Best Elixirs Tears of the Kingdom

Best Elixirs In Tears of the Kingdom (2024 Update)

It's time for Link to drink

Cooking in Tears of the Kingdom with monster parts is disgusting. The gelatinous glob of purple food hardly heals Link and likely gives him salmonella. However, when you toss monster parts in with critters like dragonflies or lizards, you will conjure a useful elixir, and Link will instantly thank you for that.

To help you concoct the juiciest potion recipes, we have handpicked the best elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom with all the ingredients you need and their bonus effects. 

Get ready to refuel your hearts and earn more buffs! 👇

Best Elixirs In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Top 9 Best Elixirs Tears of the Kingdom

When brewing elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom, more critters improve the level of its effect, while more monster parts improve the elixir’s duration. The very best type of monster parts are the fleshy ones: guts, eyes, tails and wings. Just don’t waste your valuable Lynel guts when you could be using Bokoblin guts– the bonus is the same.

But which effects should you be gunning for?

The best elixirs and potions in Tears of the Kingdom are:

  1. Enduring Elixir – Best For Stamina
  2. Hearty Elixir – Best For Health
  3. Hasty Elixir – Best For Speed
  4. Fireproof Elixir – Best For Fire Resistance
  5. Mighty Elixir – Best For Attack
  6. Tough Elixir – Best For Defence
  7. Spicy Elixir – Best For Cold Resistance
  8. Bright Elixir – Best For The Dark
  9. Sneaky Elixir – Best For Stealth

Enduring Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Enduring Elixir

Best Elixir For Stamina

Ingredients: Tireless Frog with any monster parts.
Effect: Refills stamina, and adds bonus stamina.

For an elixir that refills stamina and adds bonus stamina to your hero, the Enduring Elixir is the way to go. Just simply add tireless frogs to any monster part and you have yourself a brew that will keep Link at peak fitness levels for the long haul. You can find tireless frogs congregating in dripping caves, and at ponds in the rain.

They’re the rarer frog type, and their ingredient effect is doubly useful.

The Enduring Elixir is particularly useful when you want to use a Skyview tower to glide over to places unknown or hunt down the Zonaite armor collection. Without this elixir, you will likely run out of stamina before you get to your destination– meaning you will fall to your death, or at least have to continue on foot.

Like it says on the tag, the Enduring Elixir fills your stamina and then some. Adventuring is tiring work, so it’s the perfect pick-me-up whenever Link finds himself low on energy.

Hearty Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Hearty Elixir

Best Elixir For Health Regeneration

Ingredients: Hearty Lizard with any monster parts.
Effect: Refills all health, and adds bonus hearts.

When looking to refill your hearts with elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom, you have the option of the Fairy Tonic or the Hearty Elixir. For whatever reason, the Fairy Tonic is more costly and less effective than the Hearty Elixir – the latter taking our crown as the best elixir for heart regeneration.

As one of the most important elixirs in the Tears of the Kingdom, the Hearty Elixir can be made by blending one skittish blue lizard and a Bokoblin tooth. The effect of this elixir will refill all your health with bonus hearts on top– regardless of how many Heart Containers you have.

On the other hand, four Fairies must be put into the pot for just the health refill. Who knows why, so just hunt those Hearty Lizards and be happy with the powerful potion it produces.

Hasty Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Hasty Elixir

Best Elixir For Speed Boost

Ingredients: Hot-Footed Frog, and/or Hightail Lizard, with any monster parts.
Effect: Increased running, swimming, and climbing speed.

Moving faster in TotK is always useful, especially if you’re impatient.

For that, there’s the Hasty Elixir.

What’s even better is that the ingredients for the Hasty Elixir are extremely common. All ponds, wells, and lakes have Hot-Footed Frogs, and Hightail Lizards hide on trees and in tall grass. If you’re having trouble nabbing them, try crouching, or wearing stealth armour.

After you’ve got a couple of these critters, toss ‘em in with all the monster parts you can spare for a spiffy speed boost. A must-have potion for speedrunners.

Fireproof Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Fireproof Elixir

Best Elixir For Fire Resistancy

Ingredients: Fireproof Lizard, and/or Smotherwing Butterfly with any monster parts.
Effect: Prevents you from catching fire.

Death Mountain is so hot, that you’ll get more than just heatstroke when you climb it– you’ll catch fire! And sure, that’s no problem if you’ve got the Flamebreaker armour set, but guess where you buy it? On top of Death Mountain.

So, either you pack enough food to fight through the flames, or you brew up some Fireproof Elixirs. Catch a couple of red and black critters around the base of the mountain, cook up a batch– a low-level effect will do– and start climbing (don’t fall into the lava).

You won’t need to use Fireproof Elixir’s all too much in Tears of the Kingdom, but when you do, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you found out about them here.

Mighty Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Mighty Elixir

Best Elixir For Attack Boost

Ingredients: Bladed Rhino Beetle, and any monster parts.
Effect: Adds a 20%, 30%, or 50% boost to attack, depending on effect level.

A high-level attack boost means 1.5x more damage. Add that to the 8x damage of a sneak strike, and you’re one-shotting anyone with their back to you (it’s just too bad that you can’t sneak strike Lynels). That’s what the Mighty Elixir provides and it’s definitely mighty indeed.

However, the trouble with making the Mighty Elixir is finding the Bladed Rhino Beetles. They keep still stuck to trees and fly off at the slightest sound. So, gear up for stealth, and set out for the Bronas Forest in Faron, or the Retsam Forest by Hateno Village to catch some.

If you’re in the mood, make a few Mighty Elixir’s in one sitting and stock them up for later. Trust me, Bladed Rhino Beetles are annoying to grab.

Tough Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tough Elixir

Best Elixir For Defence Boost

Ingredients: Rugged Rhino Beetle, and any monster parts.
Effect: Adds a 20%, 30%, or 50% boost to defence, depending on effect level.

Another awesome potion in Tears of the Kingdom is the Tough Elixir

Until you’ve helped the great fairies and upgraded your armour, even the lowly Lizalfos can kill Link in one or two hits. Plus, once you’re armoured up, it’s Lynels and Gleeoks killing poor Link.

So, no matter who you’re facing, a strong sip of a Tough Elixir comes in handy. Like Mighty Elixirs, they’re made from beetles, and these beetles are best found in the Bronas and Retsam Forests of the southeast.

Remember that batch production when you’re feeling patient.

Spicy Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Spicy Elixir

Best Elixir For Cold Weather

Ingredients: Summerwing Butterfly, and/or Warm Darner, with any monster parts.
Effect: Keep Link warm for a time.

Close to half the map in Tears of the Kingdom is blanketed by snow. In addition, as you head into the deep tundra of the Hebra region, one level of cold protection isn’t enough to stop Link from freezing to death. So, rug up or cook up some Spicy Elixirs.

Spicy Pepper meals work too, but their duration is often too short for an Arctic adventure. The best Spicy Elixirs last half an hour, so if you have the Bokoblin Guts to spare, it’s an effective way to keep Link warm when you don’t have the Snowquill set or time for a fire.

Bright Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Bright Elixir

Best Elixir For Dark Weather

Ingredients: Deep Firefly, with any monster parts.
Effect: Link glows for a time.

For a potion to help you see in the dark, go for the Bright Elixir.

Those strange dragonfly-firefly things that float around in the depths may be odd, but they cook up really nice. And keeping a Bright Elixir ready for when your Brightbloom seeds run low, or you’re climbing in the dark is always a good idea.

That said, the low-level effect is pretty pathetic, so you’ll want to brew them up at high strength or you’ll see no further than your big toe– Just something to consider.

Sneaky Elixir - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Sneaky Elixir

Best Elixir For Stealth

Ingredients: Sunset Firefly, and any monster parts.
Effect: Grants stealth effect.

To get the Stealth Set, you have to visit Kakariko Village, cure Claree’s grandmama’s Gloom sickness, and pay out a pretty penny. That, or get the Yiga set, but neither of these armour sets provides much defence should you run into trouble.

The alternative is Sneaky Elixirs, which are easily made. Catch a bunch of fireflies in the forests at night, then add monster parts. It’s a perfect potion for sneakstrikes and cheeky escapes. Not to mention wading your way through enemy camps.

Potion & Elixir Cooking Tips Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Pro Tip For Making Elixirs

If you don’t want to waste all your critters for a high-powered elixir effect, there are other ways to provide potency. The first is cooking with fairies. Add them to any dish or elixir and it’ll level up. Even better is that, unlike normal cooking, elixirs can use normal cooking ingredients. This means that adding an Endura Shroom to your Enduring Elixir will double its bonus stamina, or adding a Hearty Salmon to a Hearty Elixir will result in more gold hearts.

Just remember that Elixirs provide better effects at the cost of lower healing, so take care to do some cooking too.

What’s your go-to potion in Tears of the Kingdom?

Drop a comment below with any cool tips for elixirs in TotK and we’ll be sure to hit you back. In the meantime, here are more epic tutorials for you to read:

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