Razer Iskur Review

Razer Iskur Review 2022: Better Than Secretlabs?

Secretlab Titan copycat? You decide!

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You would be forgiven for thinking that the Razer Iskur gaming chair was a product straight out of Secretlabs. However, other than a subtle tweet from Secretlab’s social team, there is no collaboration here.

So why the similarities?

Well, there are two things that we know.

Firstly, Razer has amassed huge clout for delivering fantastic hardware and will be looking to keep this reputation. Secondly, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is possibly the best gaming chair currently available and will take some serious work to dethrone. So, why wouldn’t Razer take note of the highly popular Omega/Titan series when designing its first official product in this space?

In this Razer Iskur review, we take a look at Razer’s latest addition to their growing hardware arsenal. From design to comfort, we’ll uncover whether the Razer Iskur is enough to turn heads away from Secretlabs and their superb 5-year product warranty.

When you’re done, don’t forget to scroll down to the comments and let us know your thoughts on Razer’s first stab at this fast-growing market. Is it a complete rip-off? Or, have Razer been extremely tactful with their first market entry?

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Razer Iskur Review
Release Date
10th Oct 2020
Lumbar Support
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Razer Iskur Design

Suitable for gamers between 5ft 7 inches and 6ft 1 inches, the Razer Iskur gaming chair is ergonomic and sleek. With a steel-reinforced body, armrests, and wheelbase, gamers who weigh up to 136kg will have no trouble playing for hours in comfort. Alongside a sturdy frame, the Razer Iskur also features angled seat edges to maximize resting surface area. This is something that is very common with modern-day gaming chairs and is also a key feature of both the Secretlab Titan and Omega gaming chairs.

As for the aesthetics, although easily mistaken for one of Secretlabs special edition embroideries, the Razer Iskur is black, green and utilizes multi-layered synthetic leather. If you have ever owned a premium gaming chair, you’ll know that PU leather and humidity are not friends. As such, the Razer Iskur can become slightly uncomfortable during those hot moments. However, it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as most PU leathers.

The rear back cushion is made from a high-density foam cushion and a memory foam head cushion is also included. Razer insists that this will keep you at an optimal line of sight for gaming at a desk. Combine this with the fully customizable lumbar support system and you will be comfortable in no time.

Razer Iskur Specifications

We are interested to see whether Razer will step into custom covers moving forward. It would seem that Secretlabs has a custom seat for almost all major eSports teams and mainstream games. As a huge market to exploit, the Razer Iskur may change its appearance in the months to follow.

For now, take a look at the official Razer Iskur specifications

Specification Fact Sheet
Recommended Weight Under 130KG
Recommended Height 174 cm to 181 cm
Chair Cover Colour Black & Green
Chair Cover Material PVC Leather
Chair Base 5 Star Metal Coated
Lumbar Cushion Yes, Adjustable
Back Angle 139 Degrees
Warranty Length 3 Year Warranty

Overall, the look of the Iskur is everything you would expect with modern elite gaming chairs. It’s premium, has a little shine to it and how can you ignore Razer’s much loved black and green combo.

Now, how comfortable is the Razer Iskur gaming chair?

Razer Iskur Lumbar Support Control

Comfortability & Customisation

When you first sit down in the Razer Iskur, you will immediately notice the angled seat edges. Unlike cheaper gaming chairs, the maximized surface area feels superb. The next thing you will notice is that without even trying you are sitting with great posture. This is due to the Razer Iskur’s superb lower back lumbar support system – a feature missing with the Secretlab Titan.

The Iskur’s lumbar support system is fully customizable and allows you to adjust the base by 26 degrees. This creates a minimal slouch as the base of the lumbar support system keeps you upright. Then, when you lean back comfortably in the chair, the shoulder curves keep you true to good posture and the head pillow resting on your neck tilts your head upright. For long periods of play, this is a complete blessing.

As for other customizations, the Iskur comes with 4D armrests and adjustable heights. Depending on the setup and size of your desk, you will enjoy the fully customizable positioning with armrests that can be adjusted up and down, forwards and backward, left and right, and rotated inwards or outwards. After all, there is nothing worse than armrests that just don’t quite fit.

Finally, for the perfect balance of support and comfort, the Razer Iskur has plush, dense cushions which provide better contouring. This allows for your weight to apply just enough pressure as they mold to support your unique body shape. Unlike the Secretlab Titan, the Razer Iskur padding is not as stiff which makes for a more comfortable fitting. However, we still wouldn’t be taking naps in the chair as it too has been built to keep you alert.

Razer Iskur Price & Value

Currently, the Razer Iskur can be purchased via Razer’s official website for $499USD (Est. $690 AUD). At this price, you will grab yourself the standard Razer Iskur. There are also options to upgrade the Iskur, however, this immediately hikes up the price as you tack on premium features. While not an outlandish investment compared to other gaming chairs, we would have expected a slightly cheaper price as Razer’s market entry product.

Given that the Secretlab Titan is valued at $684AUD, there is a clear attempt to price-match here by Razer. With 3 years warranty – compared to Secretlabs 5 year warranty – the Razer Iskur in our opinion is not as great value for money. Don’t get us wrong, this is a stunning piece of equipment and an awesome purchase for your gaming setup. However, considering this is a market entry from Razer, and Secretlab’s has been leading this space for many years, the offer of a 5-year warranty is almost too good to resist.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair Assembly


When assembling the Razer Iskur, we would advise you to seek assistance from a household member. After all, the Razer Iskur is an extremely large chair weighing around 30kgs. However, despite the size and the many parts that will need to be put together, the Razer Iskur is fairly easy to assemble.

Within the box, you will find a cool safety instruction guide that sprinkles some humour. We won’t tell you why as you can see for yourself, however, it made us laugh when we uncovered the instructions from within the box. In addition to all the parts and instructions, you will find all the tools you need to assemble the Razer Iskur inside a neat package.

Overall, assembly time took around 45 minutes with 2 people. This included time to unbox and also discard the packaging once we were finished. Be sure to assemble everything tightly before you finish the Razer Iskur. After all, the last thing you want is wobbly or squeaky parts which we fell prey to.

The Not So Fancy

When it comes to product deficiencies, there is very little that you can fault about the Razer Iskur gaming chair. If we were to be completely picky, the Razer Iskur (in the smallest of parts) did wobbly slightly. It was never significantly noticeable, however, we are talking about a premium product here and this was not expected.

Additionally, the price of the Razer Iskur is a little high for market entry. Yes, the Razer team are superb builders of gaming hardware. However, this is Razer’s first attempt at gaming chairs and we all know that brands significantly improve products over time. Had the Razer Iskur been within the $$550-$600AUD range then it would be a complete winner.

Razer Iskur Review Summary & Benefits

Razer Iskur Review Verdict.

Despite a few snags, the Razer Iskur is an impressive debut for manufacturing giant, Razer. Overall, we have graded this Secretlab Titan 2020 review a respectable 88%. This score may change as we get more time playing with the product. In summary, the Iskur is a curvier Secretlab Titan with a fancy lumbar support system that will make playing for hours much more satisfying. The lumbar support is without a doubt the flagship feature of the Iskur and one that is likely to carve the future of gaming chairs.

As Razer’s first entry to gaming chairs, the Razer Iskur is a quality product that we are sure you will love. From the long list of customisations to synthetic leather that is tipped to be less sweaty than standard PU leather, we have no doubt we will be seeing much more from the Iskur in the months to follow. For all you Razer fanatics out there, this is an absolute must purchase. We’re picturing your black and green setups right now!

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair Review
The Razer Iskur is very similar to the Secretlab Titan but with advanced lumbar support and curvier edges. As a premium gaming chair, the endless customisations and dedication to posture makes for a stunning product.
Lumbar Support
The Great
Super comfortable
Good adjustability
Lumbar support
Beautiful design
The Ugly
Slightly expensive
Ocassionally wobbly
Not for large players
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