How To Cook Breath Of The Wild

How To Cook In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Learn how to cook in breath of the wild for the ultimate decadent dish!

When you’re exploring the great expanses of ruined Hyrule in Breath of The Wild, you’ll no doubt fill your pockets with all sorts of trinkets and treats. A bushel of Apples, a handful of Chickaloo Tree Nuts, and bags full of Stamella Shrooms. So many treats in fact, that by the end of your adventure, you will have more than enough to feed a whole village!

If you are just shovelling these ingredients raw down Link’s gullet, you will burn through half your stock during a single boss fight. Instead, you should find a fireplace with a study cooking pot and prepare yourself a banquet.

In this short and easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you through how to cook in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, some tips to extract the most value from your feast and the best ingredients to combine together.

Cooking Tips Breath Of The Wild

How To Cook In Breath Of The Wild

When you cook an ingredient in Breath of the Wild, typically, the meal will double the heart restoration of the ingredient. This means that cooking two apples to make a simmered fruit will actually restore two hearts instead of just half a heart per apple. Therefore, taking the time to cook your ingredients before entering your next battle is well worth the detour.

If you are playing Breath of the Wild in reverse, you will be pleased to know that BotW also uses similar mechanics to cooking in Tears of the Kingdom. Everything you learned from one game is quickly transferred to the other.

To cook in Breath Of The Wild, follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Find a cooking pot over a burning campfire.
  • Step 2: Open your inventory and select some ingredients to hold.
  • Step 3: Hold the ingredients next to the campfire.
  • Step 4: Press [A] to start cooking.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be treated to an animation of your food bouncing and boiling around in the pot alongside a cute jingle. If you’re feeling restless, you can also press [X] to skip the animation and dig into your hard-earned dinner.

Alternatively, certain ingredients such as mushrooms, meats and fruits can all be cooked by a naked flame in the wild. So, you don’t always need a cooking pot to get some good grub inside of you before your next battle.

Best Ingredients & Recipes

Now that you’re well equipped with how to cook in Breath of the Wild, let’s take a look at the best recipes. With over 60 decadent recipes, each of which provides a variety of boosts and bonus effects, you won’t be short of options throughout your adventure. As one of the best switch games for kids, cooking in Zelda will also teach good life skills too!

Here are 6 of the best ingredients and recipes in Breath of the wild:

  1. Baked & Roasted Meals
  2. Hearty Ingredients
  3. Hasty Elixirs & Dishes
  4. Endura & Tireless Ingredients
  5. Fireproof Elixir
  6. Mighty Simmered Fruit

Scroll down to find out more about the best ingredients in Breath of the Wild!👇

Roasted Meals Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Baked & Roasted Meals

Meats, mushrooms and of course fruits can all be flambéed by a naked flame when you’re out in the wilderness without a cooking pot in sight. Excluding herbs, whenever you drop an ingredient into a fire (or even just the burning wastes of Death Mountain), it will begin to smoke, burn and eventually transform into a baked good.

The upside of this is it doubles the healing of the ingredient and can be done anywhere as long as you have a fire source. The downside is that any bonuses like stamina regeneration or increased attack power won’t be given.

Hearty Recipes Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Hearty Ingredients

Truffles, bass, salmon, snails, durian and, best of all, radishes, come in the “Hearty” variety. What this means is when you cook them you’ll get temporary hearts from the dish. You might wonder “isn’t that the same for all ingredients?”, and rightly so. But a dish that gives Temporary Hearts not only fills out your health to your maximum, but it’s so potent that Link overflows with well-being and gains extra yellow hearts too!

For our brittle buddy, this is an endlessly useful boon for his battle against the baddies of Hyrule. So, capture any wandering blue snails and lizards, truffle hunt among the trunks of the forest’s trees, and keep an eye out for the pink, flowering stalks of Hearty Radishes.

Hasty Elixir Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Hasty Elixirs

Even with a trusty steed, Link spends a lot of time running around on foot– Running under the desert sun, in the freezing cold and at full sprint away from bothersome enemies. There is a miracle cure for all these ailments: The Hasty Elixir.

Pair a couple Hot-Footed Frogs or Hightail Lizards with your highest quality monster parts and you’ll have a potent, long-lasting concoction that’ll help Link run and climb with greater speed and agility. But if you’re looking for the ultimate Hasty dish, fry these greens: 2x Fleet-Lotus Seeds, 1x Swift Carrot, 1x Swift Violet, and for a thirty-minute effect add the shard of a dragon’s horn.

Endura Recipe Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Endura & Tireless Ingredients

If Link isn’t running, he’s likely climbing. Stamella Shrooms and Restless Crickets may work in a pinch, but Endura Carrots, Endura Shrooms and the rain-loving Tireless Frogs are the number one ingredients you want for mountaineering. Why? Because a single one can fill your stamina bar and then some.

So instead of cooking a great gumbo of this powerful produce, take one, cook it, and do it again until you’re pleasantly packed. So, whenever you see that Link is holding on to the wall by the tip of his pinky, give him a moment to enjoy some Salt-Grilled Greens or Veggie Rice Balls, and he’ll feel completely recharged.

Fireproof Elixir Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Fireproof Elixir

When Link emerges from his hundred-year slumber and surveys the new Hyrule, a few major landmarks stand out. The first is of course Hyrule Castle, but beyond that is a foreboding volcano, spewing a plume of black smoke: Death Mountain.

If you want to visit this lovely landmark, you’ll need more than just heat-resistant clothes or icy treats, you’ll need to become fireproof. At the volcano’s basecamp, Foothill Stable, you may buy up to three Fireproof Elixirs from Gaile. Once you’ve begun your ascent, you’ll need to capture the Fireproof Lizards or Smotherwing Butterflies to brew more.

For most places in the Eldin Mountains, one level of Flame Guard will be enough– so toss just one of these critters into the pot with a generous handful of monster parts. Rarely, you’ll need two levels of Flame Guard, for this add another critter and you’ll be free to enjoy the volcanic vistas.

Mighty Simmered Fruit Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Mighty Simmered Fruit

Sometimes, you’re fighting a gang of bokoblins and you’re down to the Boko Club you nabbed while one of them was taking a dirt nap. Thankfully there’s a solution: Mighty Bananas (or Razorshroom, Mighty fish, and Razorclaw Crabs). What you get when cooking these is a dinner that’ll increase the damage that you dole out.

So, visit Faron to pluck the fresh plantains right off the plant and get cooking. Five Mighty Bananas are enough for a level three attack boost, which amounts to an excellent fifty percent more damage. Just know that’s not going to add up too much when you’re swinging around a Tree Branch.

How To Cook Breath Of The Wild

Breath Of the Wild Cooking Tips

As much as cooking in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is relatively simple, there are a few cooking tips that you should follow to ensure that you extract the most out of your ingredients (and not waste anything!).

Firstly, cooking pots are of no use to you when you find one in the rain, nor a campfire without a pot (as you can’t add one!). However, you’ll find cooking pots aplenty among ruins, surrounded by travellers or even monsters. Every stable and village has a cooking pot just waiting for Link to use.

Secondly, another cooking tip in Breath of the Wild is to avoid using ingredients with different bonus effects for the same meal. For example, unless you’re making a meal like Creamy Heart Soup (or your pantry is especially sparse), cooking a Mighty Banana and Hydromelon Fruit salad bowl together will only give either the attack bonus or the cooling effect, but not both.

So, to maximise your bonus effects from cooking in Breath of the Wild, be sure to avoid cooking ingredients that waver in the effect bonuses each ingredient provides!

What’s your go-to recipe? Hit the comments below, and don’t forget to check out my other tutorials, roundups and walkthroughs of your favourite games.

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