Best Armour Tears of the Kingdom

Best Armor In Tears of the Kingdom (Early & Late Game)

Best gears, for tears. There's a piece for every encounter!

Breath of the Wild has a nice selection of helmets and heavy armor to keep Little Link safe, but Tears of the Kingdom has all those and more. In TotK, there are armour sets for climbing, a set for mining, a set for sticking to walls, and a set for cold weather. Heck, there’s even the glide armor set for soaring the skies.

Today, we’re spilling the tea on the best armor Tears of the Kingdom has to offer for every scenario that you will encounter throughout the lands of Hyrule.

Let’s give Link a little hand, shall we!👇

Best Armor Tears of the Kingdom

Links’ wardrobe has filled up with strange and specific sets of armor in Tears of the Kingdom which makes choosing an armor set difficult. On top of that, you will need to grind out monster guts to upgrade them at the Great Fairy Fountains too. So, to save you from window shopping or buyer’s remorse, here are 10 armor sets that are a must-have in TotK.

The best armors in Tears of the Kingdom are:

  1. Zonaite Armor – Best Overall
  2. Fierce Deity Armor – Best For Attack
  3. Barbarian Armor – Best Attack Alternative
  4. Snowquill Armor Set – Best For Cold Weather
  5. Stealth Armor Set – Best For Stealth
  6. Soldier’s Armor – Best For Early Game
  7. Climbing Armor Set – Best For Travelling
  8. Rubber Armor Set – Best For Electricity
  9. Flamebreaker Armor – Best For Fire
  10. Mystic Armor Set – Best Looking

Zonaite Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best Overall

Zonaite Armor

Best Armor Overall

Base Defence: 12
Max Defence: 84
Special Effects: Energy Up

If you love flying around in homemade helicopters and building devious traps for the denizens in the depths of Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonaite Armor is the best armor set in Hyrule. At max level with the helm, waist guard and shin guards, the Zonaite Armor provides 84 defence, the highest of any set in the game.

But that’s only part of what makes it so useful.

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Each piece increases your Zonai battery, and the set bonus is lower power use by Zonai devices. Basically, it provides a big boost to your contraptions. If you’ve now got your heart set on this armor set, you’ll have to scour the sky islands for each piece and hoard every Construct Horn and Large Zonaite you can find.

Fierce Deity Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Attack

Fierce Deity Armor

Best Armor For Attack Buffs

Base Defence: 15
Max Defence: 60
Special Effects: Attack Up

How’s 50% more firepower sound? Wearing the fierce deity armor set will give you just that. Plus, Link will also benefit from reduced stamina usage for charged attacks which will make sleeping Honoxs and slow Taluses quick kills.

Unlike the Barbarian armor (which is identical in max statistics), you will need hoards of Hinox and Dragon parts to upgrade the Fierce Deity armor. So, your choice between choosing between the Fierce Deity and Barbarian armor will ultimately boil down to which parts you can get your hands on the most.

Oh, and the looks of the armor set of course.

Barbarian Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Attack Buffs

Barbarian Armor

Best Attack Alternative

Base Defence: 12
Max Defence: 60
Special Effects: Attack Up

Besides the appearance and base defence, the Barbarian Armor Set will still buff Link with 50% more firepower and can also be found in caves. There’s reduced stamina for charged attacks and fending off those slow Taluses will equally be a breeze.

As the best alternative to the Fierce Deity armor set when attack stats are your primary concern, the Barbarian Armor Set will require you to slay plenty of Lynel to upgrade to its maximum potential. Personally, I prefer the looks of the Barbarian Armor but that choice is entirely yours!

Snowquill Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Cold Weather Resistance

Snowquill Armor Set

Best Armor For Cold Weather Resistance

Base Defence: 9
Max Defence: 60
Special Effects: Cold Resistance

Out on the frozen tundra, poor Link starts to shiver. If you want to keep him warm– and alive– you either need to stock up on spicy soups, or dress accordingly. The Snowquill armor set is the best armor for those cold nights in Hyrule.

In addition, besides allowing for arctic exploration, the Snowquill set also has a great set bonus– Unfreezable– which Link will be thankful for when facing icy enemies.

Since a quarter of the map in Tears of the Kingdom is covered in snow, and even the desert gets ice-cold at night, the Snowquill set is a must-have in your growing collection. You can buy it at a store in Rito Village, and its first couple of upgrades are easy, only needing Red Chuchu Jelly and Warm Saffinas.

Stealth Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Stealth

Stealth Set

Best Armor For Stealth

Base Defence: 6
Max Defence: 48
Special Effects: Stealth Up

High stealth means Link can comfortably run laps around enemy camps, and casually catch rare creatures. But when you walk into Kakariko Village to buy this sneaky suit, you’ll be struck dead by its five-grand price tag– that’s more than a house, a lot more!

Thankfully, you needn’t pay that scam artist, or at least not that much. Simply cook up a bowl of Sunny Veggie Porridge with Hylian Rice, Fresh Milk, and a Sundelion, then feed it to the shopkeep’s grandmama. Because of this good deed, the prices will be lowered to a respectable 1800 rupees for the set. Pay the lady, and enjoy becoming mostly unnoticeable; with the set bonus of moving quicker at night.

Or if you’re really a cheapskate, you could clear out the Yiga hideouts for a free set of stealthy Yiga gear. Sure, the defence is far worse, but the price is unbeatable.

Soldier's Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Early Game

Soldier’s Armor Set

Best Early Game Armor

Base Defence: 12
Max Defence: 84
Special Effects: N/A

Despite having no set bonus, unlike the similar Zonaite set, the Soldier’s Armor is the best early-to-mid-game armor in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s fairly easy to upgrade, and provides the best defence in the game, with a max of 84 defence. Plus, unlike the Zonaite set (or worse, the Ancient Hero set) it’s easy to find. In fact, it’s right outside of Lookout Landing, if you know where to look.

Once you have spoken to Captain Hoz and gained access to the Hyrule Castle ruins, go right at the Horiblins, fling open the trap door and explore the Royal Hidden Passage. The whole set is among these ruined catacombs and makes for a worthy detour before exploring Hyrule in earnest.

Climbing Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Travelling

Climbing Armor Set

Best Armor For Travelling

Base Defence: 9
Max Defence: 60
Special Effects: Climbing Speed Up

Link is easily the greatest free climber in all of Hyrule. He spends half his time climbing up sheer cliffs and does it for pennies on the dollar. So, if I told you there’s an armor set that makes climbing faster and easier, it would easily be one of the best armor sets, right?

Well, the climbing set does that, and the first piece is easy to find.

Northwest of Lookout Landing is North Hyrule Plain Cave, and inside is the Climber’s Bandana. The gear and boots are over near Zora’s Domain in Lanayru, but they’re certainly worth the detour.

Rubber Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Electricity Defence

Rubber Armor Set

Best Armor For Electricity

Base Defence: 9
Max Defence: 60
Special Effects: Shock Resistance

Getting struck by lightning in Tears of the Kingdom sucks. You drop your Tears of the Kingdom sword weapons, and the enemy gets in a few cheap shots. Plus, besides allowing Bokoblins to violate the Geneva Convention, you take damage too. But there is a solution: to dress up like a catfish and cover yourself in rubber.

As the best armor in Tears of the Kingdom for electricity, the Rubber Armor Set increases shock resistance with each piece that you collect. Plus, once you obtain all pieces of the Rubber Set, the complete set bonus makes you unshockable. Pretty cool, aye?

The chest piece is easy to find, down in the Whistling Hill cave south of Lookout Landing. The other two are further out, in Faron and Lanayru, but with these in hand, you can challenge that menacing Thunder Gleeok in the coliseum with confidence.

Flamebreaker Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best For Fire Resistance

Flamebreaker Armor Set

Best Armor For Fire

Base Defence: 9
Max Defence: 60
Special Effects: Flame Guard

The Gerudo’s Desert Voe set is good, and it’s worth buying one or two pieces to stop Link from sweating and sunburning in the desert, but it doesn’t stop him from catching fire. The Flamebreaker set does.

As the best armor in Tears of the kingdom for defending against fire attacks, each piece adds fireproofing, with its set bonus making Link invulnerable to fire in any form (though not lava). It makes Fire-Breath Lizalfos look pathetic. You’ll have to brave the high heat of Death Mountain (bring fireproof potions and snacks), but once you’ve made it to Goron City, you can buy the set in the shop.

Mystic Armour Tears of the Kingdom - Best Looking Armour

Mystic Armor Set

Best Looking Armor In TotK

Base Defence: 9
Max Defence: N/A
Special Effects: Rupee Padding

If somehow your pockets are overflowing with rupees, the Mystic Set will make you invincible– well almost. Despite having low defence, and being completely un upgradable, its Rupee Padding spends rupees to block damage.

The whole set goes for 46 bubble gems at Koltin’s shop and blocks the equivalent of 57 defence per hit. Over that, Link will feel the pain. So, the Mystic Armor set is rarely better than late-game armor, but if you’ve run out of healing items, this could be your saving grace– and your wallet’s finest hour.

Oh, it happens to be the best-looking armor in the game too!

Champions Leather Armour - Best Armour Tears of the Kingdom

The Final Word

Besides these excellent armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom and other sets like the Frostbite Armor, there is one lone piece of armor that is worth collecting – The Champion’s Leathers. It’s an upgraded version of Link’s champion’s tunic from Breath of the Wild, replete with a black undershirt and leather enhancements.

Fully upgraded, the Champion’s Leathers reaches 32 defence– higher than any other armor piece in the game. Plus, it adds a beam attack to the Master Sword’s throw. It was originally going to be a gift from Zelda, but with her gone, you can gift yourself it by lighting torches in the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle.

What’s your favourite armor in Tears of the Kingdom?

Drop a comment below with any cool tips for armor in TotK and we’ll be sure to hit you back. In the meantime, here are more epic tutorials for you to read:


Question about Tears of the Kingdom armor sets? No sweat, here are the most commonly asked questions our editors answer from our community

How to upgrade armor in Tears of the Kingdom?
To upgrade armor in Tears of the Kingdom, you will need firstly find one of the many Giant Fairy Fountains in Hyrule. Once you have found you have found the fountain, you can pay it rupees to upgrade each piece of armor. 

Can you get ancient armor in Tears of the Kingdom?
The Ancient Hero’s aspect armor, also known as Ancient armor, is the most difficult armor set to acquire in Tears of the Kingdom. To get hold of the set, you will need to complete all 152 Shrines in the game. Then, once complete, you will receive the Ancient armor set.

How does armor work in Tears of the Kingdom?
Armor in Tears of the Kingdom works by improving Link’s defence values. It achieves this by subtracting the attack strength’s value bu Link’s total defence value. In addition, when you collect a full set of armor from the same collection, Link will receive added power-ups that will be extremely handy in battle. 

How many armor sets are there in Tears of the Kingdom?
In total, Tears of the Kingdom has 35 armor sets to collect and 30 pieces of individual armor. This also includes the bonus armor that players can receive by using Amiibo. Although, that is not totally necessary as the entire collection of armor can be found by exploring Hyrule.

What is the Yiga armor bonus in Tears of the Kingdom?

When you collect each piece of the Yiga armor set, you will be granted with ‘Stealth Up’ as a bonus. This bonus improves your stealth attribute for every piece you wear. Then, once you have the complete Yiga armor set, you will get the ‘Night Speed Up’ set bonus which makes you run much faster at night. With both of these attributes and bonuses combined, this is makes the Yiga armor a very powerful armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

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