Best Weapons In Dying Light 2

Best Weapons In Dying Light 2: Melee & Ranged Weapons

Mortalise the Infected with this list of the best weapons in Dying Light 2

Collecting an arsenal of the best weapons in Dying Light 2?

Now that guns are a long-distant memory, Dying Light 2 presents an array of swords, axes, bows and brass knuckles to acquire throughout Villedor in your fight against the infected and the Renegades. With so much loot to get your dirty little mitts on, finding and crafting the best weapons is much simpler than most other games like Dying Light.

But which Dying Light 2 weapon is best? Let’s find out! 👇

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons

From ranged weapons to heavy-duty melee axes and even Aiden himself, there are several ways to make light work of the infected throughout Dying Light 2. Now, before you go getting on your high horse that your favourite weapon is not listed here, remember this is my personal collection of favourite weapons.

Ready to go hunting with some crazy loot?

Here are the top 5 best weapons in Dying Light 2:

  1. Peacekeeper Crossbow – Best Weapon Overall
  2. The Paper Clip Bow – Best Survivor Ranged Weapon
  3. Heavy Duty Axe – Best Melee Weapon
  4. Lazarus Knuckledusters – Best Early Game Weapon
  5. Enso Katana – Best Sword

Keep scrolling to explore each of my recommended Dying Light 2 weapons. 👇

PK Crossbow

PK Crossbow

Best Dying Light 2 Weapon Overall

How To Unlock: Reach City Alignment “4” With Peacekeepers

Without question, the PK Crossbow is the best weapon in Dying Light 2. In fact, it’s the most overpowered weapon in the game! If you’re looking for Dying Light 2 guns then the Peacekeeper Crossbow is the closest thing you’ll find to blast away your zombie friends.

However, for all of its glory, the PK Crossbow is, unfortunately, exclusive only to gamers who take the Peacekeeper route. So, if you’ve opted for Survivors, well, you’ll have to settle for the Paper Clip Bow instead.

Featuring an insanely quick fire rate and craftable bolts, the PK Crossbow will never break on you and outputs some serious firepower – especially when you change arrow types during combat. As for its accuracy, the PK Crossbow is great for both long-range and mid-range shooting without the need to spend resources on mods.

Why? Because it’s OP as f*ck!

But don’t just take my word for it; opt for the Peacekeeper route, get yourself up to City Alignment level 4 and have away with the infected at your own leisure.

Paper Clip Bow - Best Ranged Weapon For Survivors

Paper Clip Bow

Best Ranged Weapon For Survivors

How To Unlock: Found In Lawan’s Apartment During “The Shoe”

If you have opted to assign territories to the Survivors, the Peacekeeper Crossbow, unfortunately, will not be at your disposal. However, keeping a decent ranged weapon in Dying Light 2 with you is always a good idea, and for that, there is the Paper Clip Bow.

As the best-ranged weapon for Survivors in Dying Light 2, the paper clip bow deals enough damage to take out Howlers at night and will come in handy during boss fights when you are short on health. While some may argue that the Paper Clip bow is only a rare-tier weapon (and therefore should not feature on this list), there is enough damage behind the bow to warrant a mention for Survivors.

Plus, what other choice do you have!?

Okay, so you’re not exactly going to be hitting one-shot kills from rooftops like Legolas. But you’ll be thankful you have the Paper Clip Bow on you during some of the more hectic moments in Dying Light 2.

Heavy Duty - Best Melee Weapon Dying Light 2

Heavy Duty (2H Long Axe)

Best Dying Light 2 Melee Weapon

How To Unlock: Reward For Completing “X-13” Mission

Speaking of Legolas, if you are a gamer who also enjoys some Lord of the Rings analogies, the Heavy Duty is a two-handed long axe that Gimli would be proud to own. As the best melee weapon in Dying Light 2, the Heavy Duty axe is extremely powerful during the end game and comes with huge amounts of damage potential.

Unfortunately, while the Heavy Duty Axe is an artifact rarity weapon that comes with three moddable slots, it is only unlockable after you have completed the final mission, “X-13,” and cannot be used during the main storyline.

However, for those of you who intend to continue playing Dying Light 2 once you have completed the storyline, the Heavy Duty Axe is an absolute monster and well worth sticking around to try out.

Don’t forget to use the slots to boost damage, longevity and special effects!

Lazarus - Best Early Game Weapon

Lazarus Knuckledusters

Best Early Game Weapon

How To Unlock: Give Watertower to Peacekeepers (“Water Tower” Mission)

Aaah, there’s nothing better than some good ol’ knuckledusters.

In the early game, the Lazarus Knuckledusters are the best weapon in Dying Light 2. As a legendary item, while they are nowhere close to the actual best weapon in the game, they make for an extremely fun and unique way to slaughter the infected at the start.

In fact, they will be the strongest weapon you will have for a while.

Once you have given the water tower to the Peacekeepers in the “Water Tower” mission and chosen to go with Aiden instead of Sophie, Aiden will give you the knuckledusters as a reward for your loyalty. All you now need to do is strap them to your knuckles and throw some haymakers!

Lazarus - Best Early Game Weapon

Enso Katana

Best Dying Light 2 Sword

How To Unlock: Randomised Loot

If you prefer swordplay over axe slashing, the Enso Katana is the most stylish weapon in Dying Light 2. Plus, it is the best sword you acquire both during the middle of the game and towards the end of the storyline.

However, while the Katana is great in mid-game, should you acquire one towards the end-game, you will find that the damage output is greatly increased due to a loot scaling mechanism throughout Dying Light 2. Well worth the wait in my opinion!

As a long two-handed sword, carving through multiple enemies simultaneously with the Enso Katana is relatively simple. Just aim, swing, and watch its blade cut through limbs.

There’s not much more to it!

Best Weapon Mods Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Weapon Tiers & Levels

Now that I have named dropped my favourite weapons in Dying Light 2, you may be wondering how weapon tiers in Dying Light 2 work.

As much as Dying Light 2 is not technically a looter-shooter, the gameplay works on similar mechanics with loot scaling. This means that different weapons have different rarities, and you’re likely to acquire better weapons as you progress through the storyline. With each weapon tier determining how many perks are available, a wise strategy is to not waste resources on upgrading rare or unique weapons which only have one and two perks, respectively.

Oh no, you should be saving up for those Artifacts!

In addition, you’ll do well not to grow too attached to weapons in Dying Light 2 either. After all, while you can repair weapons in Dying Light 2, they will often break, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a better version down the track. So, upgrade them all you want but be warned that you’ll be bitterly disappointed at wasting your resources a few missions later.

Here are the 5 weapon tiers in Dying Light 2 in order of the rarest first:

  1. Artifact (Gold)
  2. Unique (Purple)
  3. Rare (Blue)
  4. Uncommon (Green)
  5. Common (Grey/White)

Like most gamers, you will have your eyes set on artifact weapons when you step into Dying Light 2. However, just like you shouldn’t get too attached to your early-game weapons, there will come a time when trading your artifact weapon for cash will serve you better in the long run.

Dying Light 2 Best Weapon Mods

Once you’ve started to collect an array of artifact-grade weapons, you may be wondering how to customise each maximum via weapon mods for maximum performance. Unlike the original Dying Light, Dying Light 2 has kindly provided us with dozens of weapon mods you can assign to your favourite weapons. What used to be a dull blade now blows some serious heat!

Weapon mods in Dying Light 2 play a critical part when defeating bosses, sneaking through compounds or just letting loose with pure hatred for the infected. To craft weapon mods, you will need blueprints and a bucket load of crafting components. So, while they are awesome to take advantage of, they are not exactly dished out at the start of the game.

The top 10 best weapon mods in Dying Light 2 are:

  1. Puff
  2. Explosive Arrows
  3. Bane
  4. Flame
  5. Infected Arrows
  6. Inferno
  7. Avalanche
  8. Empowerment
  9. Reinforcement
  10. Spark

Best Weapons In Dying Light 2

The Final Word

With some weapons associated exclusively with Dying Light 2 factions, carving a pathway that best suits your gameplay is critical to success.

However, there are so many weapons, mods and craftable bolts to choose from that I do not doubt you will find the right balance with your loadout. After all, there’s always room to store cool weapons away in your stash! So, have a play with the weapons available and be sure to try out some of the insane blueprints to take things up a notch!

What’s your favourite Dying Light 2 weapon?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out some of my other roundups, game tutorials and buyers guides to complete your experience:

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Questions about weapons and guns in Dying Light 2? No sweat! Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive:

Are there guns in Dying Light 2?

As of this writing, the only gun available in Dying Light 2 is the boomstick. You can find the Boomstick by finishing the “Observatory” mission and by purchasing the blueprint from the craft-master vendor which can be found within a Peacekeeper territory. Besides this, there are no other guns available in Dying Light 2 and you will have to get creative with melee weapons or bows.

Why did Dying Light 2 remove guns?

According to Techland developers, the reason why guns have been removed in Dying Light 2 is due to the fact that the military confiscated almost every firearm before abandoning the city. With no skilled gunsmiths left to manufacture new guns, there are no guns available in the game.

Can you get the Lazarus in Dying Light 2?

Good news gamers, the Lazarus is available in Dying Light 2 – with a little bit of effort. To obtain the Lazarus, you will need to complete the Aitor side quest and make sure that Aitor survives.

To start the Aitor side quest, tell Jack Matt what happened to Aitor during the story quest, A Place To Call Home. Once this has been done, you will notice that during the quest, ‘Welcome On Board’, Aitor will arrive on the Peacekeeper ship and the Aitor quest will start. Be sure at the end of the ‘Welcome On Board’ quest that you agree to help Juan as you won’t be able to meet Aitor at the Fish Eye Canteen later on during the game.

Once all of this is done, talk to Dr. Steven and help him obtain medical herbs from Margaret. At Margaret’s home, be sure to tell her that you’re not a part of the Peacekeeper clan and she will gladly let you into her humble abode. Then, simply wait until nightfall and go to the marker on the map where you will find three Recluse petals. These are large white plants and are easy to find.

Finally, once you have all 3 Recluse plants, run away from the Infected and return to Dr. Steven where you can collect the Lazarus.

Where to get a bow in Dying Light 2?

While the PK Crossbow and Pipe Bow are some of the best weapons in Dying Light 2, you are going to have to play through the game a little before you can unlock them. To unlock the Pipe Bow in Dying Light 2, you will need to complete the ‘Let’s Waltz’ mission which is around the midway point of the main storyline. Once complete, you will unlock the blueprint for the Pipe Bow and will be happy as larry as you bow down zombies from distance.

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