Great Fairy Fountain Locations Tears of the Kingdom

Great Fairy Fountain Locations In Tears of the Kingdom

It’s more than just money this time.

The first set of armour that you get in Tears of the Kingdom is literally a pair of old rags. And if you buy the Hylian set from Lookout Landing, Link will look presentable, but it won’t protect him much. So, you have to upgrade it.

This means finding all Great Fairy Fountain locations, helping the local musicians serenade them, and convincing them to open their giant flower buds. It’s a lengthy procedure, and each is a little trickier than the last.

But don’t worry, we have everything you need to make this a pain-free adventure.

So, where are the great fairies in Tears of the Kingdom? Let’s find out!👇

Great Fairy Fountain Locations

All four Great Fairies have moved their buds over to a stable, or at least nearby. So to find them, look for a purple smokestack at the locations listed below. In addition, you would be wise to start with the Great Fairy Tera as unlocking this fountain will uncover the locations of the other 3 too!

The four great fairy fountains in Tears of the Kingdom are:

It’s important to note that, unlike Breath of the Wild, you can’t just walk up to and pay the fairies. Oh no. In Tears of the Kingdom, before you can start unlocking the Great Fairy Fountains, you need to become a reporter.

To become a reporter, visit the former Rito Stable now Lucky Clover Gazette. It’s located out on the snow and ice of the Tabantha Frontier. Just aim for the Rito Village and you can’t miss it. Then, once you have become a reporter, you can start hunting down the Fairy Fountains and unlocking them one by one.

Here’s how to find each fountain and what do when you are there.

Great Fairy Tera Location Tears of the Kingdom
Credit @ IGN

How To Unlock Great Fairy Tera

Location: Woodland Stable
Coordinates: 0920, 1381, 0093

The first fairy for you to free is the Great Fairy Tera. She can be located at the Woodland Stable with the coordinates (0920, 1381, 0093). Once you have found her location, she will request to hear the sound of music. Lucky for you, there’s a troupe down at the stable.

The only problem is that their wagon has gone bust. To fix it, you need to use your Ultrahand to attach the wheels, and a horse with a Towing Harness attached. To attach one to your horse, earn 3 Pony Points (by registering horses, sleeping in stables, or visiting new stables) and ask the guy at the front to equip it to your trusty steed.

Once you and the troupe are ready, walk the horse over to the wagon, use Ultrahand to attach them, and ride on up to the Great Fairy Tera. With this quest complete, you’ll be able to upgrade (most) armour to level one. To unlock higher levels, you need to help more Great Fairies.

In addition, after Tera is free, she’ll mark the other three fairies on her map. Thankfully, you’re now free to follow any order you like, so start with whichever is closest– like Kaysa at Outskirt Stable!

Great Fairy Kaysa Location Tears of the Kingdom
Credit @ IGN

How To Unlock Great Fairy Kaysa

Location: Outskirt Table
Coordinates: 1404, -1266, 0032

The Great Fairy Kaysa is only a couple minutes’ horse ride southwest of Lookout Landing. Located at the Outskirt Table with the coordinates (1404, -1266, 0032), once you are there, chat to The Stable Trotters (the musicians) and they’ll say they need their flautist back who was last seen sauntering around the Highland Stable. At the stable, you’ll find him trilling in a tree and now he’ll ask for your help.

To help the flautist, you will need to collect 10 Sunset Fireflies. So sleep until nighttime and go bug-catching. Once you’ve got enough, he’ll ask you for one last favour: Bring his friend Haite to see them in the night.

After you’ve helped Pyper the flautist, he’ll return to Outskirt Stable, and you’re almost done. Just upgrade the Trotters’ old wagon with some Big Wheels and a Control Stick, and then you can deliver the musicians right to Kaysa.

With two Great Fairies free, you can not only upgrade your armour to level two, but you can now unlock each armour set’s special set bonus– which are things like unfreezable, or increased movement speed at night. To activate a set bonus, level up all three pieces of a set to level two, and wear them together.

Great Fairy Cotera Location Tears of the Kingdom
Credit @ IGN

How To Unlock Great Fairy Cotera

Location: Duelling Peaks Stable
Coordinates: 1792, -2173, 0012

The Great Fairy Cotera is a slightly easier save than the rest of the Great Fairies. You can find the Great Fairy Cotera located at the Duelling Peaks Stable with the coordinates (1792, -2173, 0012).

Once here, the Stable Trotters want their old beatmaker Beetz back, so pack three pieces of Courser Bee Honey and visit Kakariko Village. Beetz is off the front road, hiding on an outcrop by the side of a cliff. Give him the honey, and he’ll return to the Duelling Peaks and you should too.

Once back at the stable, you will then have to fix their beat-up old bandwagon by turning it into a boat. Attach a Control Stick, some planks, and a Fan then you’ll be set to save Cotera.

Great Fairy Mija Location Tears of the Kingdom
Credit @ IGN

How To Unlock Great Fairy Mija

Location: Snowfield Stable
Coordinates: -1461, 2996, 0305

Mija should be the last Great Fairy you save and can be found in Snowfield Stable at the coordinates (-1461, 2996, 0305). She’s out in the middle of frozen nowhere, and you don’t need level-four armour until the end game. But anyway, this time the lady doth request the sound of the horn.

To unlock the Great Fairy Mija, follow the road south from Rito Village and you’ll find the hornist trapped in a pit. To help him out, just add hot air balloons to his wagon and shoot him into the sky. Once the hornist is happy, he’ll return to Snowfield Stable and you should too.

When you return, there will be a blizzard at the stable and the musicians want a roof to protect them. Just hammer a couple of planks onto the wagon, and they’ll be happy as a clam. Then, you can ferry them over to the fairy and enjoy full armour upgrades (watch out for the Bokoblin riders and steep hills).

Great Fairies Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Final Word

Once you have freed all the fairies, your next task will be to collect all those odd items that you need to actually upgrade your armour. This can be a real headache, especially for high-level stuff like Lynel Guts and Hinox Horns, so it’s best to choose one set to fully upgrade. If you’re wondering which armour is the best, here’s the list.

Beyond upgrading your armor, the Great Fairy Fountains in Tears of the Kingdom are nothing more than pleasantries on the eye. But don’t let that stall before unlocking the fountains. You never know when you might need to take advantage of your armour set bonuses to keep progressing through the game.

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