheaper than the original Opus, yet, still packs all the features you need to enjoy high-quality sound when gaming, streaming or watching videos on the move. From it’s sleek design to noise cancelling features and all round pleasant ambience, the Razer Opus X is considered as one of the better noise cancelling headsets on the market for under $100.

Razer Opus X Wireless Headphones Review
Release Date
June 23, 2021
Noise Cancelling
Form Factor
Over Ear

But does the Razer Opus X still deliver boom for buck comparatively to newer models both from Razer and rival competitors? Find out all there is to know with our editors extensive Razer Opus X review. 

Scroll down to read our full Razer Opux X Wireless Headset review or skip sections via the links below. Don’t forget to hit the comments below with any questions! 

Razer Opus X Pink Gaming Headset

Razer Opus X Headset Design

Available in Mercury White, Pink and Poison Green, the Razer Opus X headphones look similar to that of both the Razer Opus and the Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headset. In fact, they are so similar in appearance, we have often been asked whether we are wearing the highly popular WH-1000XM4 headset which no doubt gives you an indication of what they look like.

With a sleek design that utilises oval-shaped ear-cups, the Razer Opus X headset is highly comfortable. Due to the fact that the Opus X does not sport the iconic Razer logo, this makes for the headset to be more suitable for work environments too. Personally, the Razer logo is so iconic that it was a shame to not see that featured. However, it’s quite clear that Razer have opted for a much more professional design here.

That said, despite the missing logo the Razer Opus X does deliver a lot of design value with it’s crazy colour scheme. Of which, the colours themselves are rich and deliver a premium feel too.

Battery Life

For anyone who was a little put off by the original Razer Opus battery life of around 25 hours, you’ll be absolutely thrilled to learn that the Razer Opus X wireless gaming headset comes packed with up to 40 hours of battery life on a single charge. This is such a huge difference and we have no idea how Razer managed to achieve this upgrade, but we are not complaining.

With ANC turned on, you can expect a slightly reduced battery length, however, this is to be expected with all headsets that use active noise-cancelling technology. Comparatively, the Razer Opus X will last much longer than that of the similarly priced Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones which is a huge victory for Razer.

Sound Review

We tested the Razer Opus X across the majority of our favourite tracks and cinematic games. Of which, the overall sound quality is extremely well balanced and almost on par with the original Razer Opus. With an average standard deviation for frequency of around 0.78 decibels, the frequency response consistency is passable. This does mean that the Razer Opus X will be occasionally prone to some minor inconsistencies for people with thick hair or glasses, however, with some adjustments to the fitting, you can easily get around this.

Voted: Best Razer Headset For Music

Albeit a little dirty, there is good bass accuracy and the overall sound profile is fairly neutral throughout the majority of music genres. With basic controls via the companion application, you can slightly adjust the sound profile, however, there is nowhere near as many controls as the Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless headset. But what can you expect when paying nearly 3x less for something that ultimately looks identical?

For anyone who absolutely focusses on pure sound quality, you will seriously fall in love with the accuracy of both the mids and trebles when using the Razer Opus X. Each come very neutral which delivers extreme clarity to vocals and primary instruments which is something we really turned the volume up to enjoy.

With regards to sound leakage, there is some small levels through mids and trebles. However, you won’t be disturbing anybody too much who is sat directly beside you should you enjoy blowing your eardrums with extremely loud music.

Razer Opus X Budget Gaming Headphones

Noise Cancelling Review (ANC)

As for the noise cancelling (ANC) functionality, the Razer Opus X performs to an average standard. For anyone who lives within a noisy area, when listening to more ambient tracks, you definitely will not receive total noise cancelling functionality. From aeroplanes to the town bus, anything that rumbles with low bass will pierce through the Razer Opus X like noise cancelling wasn’t even added to the headset!

This can be of course counteracted by turning the volume up, however, it would have been great to see earcups that isolated the noise slightly better considering most people have some level of noise around them. Again, this is very typical of gaming headsets within this price range so we cannot complain too much. The fact that noise cancelling even exists on a headset like this is just a huge victory alone.

Microphone Review

We never really pay too much attention to the microphone as most headsets normally deliver the same positives and negatives. So, when writing this Razer Opus X review there was not much testing on this front. However, by all accounts, the Razer Opus X does pickup your voice reasonably well. With a built-in integrated microphone functionality, you should expect some low levels of background noise to be picked up but again that is fairly standard, especially at this price range.

For recording, the quality is again fairly average and you definitely shouldn’t go expecting the microphone to be as premium as standalone options. While crisp, your voice can occasionally sound somewhat muffled and lacking some clout. But again, this is an integrated microphone so that is also to be expected.

Razer Opus X Specifications

Comparatively to the Razer Opus, the Razer Opus X delivers everything you actually need with a high quality budget headset. While there is slightly fewer premium features, the specifications of the Razer Opus X are bang on the money for the price point. Take a look at the full specifications for the Razer Opus X wireless headset below.

Brand: Razer
Connection: Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0
Sound Output: Stereo Sound
Controls: Volume Controls Only
Physical Size (L,W,H): 73.2 mm x 15.82 mm x 20.02 mm
Weight: 270 grams
Noise Cancelling: Yes, Active Noise Cancelling
Form Factor: Over Ear
Battery Life: Up To 40 Hours
Latency: 60ms

With up to 40 hours battery life and active noise cancelling, the Razer Opus X is absolutely perfect for when on the move. It’s 5.0 Bluetooth connection is stable and the Stereo Sound is easily within the 90% percentile comparatively to other headsets within the same price point.

Razer Opus X Wireless Gaming Headphones In Mercury

The Negatives

Honestly, for half the price of the original Razer Opus headphones, there is really not too much to complain about with the Razer Opus X wireless headset. If we were to be completely picky, the noise cancelling is not perfect. However, the same could also be said for the more expensive Razer Opus headphones too.

Secondly, the headset itself is not super breathable and so for anybody who lives within a hot and humid climate, you might find the Razer Opus X a little uncomfortable to wear during peak summer. They are definitely not designed for activities and we wouldn’t recommend running with them. However, for very casual listening on your balcony or when taking a casual stroll, you enjoy a huge amount of comfort and sound from these headphones.

As for the sound, depending on the type of music you listen to, you may not experience the most complete highs and lows but it’s extremely marginal and most likely only to be picked up by those who have musical ears.

Price & Value

Available for just north of $80, the Razer Opus X wireless noise cancelling headset is absolutely perfectly balanced for both sound quality and price range. In our opinion, these are some of the best value headsets around right now and we know for a fact that you will be seriously impressed at what they can deliver.

There are not many headsets on the market at this price-range that deliver sound quality and noise-cancelling quite like the Razer Opus X. Sure, they do have some flaws and are slightly inferior to the original Razer Opus headset. However, for around $80, there is huge value for money here.

Razer Opus X Wireless Headphones Review

Is the Razer Opus X headset worth buying?

Absolutely. The Razer Opus X wireless headset is definitely worth buying. For price alone, there are few other headsets that rival the sound quality of the Razer Opus X. Not to mention the look of the headset is just something sent from the heavens. If you are not sure about whether the Razer Opus X wireless headset is worth buying, check out our list of reason why you should and shouldn’t buy the Razer Opus X below: 

You should buy this if …

  • You want to spend under $100.
  • You loved the Opus but it was just out of reach.
  • You use headphones for casual strolls.
  • You are happy with just voice controls.
  • You are not too fussed about premium add-ons.

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You live within a humid climate.
  • You are a serious sound critic.
  • You have a smaller phone that may not fit well

For anyone who has a little more cash to spend, you might as well upgrade to the original Razer Opus headset as the premium features are noticeable. They deliver a better overall default sound and create much improved ambience when listening. However, if you are not into all the bells and whistles, the Razer Opus X headset will still go down as a huge hit with your household. Just be sure to don’t share them!

Razer Opus X Review Verdict.

Boasting the same incredible sound that delivers warmth to your eardrums, the Razer Opus X was a completely surprise package out of Razer Inc. Taking all of the best features of it’s more expensive sibling, The Razer Opus, we’ve graded our Razer Opus X review a highly respectable 88%.

For the muso out there, you will find very slight flaws with the sound quality. However, for everybody else, the Razer Opus X wireless headset is absolutely perfect for when on move. With up to 40 hours battery life, super comfy foam and overall sound quality the would rival more expensive competitive headsets, the Razer Opus X is honestly extremely great band for buck.

Although the original Razer Opus headset does slightly edge the Razer Opus X by way of more premium features, the Opus X comes with a much improved battery life while also delivering well and truly on the core features you want from a wireless headset. Overall, it’s a top pick for both gamers and remote workers who simply just love great sound.

Oh, and the colours are seriously impressive too!

Razer Opus X Review Verdict
A real pleasant surprise.
Half the price of the original yet still boasting the same sound quality, the Razer Opus X is just like the original Opus but without some of the unnecessary premium features. A must buy for anybody who fancied the Opus yet it was just out of reach.
Value For Money
Quality Sound Package
Long Lasting Battery
Neutral Sound Profile
Took The L
Average Noise Cancelling
Not Breathable
Editors Rating

Content Disclaimer: This Razer Opus X Review is independently written. We have not been commissioned by Razer, nor have we received any royalties for this article. This includes financial reimbursement, free advertising or the Razer Opus X Wireless Bluetooth Headset by gift.

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