How To Cook Elixirs In Tears of the Kingdom

How To Make Elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom

Create powerful, but foul, concoctions from flesh and frogs for fun!

In Tears of the Kingdom, the most disgusting ingredients you can imagine make some of the most powerful elixirs in the game. Do you want to run faster, hit harder, or glow in the dark? Well, watch Link throw eyeballs, bones and bugs into a cauldron and drink the goo.

At least he’s no snob.

So how exactly do you make elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom? Let’s find out. 👇

How To Make Elixirs In Tears of the Kingdom

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Elixirs In Tears of the Kingdom

To make a powerful elixir in Tears of the Kingdom you will need to find a cooking pot out of the rain, light it up and hold your ingredients over the flame to cook. The ingredients to make an Elixir must consist of at least one critter, otherwise, you will just cook a normal food recipe.

Before cooking, you can select ingredients to hold by heading over to your inventory and choosing which ones you want to throw into the pot. Of course, each ingredient you select will form a different elixir recipe.

To make elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom, follow these 6 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Find a cooking pot that’s out of the rain.
  • Step 2: Light the pot with a firefruit or a piece of flint and a metal weapon.
  • Step 3: Open your inventory with [+] to view your ingredients.
  • Step 4: Select ingredients by pressing [A] and selecting [Hold]
  • Step 5: Close your inventory and return to face the cooking pot.
  • Step 6: Press [A] when it says “Cook”.

As an optional step, you can press [X] once Link has started cooking to speed through the cooking animation. Additionally, once you’ve cooked a recipe for the first time, you can use “Select Recipe” instead of pressing “Hold” to speed up the process the next time you want to cook an elixir. This is great during the latter stages of the game.

Tears of the Kingdom Elixirs

What Ingredients Can Make Elixirs?

Unlike cooking, elixirs can use all types of ingredients. However, all elixirs must include at least one critter and one monster part. Critters are anything you probably wouldn’t find at your local butcher– think lizards, rhinoceros beetles, frogs, and fireflies are all critters.

Once you’ve thrown in a critter and a monster part you can add additional ingredients too. So long as you don’t put into two ingredients with different bonus effects– like a restless cricket and a fireproof lizard– you’ll receive a more powerful potion from adding more ingredients.

The Final Word

Once you’ve got a grip on how to make elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom, you can start experimenting with different ingredient amounts and elixir types. One thing to note is that some types of monster parts are more potent than others.

At the top of the ranking is the guts group, which includes eyeballs and tails. Since Keese Eyeballs are so plentiful, try to only use these for elixirs and save the rarer guts for armour upgrades. After the guts group is the horns group, followed by the lowly fang group, and dragon parts aren’t considered monster parts at all but a type of food.

Explore, experiment and enjoy!

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