Dragon Quest XI Orb Locations

Dragon Quest XI Orb Locations: Where Are The 6 Orbs?

Hunting down the Dragon Quest XI orb locations? Here's where to find them!

The Six Dragon Quest orbs (and often a mysterious seventh orb) have been seen in a handful of Dragon Quest games to date. Each time they serve a different purpose and the Dragon Quest XI orb locations are probably some of the hardest to find in the series.

In Dragon Quest III, they hatched a sacred bird, but in Dragon Quest VIII they were the souls of sages. In Dragon Quest XI, they’re the crystallised dew of Yggdrasil herself but yet strangest of all is their place in Dragon Quest IX.

Instead of being precious jewels that your party must scour the globe for, they’re simply rare ingredients to toss into your crock pot. Wild, right!? Here’s everything you need to know about finding all 6 orbs in Dragon Quest XI 👇

Dragon Quest XI Orb Locations

As with most JRPG classics, in Dragon Quest XI, there are various storylines and locations to explore. Each storyline leads you to another location and each of the six orbs can be found spread out across the realm.

If you’re looking for one last orb and scratching your head about where to begin, take a peak at our short guide to finding all orbs in Dragon Quest XI!

Here’s where to find all 6 Dragon Quest XI orb locations:

  1. Red Orb – The Storyline In Kingsbarrow.
  2. Yellow Orb – Masks & Martial Arts.
  3. Green Orb – The Mermaid’s Tale
  4. Silver Orb – The Eerie Eyrie’s Elysium Bird.
  5. Purple Orb – Zwaardsrust Tomb Raiding
  6. Blue Orb – The Ice Queen

Dragon Quest XI - Red Orb Location

Red Orb Location – Erik’s Introduction

The Storyline In Kingsbarrow.

When you first visit Heliodor and speak with the king, you’re denounced as the Darkspawn and imprisoned. Coincidentally, your fellow jailbird, Erik, wound up in jail for pilfering the Red Orb– At the time, he knew only that it was valuable, nothing more.

After you jailbreak and jump off a cliff, the two of you will be thick as thieves, and he’ll let you in on its location. But that’s not where it ends.

To find the Red Orb in Dragon Quest XI, you’ll have to endure Erik talking you into diving back into Kingsbarrow once more to retrieve the orb one last time. Can you escape without being captured once more?

Dragon Quest XI - Yellow Orb Location

Yellow Orb Location – Rab & Jade Draw Near

The Storyline In Octagonia & Dundrasil.

The Yellow Orb is another orb that you’ll obtain by following the storyline and is the consolation prize of Octagonia’s annual masked martial arts tournament. But at this time, you’ll be gunning for the top spot: the Rain Bough.

Once you’ve become reigning champions and discovered the truth of the Rain Bough, you’ll be wishing you took second place instead. Or not. After you tie up the local storyline, Rab & Jade join your quest and fork over the Yellow Orb.

So you’ve had it in your back pocket this whole time, what luck!

Dragon Quest XI - Green Orb Location

Green Orb Location – The Mermaid’s Tale

The Storyline In Lonalulu.

Once you’ve escaped Puerto Valor, you’re free to explore the open sea. Even so, you’re not so free that you can dodge The Strand, an isle that sets off the story of the Lonalulu lovers. Here, a mermaid marks her time on a deserted island, waiting for her love to return. If you decline to help, Jade will feint a kick to your face until you agree.

So it’s off to the lovely seaside village of Lonalulu, where the people hate mermaids. Through some perseverance and squid-slaying, you’ll clear up this misunderstanding and uncover the truth of the mermaid’s lover.

And of course, when the story concludes, you’ll have your Green Orb. But be careful whether you tell the truth or lie to the mermaid, as the choice has a dramatic effect on her storyline. No, we’re not going to give you spoilers!

Dragon Quest XI - Silver Orb Location

Silver Orb Location – A Bird’s Treasure

The Elysium bird in Eerie Eyrie.

The Silver Orb is the only orb in Dragon Quest XI without a storyline attached. It was simply a shiny trinket pinched by a big bird. To get at it though, you’ll need to scale the Eerie Eyrie mountain range and make use of an Eggsoskeleton.

Along the way, make sure to grab the Mini Medals, and especially the recipe books (one is sneakily tucked behind a waterfall). If you’ve been having no trouble with the local riff-raff, then the Elysium bird itself won’t be much of a threat– Though if you get sick of Sizzling, you could use Veronica or Rab’s Antimagic.

After you’ve beat the bird, enjoy the tinkling tune of a new treasure!

Dragon Quest XI - Purple Orb Location

Purple Orb Location – Zwaardsrust Tomb

Use the Magic Key to Enter the Zwaardsrust Tomb

Zwaardsrust was once a bustling capital, but it is now only wheat fields and a toxic swamp. Amid the swamp are ruins of the old kingdom and with a Magic Key you’ll be able to loot the Purple Orb. But the Magic Key can only be found in Phnom Nohn, where a young girl has lost her parents amid the ruins of Nhou Wat.

In fact, many tourists have gone missing, and the mystery all points to a magic mural. Once you’ve managed to make sense of what’s happening and beat the malicious monster responsible, your prize is the Magic Key.

With that, you can unlock the Zaardrust tomb and pocket the Purple Orb.

Dragon Quest XI - Blue Orb Location

Blue Orb Location – The Ice Queen

The Storyline in Sniflheim.

Before you can unlock the back door to the kingdom of Sniflheim, you’ll need to have the magic key, so most will leave this orb until last. Inside, the entire city has been encased in ice– all except the Queen herself.

To save her chilly citizens, she beseeches you to embark on a long and treacherous journey. Amid snowstorms and abominable snowmen, you’ll find a great library, escape Hendrik, and battle a bevy of bosses.

But ultimately, for your bravery, skill and mercy, you’ll be bestowed with the Blue Orb by the Queen of Sniflheim. It’s well worth the cuts and bruises.

Where To Find Dragon Quest XI Orbs

The Final Word & The Seventh Orb

Now that you have found six of the Dragon Quest XI orb locations, you can gain access to Yggdrasil, and finally, obtain the Sword of Light. If all goes well, your valiant efforts to thwart evil and beat back the darkness will prevail. But, as with all great storylines, there is a final orb, one created by the dastardly Mordegon.

The destroyer of Dundrasil and the Zwaardsrust ravager created the Orb of Darkness to empower one of his minions, and with the six orbs in hand, you’re fated to fight this foe.

The orb itself is completely unobtainable, and only a minor point in the story– Besides, I’m sure you wouldn’t want an orb of pure evil anyway, would you?

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