How To Get The Frostbite Armor Tears of the Kingdom

How To Get The Frostbite Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

A bedazzled blue cloth with some frigid firepower.

Although the Frostbite Armor’s flowing design and open back resemble a dancer’s ensemble, it’s actually ceremonial attire crafted to honour Naydra, the Great Ice Spirit. While it offers limited protection against both cold and physical attacks, it does come with one distinct advantage: the Cold Weather Attack perk.

If you have been struggling to locate the Frostbite Armor in Tears of the Kingdom, we have a short guide on exactly where to find the Frostbite trousers, shirt and headdress to keep you in the Great Ice Spirit’s good books.

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How To Find & Unlock The Frostbite Armor Set In Tears of the Kingdom

When you’re in the arctic, the Frostbite Armor adds a special attack while in cold weather. Watch for when the outfit glows in icy environments, then fire off a charge attack to freeze everything around you to take advantage of this special move.

To locate the Frostbite Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve put together three short guides that will not only help you acquire each piece of the armor but also provide information on the available upgrades once the entire set is unlocked.

Frostbite Trousers Locations Tears of the Kingdom

How to get the Frostbite Trousers

Frostbite Trousers Location: Hebra Headspring Cave
Coordinates: -2897, 2511, 0393

The Frostbite trousers are the toughest treasure of the trio and so we will start here first. To find the Frostbite Trousers, you will want to rug up and cook some hot recipes with cocoa. The Frostbite Trouser are located at the Hebra Headspring Cave (-2897, 2511, 0393), which is out on the Hebra tundra, and east from the Hebra Skyview Tower. It’s a particularly lovely location, where the spring flows right into the mountainside. 

Once you have reached the Hebra Headspring Cave, follow these simple steps to unlock the Frostbite Trousers: 

  1. The test is to travel to the spring’s centre, where a shrine holds the treasure chest. But watch your step! There are sneaky Ice Keese that’ll freeze you solid, and the water is dangerously cold.
  2. The first method is to find a floating block of ice, or to make one with an ice fruit or an ice weapon. With this makeshift raft, add a fan and a steering wheel then drive on over.
  3. The second is to glide over. You can try burning a Hylian Pinecone for an updraft, or use the Rito champion’s special ability for this. 
  4. There are certainly other ways to cross, but as long as you make it across you’re in luck– after all, it’s about the destination, not the journey. And when you open that chest you’ll have your first piece of the Frostbite set: the Frostbite Trousers!

Frostbite Shirt Location Tears of the Kingdom

How to get the Frostbite Shirt

Frostbite Shirt Location: Brightcap Cave
Coordinates: -3002, 1641, 0201

East of Rito Village is a Brightcap Cave (-3002, 1641, 0201) which is where you will find the Frostbite Shirt. At the entrance, you will see two sisters working up the courage to go delving for mushrooms. The trouble is that the cave is home to a Horriblin and a Like Like. If you want to help the two sisters out, collect 10 Brightcaps while you explore the cave. Apart from that, finding the Frostbite shirt is pretty straightforward.

The find the Frostbite Shirt, follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow the caves path, dodging or defeating the monsters on the way.
  2. Use a fire fruit or a fire weapon to clear the thorns surrounding the chest. Or for the thrifty, just climb the walls and jump across. Now you’ve got the Frostbite shirt too.
  3. (Optional) Exit the cave and give the two mushroom hunters 10 Brightcaps. This’ll complete a side quest, and they’ll gratefully give you a Spicy Tomato Mushroom Stew.

Frostbite Headdress Location Tears of the Kingdom

How to get the Frostbite Headdress

Frostbite Headdress Location: Lake Kilsie Cave
Coordinates: -3930, 2859, -0015

Now that you have both the Frostbite Trousers and Frostbite Shirt, it’s time to locate the Frostbite Headdress. The horned Frostbite Headdress resides deep within the Lake Kilsie Cave (-3930, 2859, -0015), which is found northwest of Rito Village in the Hebra region. 

The easiest way to get there, and to get the headdress is to follow these steps:

  1. Use the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower to fly high and glide toward the lake.
  2. Divebomb toward the cavern, then glide in. Beware of the Horriblin gatekeeper and gangs of Keese.
  3. Look to the top right of the cave where a village of stalactites hang. This is your goal, but you’ll have to burn the ice with fire arrows or blast it with a bomb arrow. 
  4. If you’ve only cleared the ice, there is a cracked rock wall that you’ll need to smash up when you get over there.
  5. To get up to this spot, use the torrents of air seeping from the rocks for an updraft and glide over.
  6. Inside is a shrined treasure chest with the Frostbite Headdress inside.

Frostbite Armor Upgrades & Bonus Tears of the Kingdom

Frostbite Armor Set Bonus & Upgrades

The Frostbite set’s bonus makes charged attacks charge faster. Since the set gives you icy-charged attacks, it’s a great bonus to have. To use the bonus, equip all three pieces and have them levelled to two stars or higher. You can upgrade the set with the help of The Great Fairies, and the following items:

  1. 3 Ice Fruit, and 10 rupees (4 defence).
  2. 5 Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horns, 5 Winterwing Butterflies, 50 rupees (6 defence).
  3. 5 Ice Like Stones, 5 Cold Darners, 5 Large Zonai Charges, and 200 rupees (9 defence).
  4. 5 Frost Gleeok horns, 10 Chillfin Trout, 10 Large Zonai Charges, and 500 rupees (16 defence).

So in total, your purchase comes out to: 

  • 9 Ice Fruit
  • 15 Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horns
  • 15 Ice Like Stones
  • 15 Frost Gleeok Horns
  • 30 Chillfin Trout
  • 15 Cold Darners
  • 15 Winterwing Butterflies
  • 45 Large Zonai Charges
  • 2,280 rupees.

Frostbite Armor TotK

The Final Word

The Frostbite set is one of three dragon-inspired armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom. The other two are the Charged set and the Ember set. They all have elemental-charged attacks, and are all found in caves. You can find these sets in regions that reflect their element– the Charged set is found during the Ring Ruins quests that begins in Kakariko Village and ends in the thundering Faron highlands, and the Ember set is scattered around the burning Death Mountain.

But are they worthy of your collection? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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