Northgard Clans Guide

Northgard Clans Guide: All Clans & Bonuses Explained

Struggling to choose the best Northgard clan? Read our guide to all clans in Northgard with starting bonuses and benefits.

As with most modern real-time strategy games, Northgard bears a wonderful collection of clans. Each of which comes with a variety of benefits that ultimately dictate how you play the game towards victory. With a variety of winning conditions and so many ways to enjoy Northgard, the replayability of the game is second to none.

Especially considering the diversity that each clan brings.

However, for those of you who are new to the game, choosing a clan in Northgard can be difficult. After all, each of the clans looks equally as good as the other from the outset.

And so today, we will be exploring all of the Northgard clans in detail to explain what makes them tick, what benefits you receive as a player and more.

List Of Northgard Clans

From the 6 original clans, Northgard now boasts 15 clans in total when you download the additional content. From the survival focussed Goat clan to the industrialised horse clan, you can pretty much play Northgard however you feel like!

Which clan will you choose?

Here are the 15 clans available in Northgard, including DLC:

Northgard Clan - Heidrun (Goat Clan)

Heidrun: The Clan Of The Goat

In the frozen land of Northgard, the Clan of the Goat is led by Halvard, a kind-hearted, wise master hunter. Heidrun’s clan are experts at surviving the harshest winters and the most dangerous conditions; something that you will need.

The Clan of the Goat is known for its ability to expand any area and thrive in small environments. They are also known for their resilience and adaptability. This gives the Heidrun Clan in Northgard the benefit of prospering within tight environments through cheap extra building space and the option to trade excess food for Kröwns.

Heidrun Clan – Starting Bonus:

  • Starts with one sheep.
  • You can build two sheepfolds.
  • Increases production bonus of feasts by 20%.
  • Military experience suffers a 20% penalty.

Heidrun Clan 200 Fame Bonus:

  • Receive 2 free sheep.
  • Create an additional sheepfold.
  • Food production increased by 10%.

Heidrun Clan 500 Fame Bonus:

  • 1 free feast per year.
  • Units regenerate during feats.

Northgard Clan - Eikthyrnir (Stag Clan)

Eikthyrnir: The Clan Of The Stag

The Clan of the Stag, or Eikthyrnir, is one of the most revered, regal clans of Northgard. Led by Rig and his bannerman, Brand, The Eikthyrnir clan is known for flawless productivity and unyielding strength, apart from a background of great achievements.

Fame, strength, wealth, and wisdom are most valued by the clan of the Stag.

Eikthyrnir Clan Starting Bonus:

  • You start with 75 Wood, Kröwns, and Food.
  • You start with 40 Lore.
  • The Hall Of Skalds produces additional Fame.

Eikthyrnir Clan – 200 Fame Bonus:

  • Gain 50 Food, Wood & Kröwns.
  • Gain 25 Lore & 5 Stone.

Eikthyrnir Clan 500 Fame Bonus:

  • Colonisation costs decreased by 5%.
  • Unit production increased by 3% (Max 25%).

Eikthyrnir Clan 1,000 Fame Bonus:

  • Warchief gains Valorous Leader ability.
  • 100% increase to Warchief’s defense.
  • 60% increase to Warchief’s health.

Northgard Clan - Fenrir (Wolf Clan)

Fenrir: The Clan Of The Wolf

Fenrir is an aggressive and freedom-loving clan that wanders the land in search of food and shelter. They are fierce warriors and will fight to the death to protect their clan. They use their combined military prowess and mobility to dominate most clans.

Led by Egil, a ruthless Berserker, who looks for glory from battles, the Fenrir clan warriors provide Happiness, Krowns, and food through constant fighting.

Fenrir Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Military units consume less food and provide happiness
  • The first military unit recruited is free

Fenrir Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • At 200 Fame, it does not cost anything to colonize territories
  • At 500 Fame, there is a 15 percent attack bonus for the military unit

Northgard Clan - Huginn & Muninn (Raven Clan)

Huginn And Muninn: The Clan Of The Raven

The Clan of the Raven is one of the six primary playable Northgard clans. Led by Liv, the war chief, this clan is known for its swiftness, intelligence, and resourcefulness.

The Ravens were the first clans to land on Northgard thanks to their mighty fleet. Being excellent merchants and explorers, they are experts at gathering information and using it to their advantage. They are often seen as untrustworthy and scheming by other clans, but they always make sure to get what they want in the end.

Huginn & Muninn Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Spend Krowns instead of food to colonize
  • 15 percent increase in Krowns income
  • A 10 percent discount on great trade routes
  • Builds the Harbor for coastal area exploration

Huginn & Muninn Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • For 200 fame points, Mercenary raids can be sent to beaches without a Town Hall.
  • At 500 Fame points, your Mercenaries can use Fire Javelins and raid Town Halls.

Northgard Clan - Bjarki (Bear Clan)

Bjarki: The Clan Of The Bear

The Bjarki is a clan of resilient and fierce warriors who hail from the coldest, most remote regions of Northgard. The Stalwart protectors are known for their strength, their stamina, and their ferociousness in battle. They are also known for their love of mead and their hearty appetite for meat.

For centuries, they have fought against the other clans of Northgard, raiding their settlements and plundering their resources. The Bjarki survive the harsh winters much better than other Northgard clans, which gives them a clear advantage.

Bjarki Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • 30 percent reduced firewood penalties
  • Kaija, the Armored Bear produces food when summoned
  • Military units get a 10 percent higher resistance bonus in winters

Bjarki Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • For 200 fame points, production goes up by 15 percent
  • For 500 fame points, the Armored Bear can go into your enemy territory and you get 3 Fame for every unit killed near Shield Maiden

Northgard Clan - Slidrugtanni (Boar Clan)

Slidrugtanni: The Clan Of The Boar

Slidrugtanni is the rediscovered clan of the boar.

The Lore-based clan are hardy, untamed, and warlike people, fiercely independent and proud. They have special healing units called Menders. They are expert hunters and warriors, and their skills with bows and spears are second to none.

Their original leader is Hvedrung, who masterminded the massacre of the Stag Clan. An uprising by a faction of the Boar clan led by Svarn allied with Rig to fight their common enemy plays much to the storyline of both factions.

Slidrugtanni Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • The Boars get the Mender’s Hut that produces Lore
  • +2 population for every colonized territory
  • Five Fame for new knowledge discovery

Slidrugtanni Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Free knowledge at 200 Fame
  • At 500 Fame, one bonus in every blessing
  • 70 percent blizzard penalty reduction on food and 30 percent on wood

Northgard Clan DLC - Svafnir (Snake Clan)

Sváfnir, the Snake clan (DLC)

Led by Signy, the war chief, the snake clan’s roguish and cunning Vikings use guerilla tactics and “Stolen Lore” (stealing knowledge from other clans) in place of open warfare. The war chief will grow to become more powerful over time, acquire new abilities and dominate as a fearless leader.

When she becomes an adult, the“Scorched Earth” powers get unlocked which enables her to burn a tile. This comes in handy when you are running short on expansion.

Sváfnir Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Begin the game with the clan’s Warchief, Signy
  • Access to Skirmishers, units that cannot be detected by neutral enemies
  • Ability to steal Knowledge from other clans encountered
  • Can use Swidden Field on your zones for a temporary increase in production

Sváfnir Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Signy gains Cloaked (Age 16)
  • Signy’s strength is raised by 50% while military units gain Cloaked (Age 17)
  • Signy gains Scorched Earth, an ability that can burn zones over 3 months (Age 18)

Northgard Clan DLC - Nidhogg (Dragon Clan)

Nidhogg, the Dragon clan (DLC)

The Dragon clan is one of the fiercest among Northgard clans. They are known for following bizarre traditions and ancient customs. They have the ability to grow stronger as the game progresses by using sacrifices and slavery to build power.

The Nidhogg clan can also recruit “Dragonkins,” a unique unit of soldiers who are more resistant against projectiles. In addition, your Dragonkin units deliver more powerful attacks, and have more health compared to regular soldiers.

Nidhogg Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Civilians can go into neutral territory
  • No Happiness or production penalties are incurred for being wounded
  • Begin with a Sacrificial Pyre, 2 Thralls, and 3 Villagers

Nidhogg Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Receive 5 thralls, an extended Dragon Essence gauge, and increased bonuses (200 Fame)
  • Gain a 10% attack power bonus against an opponent for every victory condition where they have the lead (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Lyngbakr (Kraken Clan)

Lyngbakr, the clan of the Kraken (DLC)

Lynbakr, the Kraken clan, is another one of the playable Northgard clans which can be accessed via downloadable content. Naturally, the Lyngbakr clan worship the Creature of the sea. This clan fears the creature’s strength while honouring its knowledge. When the Creature bestows powers on clan members, they can use it to their advantage.

While the Kraken clan faces penalties in non-coastal areas, they are able to earn a stable income from fisheries more so than other clans. So, if you are playing on a map that is heavily sea based, the Lyngbakr clan might be your go-to option.

Lyngbakr Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Colonization and building in non-coastal zones cost 50% more
  • Attack power of all units are reduced by 30% in non-coastal zones
  • Fishermen produce 20% more food
  • Norns are able to produce Happiness and Wyrd

Lyngbakr Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Gain 400 Wyrd (200) Fame
  • Killing military units outside of your territory have the chance to become Spectral Warriors (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Himminbrjotir (Ox Clan)

Himminbrjotir, the Clan of the Ox (DLC)

The Ox Clan in Northgard puts a lot of focus on military might, making it a tremendous force to be reckoned with. Led by Torfin, an ancient who has returned to aid his clansmen, the Himminbrjotir are as cultured as they are mighty.

Since the Himminbrjotir clan have a strong devotion to their ancestors, Torfin is one of the strongest Warchiefs in the game.

Himminbrjotir Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Torfin’s Throne produces +2 Lore while the Warchief is not summoned
  • Units have a 15% bonus to attack and defense, but consume 10% more food
  • 40% base production bonus to specialized civilian units

Himminbrjotir Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Non-villager units receive a 4% increase in production for every military unit you control (200 Fame)
  • Unlock the Ram ability for Torfin (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Brundir & Kaelinn (Lynx Clan)

Brundr and Kaelinn, the Lynx clan (DLC)

Brundr and Kaelinn are two fierce Lynxes that the clan adopted as cubs in Northgard. They grew up to be skilled warriors that serve as the eyes of Mielikki, a Beastmaster who serves as the leader of the Lynx clan.

The Lynx clan has a long history of defending their homeland from invaders with their luring techniques and excellent archery skills.

Brundr & Kaelinn Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Earn Hunting Trophies from animal kills
  • Mielikki, the clan’s Warchief, does not cost any iron
  • Access to the Archery Range where Trackers can be trained
  • Spend Hunting Trophies to add to Brundr, Kaelinn, and Trackers’ abilities

Brundr & Kaelinn Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Unlock the Mythical Lure for Mielikki (200 Fame)
  • Unlock the Oskoreia ability for Mielikki (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Svadilfari (Horse Clan)

Svadilfari, the Horse clan (DLC)

Led by sibling Warchiefs Brok and Eitria, the Clan of the Horse are recognized as the best craftsmen. With war chiefs producing 20% additional output across the building, mining, forging and repairs, the Svadlifari clan is one of the best clans in Northgard.

Versatility, sturdiness, and quiet strength are the highlights of this clan. Their focus is on upgrading buildings and mining.

Svadilfari Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Both Brok and Eitria can be active at the same time.
  • Neither Brok or Eitria require Iron to be summoned
  • Warchiefs are 20% faster at building, mining, forging, and repairs

Svadilfari Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Warchiefs will mine and forge 50% faster when in the same zone (200 Fame)
  • Gain 20% more Krowns when selling stones or iron (200 Fame)
  • Active relics will give a 15% production bonus to nearby zones (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Ratatoskr (Squirrel Clan)

Ratatoskr, the clan of the Squirrel (DLC)

Seen by most as a mischievous people, the Squirrel clan simply wish to enjoy their food and maintain a playful lifestyle. They are led by Andhrimnir, who seems to be more of a war chef than a Warchief.

However, due to their abstract nature, the Ratatoskr clan’s trustworthiness always comes into question because of how they are perceived by outsiders. If you would like to play a more peaceful game of Northgard and win through ways other than domination, try the Ratatoskr clan.

Ratatoskr Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • Increase production by 30% in the 2 months before winter
  • Meals can be prepared for bonuses

Ratatoskr Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Receive each type of Ingredient and increase ingredient storage by 200 (200 Fame)
  • Get a 5% bonus on arrival of new villagers for every 100 Fame (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Dodsvagr (Rat Clan)

Dodsvagr, the Clan of the Rat (DLC)

Made up of mostly outcasts, the Clan of the Rat are led by a shaman named Eir. Members of the Dodsvagr can persevere through almost any injury. They are also so devoted to the clan that they are willing to sacrifice their lives to ensure its survival.

The Rat Clan doesn’t have access to Houses, but any non-mystic building can provide shelter to its villagers. If maximum population is reached, extra villagers will be put in a Population reserve.

Dodsvager Clan Starting Bonuses:

  • More villagers, but they’re wounded
  • Units produce Lore when they die or kill enemies
  • Overwork increases production at the cost of worker health

Dodsvager Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Units being healed will consume 30% less food (200 Fame)
  • Population reserves can hold up to 4 more villagers (500 Fame)
  • The maximum duration of Purification Pyre is increased to 6 months (500 Fame)

Northgard Clan DLC - Hraesvelg (Eagle Clan)

Hræsvelg, Clan of the Eagle (DLC)

Agile and resourceful, the Clan of the Eagle has the ability to survive in the most remote and desolate areas. They can venture anywhere to gather resources thanks to their familiarity with the terrain.

They are led by Grif, the Warchief who was adopted by Hraesvelg followers at a young age. The Hraesvelg clan is a middle-ground clan that boasts no real strengths on either side of the war fence.

Hraesvelg Clan Starting Bonus:

  • Start with 1 Hawk
  • Hawks can turn cleared zones into Boneyards
  • Boneyards provide resources and heal your units
  • Aviaries don’t require building slots
  • No Fame gained for colonizing new zones

Hraesvelg Clan Fame Bonuses:

  • Units outside their territory consume 30% less Food and Firewood (200 Fame)
  • Food can be used to upgrade zones. Houses in upgraded zones provide +1 population while military buildings provide +1 Warband (200 Fame)
  • Ruins, Shipwrecks, and other special zones can be explored one more time for extra resources (500 Fame)

Northgard Clans Explained

Over to you.

Choosing a starter Northgard clan based on the artwork of the game is often what new players will do. And, to be honest, that’s not a bad place to start. There is a diverse selection of clans to choose from in Northgard, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out which clan is right for you can be difficult, but hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of what each one has to offer.

Do some research and try out a few different clans before settling on one. You might think you’re a proud member of the Stag Clan only to find out you are better suited to serving Eir and the Clan of the Rat. And remember, no matter which clan you end up favouring in Northgard, don’t forget to have fun!

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