Razer Turret Review Australia

Razer Turret For Xbox One Review (2024 Update)

Here's why you should buy the Razer Turret ergonomic gaming keyboard for Xbox.

With a plethora of new gaming tech coming out of Razer Inc lately, we decided to revisit an old classic and bring to you an updated Razer Turret For Xbox One review. 

The Razer Turret is a keyboard and mouse combination suitable for both Xbox and PC players. For any PC gamers looking to make the switch over to Xbox or console players wanting to experience heightened performance through a keyboard and mouse, the Razer Turret ultimately is the best solution around for this level of cross-play action. 

Despite early grievances that the Razer Turret was not compatible with enough Xbox games, a few years have past now and you would hope that publishers and developers have caught up! 

Razer Turret Keyboard For Xbox Series X
Release Date
June 19, 2019
Razer Inc
TLK (Tenkeyless)

Heralded as the ”Razer Turret For Fortnite” rather than Xbox considering this was the only mainstream available during it’s primary launch, Is the Razer Turret still a hit for Xbox gamers or will this be put down as great technology now since past it’s use by date? 

Scroll down to read our full Razer Turret review or skip sections via the links below. Don’t forget to hit the comments below with any questions once you are done! 

Razer Turret Keyboard For Xbox Series X

Design & Features

Similarly designed to the Razer BlackWidow, but with an additional wrist rest and expandable mouse mat, the Razer Turret is a dedicated keyboard for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. However, the Turret is also fully compatible with PC gamers and some would argue that the Razer Turret is a better fit for Windows devices. Especially when you are upgrading from a single-handed gaming keyboard and purely from the fact of it’s compatible with all games versus the small selection on Xbox.

On the exterior, gamers can expect a black aluminium frame with the iconic Razer logo in the centre of the wrist rest. Besides that, it’s a quality-built keyboard that delivers everything you can expect for something within this price range. There’s a premium feel to the overall unit and we couldn’t help but take our gaming more seriously when playing with the Razer Turret.

Unlike other keyboards, the Turret also comes with a thick body and the reason behind this is its batteries and the expandable mat. While you might be turned off at the thought of a thick base, this actually plays nicely into the Razer Turret’s favour by adding additional stability during couch gaming.

Like sure, go on ahead and sit back down on your Razer chair, placing the Turret across the armrests if you really struggle. However, you’ll quickly get used to the base. 

Connection & Battery Life

Razer Turret supports both wired and wireless support. On a PC/Laptop, you can connect both the keyboard and the mouse with their respective 2m braided cables. You can also connect the device wirelessly to the PC or the Xbox with the 2.4Ghz wireless receiver that can be found underneath the mouse in a small compartment.

When it comes to charging and battery life, the mainframe (i.e, the keyboard) comes with two ports. One port is the Type-C port to charge the device and the other is the micro USB to charge the mouse. The device also comes with handy status lights which indicates the amount of battery left, which is a very useful feature.

As far as wireless keyboards go, the battery life is decent and will last a good few sessions without charging. However, that quickly drains when you are pumping out Razer’s iconic RGB lighting. According to Razer, the keyboard will last 11 hours with RGB lighting and up to 43 hours. So, unless you have friends in the same room as you or are streaming, we recommend you just play without.

Similarly, the mouse lasts for 30 hours with the RGB lighting enabled, and when disabled it can last for 50 hours. By all accounts, this is fairly high performing with some of the best cheap gaming keyboards staying alive for a considerably weaker amount of time.

Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard Review

Featuring tactile and clicky keys, the Razer Turret keyboard uses Razer’s staple green switches which we have all grown to love. Featuring high-grade clicky keys which are absolutely perfect for gaming, we had much fun playing many both Fortnite and Minecraft.

Unlike the softer touch of keys on an Apple keyboard, you can feel absolutely every press and the sound is surprisingly so reassuring too. For general typing, the general experience is also great as the Razer Turrent comes with a ten-key rollover functionality. The result of this being that the accuracy is very high.

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As for the wrist rest, this feature was absolutely huge for us and playing for long stints remain comfortable. To be honest, we barely felt like we were playing which is saying something considering we really struggle with our work keyboard. The ergonomics, despite potentially playing on your lap, are extremely well designed and this is a huge win for the Turret.

Razer Turret Keyboard Ergonomics

Xbox & Series X Game Compatibility.

As for game compatibility, the Razer Turret For Xbox One & Xbox Series X is still unfortunately lacking the support that it deserves. With 18 games playable on Xbox with the Razer Turret, this is such a scarce list for what ultimately is still one of the best innovations for Xbox gamers.

If you are into any of the following titles, you will still have an absolute blast. But it’s been many years now and we would have expected plenty of more titles on the list. Here’s a list of games that are compatible with the Razer Turret For Xbox One & Series X:

  • Gears Of War 5 (Coming Soon)
  • Fortnite
  • Warframe
  • Minecraft
  • X-Morph Defense
  • Warhammer Vermintide
  • Bomber Crew
  • Children Of Morta
  • Day-Z (Coming Soon)
  • Deep Rock Galatic (Coming Soon)
  • Minion Masters (Coming Soon)
  • Moonlighter (Coming Soon)
  • Roblox (Coming Soon)
  • Strange Brigade
  • Vigor (Coming Soon)
  • Warface (Coming Soon)
  • WarGroove (Coming Soon)
  • War Thunder

As you will see from the list, the majority of the games here still include some of the best FPS xbox titles but is seriously lacking in depth. With plenty of titles marked as ”coming soon” for quite some time, the Razer Turret is definitely best suited for PC players who also own an Xbox and want to play any of the available games using keyboard and mouse instead.

That said, for any Fortnite players switching from PC to Xbox, you damn straight will get tons of value from the Razer Turret For Xbox One.

RGB Lighting & Customisations

As you can expect with any Razer keyboard, the Razer Turret is fully compatible with Razer Synapse 3 when gaming on PC and also enables customisations through ”Razer Turret For Xbox” when playing on your console. With Synapse, you can expect a lot of customisation support alongside important features such as Chroma Studio to customise RGB lightings. Other notable features include:

  • Sensitivity Adjustments
  • Button Remapping
  • Command Assignment
  • Macro recordings.

When using the Razer Turret For Xbox, the customisation experience, such a polling rates and sensitivity is almost similar to the Razer Synapse 3 but with a twist. A special feature of the Razer Turret is the dedicated Xbox button, where the user can access the Xbox dashboard with a single press. In addition, you can also control the dashboard with the help of a mouse and keyboard.

Both the keyboard and the mouse come complete with RGB support and they are powered by “Razer Chroma”. As they both come with Chroma support, players can expect huge customisation features that will work smoothly with any other Razer Chroma device you have within your setup

DeathAdder Style Mouse.

If you have ever used Razer’s iconic DeathAdder mouse then you’ll be pleased to know that the Razer Turret comes included with a very similar model. It’s simple, yet powerful and just like the keyboard, the mouse also comes with mechanical keys.

While the Razer Turret mouse is not going to be winning any awards for budget gaming mouse of the year, the accuracy is on par with the Razer DeathAdder Essential (which does feature on our awards) and for that, this is actually a huge bonus. The accuracy of the Razer Turret mouse can largely be attributed to Razer’s 5G Advanced Optical Sensor. Supporting 16,000 DPI, Razer claims that the mouse has a resolution accuracy of 99.4% and, for the most part, we would have to agree.

Another clever feature of the Razer Turret is the retractable mouse mat. Simply slide out the mouse mat and extend your TKL keyboard for extremely comfortable gaming. Comprised of strong magnets inside the trackpad, there will be next to zero wobbles or accidental slides while playing games which again is actually genius. 

Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard Review

Key Specifications

Here’s a full breakdown of the Razer Turret For Xbox One specifications.

Keyboard Switches Razer Green (tactile and clicky)
Mouse Switches Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches
Lighting Razer Chroma
Media Keys Through function keys
Game Mode PC only
Key Rollover Ten-key rollover
Polling Rate 1,000 Hz (keyboard and mouse)
Mouse Sensor 16,000 DPI
Interface USB Type-C, USB 2.0 Type-A
Cables Keyboard: 2 m braided, removableMouse:  2.1 m braided, removable
Materials Aluminum (keyboard), plastic (mouse)
Software PC: Razer Synapse 3Xbox One: Razer Turret for Xbox One App
Dimensions  (WxDxH) 23.6 x 7.6 x 1.5 inches / 600 x 194 x 36.9 mm (with tray expanded)
Weight Keyboard: 4.1 pounds / 1,860  gMouse: 0.2 pounds / 106 g
Warranty 2 years from Razer Store / 1 year from Microsoft

The Negatives

Firstly, if you’re left-handed, forget it. No, seriously.

The Razer Turret does not support left-handed gamers as the retractable mousepad is attached to the right-hand side of the keyboard. While the mouse is ambidextrously manufactured, it is physically impossible to use the Razer Turret left-handed without some kind of contortionist act. Right-hand master race!!

That said, without question, the major negative our fellow right-handed gamers will encounter should you buy the Razer Turret is the lack of compatible games. Despite being released a few years ago, the Turret is still not compatible with nearly enough games and that leaves us with a taste of lemons in our mouths.

Whether issues with game publishers or Razer themselves, the lack of support makes such a brilliant concept pretty useless and keeps us wondering what could have been. That said, for any Fortnite, Minecraft, Gears, or Day-Z gamers out there, you’ll still love the Razer Turret nonetheless and by all accounts, we love the technology too!

Another drawback with the Razer Turret is that it’s actually pretty hard to clean. Unlike some of the other cheap mechanical gaming keyboards out there which can be cleaned with some compressed air and a brush down, the Razer Turret can get sticky. Especially if you are one of those gremlins that eat Big Macs at your desk.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Price & Value

Had the list of game support been extensive, the $450 cost of the Razer Turret would be fully justifiable. The technology itself is extremely impressive and is exactly what Xbox gamers have been crying out to experience for a long time. From the mouse accuracy to the clever retractable pad and super comfortable TKL keyboard, the Razer Turret is well worth the price for right-handed gamers who love good technology.

However, because we’re talking about an ideal world here, the Turret does fall short on value for money. Unless you only play the compatible list of games of course! For that, it’s a quality piece of engineering from Razer. If you spend in excess of 40 hours a week on Fortnite, there’s value for money here alone.

For left handed gamers, it’s a total no go unless you want to learn to be ambidextrous. This eliminates the Razer Turret from quite a sizeable market, however, sales to date have still be very impressive.

Razer Turret Review Australia

Is the Razer Turret still worth buying?

As we have highlighted, the Razer Turret is still worth buying this year, just as long as you are actively playing the games that are compatible with the mouse and keyboard. If you are primarily a PC gamer who will occasionally play on Xbox then go for broke. The Razer Turret will work for all games on your PC and you can still enjoy the few games available on Xbox.

For everything else, however, you’ll be bitterly disappointed and clinging on for dear life for an updated release of supported games. Here’s why you should and shouldn’t buy the Razer Turret for Xbox One.

You should buy the Razer Turret for Xbox if…

  • Money is not a hurdle.
  • You don’t eat at your desk.
  • You can use the Razer Turret on your PC.
  • You are thinking about buying a PC in the future.
  • You want to compete with PC gamers on consoles.
  • You are okay with a short list of compatible games.
  • You need better solutions for ergonomic gaming. 
  • You are building a Razer collection.

You shouldn’t buy the Razer Turret For Xbox if…

  • You are on a budget.
  • You don’t game nearly every single day.
  • You have no plans to own a PC.
  • You are not serious about keyboard and mouse gaming.
  • You don’t play any of the compatible games.
  • You eat messy food at your desk.

Razer Turret For Xbox One Review Verdict.

No matter whether you are gaming on PC or slumming it on the couch during Xbox sessions, the Razer Turret is a premium, multipurpose gaming keyboard and mouse combo that makes you feel immediately more serious. As such, we have rated our Razer Turret for Xbox One review a respectable 86%.

Truthfully, we would have graded the Razer Turret much higher had it not been for the lack of game compatibility. While clearly prioritised for Xbox FPS games, there is so much hope for the Razer Turret Honestly, there’s such a lot of hope for the Razer Turret and it begs the question of what could have been. 

Despite that, the keyboard and mouse deliver peak ergonomics and gamers will enjoy hassle free connection. In addition, the attention to detail with the additional wrist space and retractable mouse mat makes the Razer Turret extremely ideal for long gaming sessions. Just as long as you are not left handed of course! 

Overall, we would recommend waiting for a sale before buying the Razer Turret.

Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard Review
PC Gaming Experience, On The Xbox
As long as the list of compatible Xbox games continues to grow, despite its age, the Razer Turret is still a superb keyboard and mouse combination that will work on both your PC and your Xbox console.
Durable Build
Tactile Keys
Clever Mouse Mat
Stability Grips
Took The L
Hard To Clean
Poor Compatibility
No Left Hand Support
Editors Rating

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