Dying Light 2 Factions: Peacekeepers or Survivors?

Dying Light 2 Factions: Peacekeepers or Survivors?

Everything you need to know about factions in Dying Light 2!

Struggling to decide which Dying Light 2 faction is best?

In Techland’s latest instalment of the popular zombie survival parkour series, gamers are taken to the destructive city of Villedor. There’s fighting for control over key districts and, of course, an endless number of infected zombies to combat too!

In a triple-threat showdown between 3 factions, assuming control of certain regions within the game will determine who influences the laws and well-being of its people. While assigning a certain faction to a key watchtower or power station bears no influence on the primary storyline, it does modify your experience as you play.

But which faction is best? Let’s find out! 👇

Dying Light 2 Factions

In Dying Light 2, there are 2 playable factions and 1 faction that you cannot join. The two playable factions are the Peacekeepers and the Survivors. The unplayable faction is the Renegades. Of the two playable factions, the Peacekeepers and the Survivors come with unique benefits once you assign a key location to either faction.

However, one is slightly better than the other.

Find out which faction best suits your playstyle as I delve deep into the background, morals and benefits of the Peacekeepers, the Survivors and the Renegades.

Here are the 3 factions in Dying Light 2 and their benefits:

  1. Survivors
  2. Peacekeepers
  3. Renegades

Keep scrolling to learn more about each Dying Light 2 faction. 👇

Survivors Faction Dying Light 2

Survivors Faction

Best Faction For Parkour & Travel

Your first encounter with any faction in Dying Light 2 will be the Survivors.

As your everyday people, the Survivors’ strength of teamwork and survivability helps them to create a prosperous community that harvests its surroundings. While far less violent than the Peacekeepers and the Renegades, don’t be fooled by the placid nature of their community. Behind the kind and gentle approach to life within Villedor lies a menacing force of adaptability and cunningness that makes for very interesting gameplay.

From traversal perks to unlocking the ability to explore zones unreachable by any other faction in Dying Light 2, the Survivors are not exactly fond of The Infected. Yet, they are not waking up bloodthirsty each morning either.

Despite being considered ”the good guys” the tight-knit community of the Survivors means nothing but an unnerving amount of distrust of outsiders. Imagine relocating to a village in the countryside and being stared up and down by its locals.

Yeah, that’s the Survivors for you!

Survivor Faction Benefits & Upgrades:

If you choose to join the Survivors faction, several rewards and benefits will help you complete the game. Best suited to players who want to avoid combat and explore the rooftops of the city, joining the Survivors will reward the following:

  • Ziplines – Creates additional routes through zones.
  • Two-Way Ziplines: Allows you to travel upwards.
  • Airbags – Allows you to reach higher vantage points.
  • Upgraded Airbags – Cushions fall from greater heights.
  • Landing Bags – Cushions your fall from great heights.
  • Revival – An NPC ally can revive you.
  • Air Vents – Reach greater heights with the Paraglider.

As you can see, the primary focus of the benefits you receive when you join the Survivor faction in Dying Light 2 is manoeuvrability. The perks are fairly impressive for exploring new areas; however, for generalised movement, it will only speed you up slightly.

Peacekeeper Faction Dying Light 2

Peacekeepers Faction

Best Faction For Combat

The Peacekeepers in Dying Light 2 are practically your local military.

As the best Dying Light 2 faction for combat, the Peacekeepers will tend to use force by building traps and war machines against any enemies that cross them. While their main fight looks towards the infected, the Peacekeepers are in a constant daily battle with the Renegades over control of certain districts too.

If you are looking for a fight, there will be plenty of weaponry at your disposal!

Sporting your typical army attire with tattoos to mark their status within the order, the Peacekeepers will reduce the number of infected within certain zones and can be spotted a mile away through their abundant use of sheet metal fencing.

There’s an authoritarian approach to their leadership, and they are no strangers to publicly executing anyone who goes against their wishes. So much so that if you attack a Peacekeeper accidentally, they will hunt you down for as far as they can see you.

Best to be friends with the military, aye.

Peacekeeper Faction Benefits & Rewards:

If you choose to join the Peacekeeper faction, you will be rewarded with combat rewards. As some of the best perks in the game, members of the Peacekeeper faction will receive the following benefits and rewards:

  • Car Traps: Install traps in zones you control.
  • Razor Cannons: Decimate incoming virals.
  • Electric Traps: Electrocute and block enemies.
  • Crossbow Pack: Receive a semi-auto crossbow.
  • Blueprints: Receive blueprints for Elemental bolts.
  • Molotov Lanterns: Set fire to huge areas.
  • Pendulum Traps: Mow down groups of enemies
  • UV Trap: Provides UV light and traps enemies.

As you can see, the rewards you get with the Peacekeeper faction open up a new world of ways to slay your enemies. When you consider that the Peacekeeper Crossbow is the best weapon in Dying Light 2, and that’s just one of the 8 perks you receive. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have a ton of fun as a Peacekeeper.

Renegades Faction Dying Light 2

Renegades Faction

Non-Playable Dying Light 2 Faction

As with all great protagonist storylines, there’s an antagonist to follow.

Heavily armed and without a moral code, the Renegades are the enemy faction in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. As a non-playable faction, the Renegades love a good fight, and you should expect stiff opposition. After all, they are banded together by one truth.

They are all ex-convicts!

Led by Colonel Chris Williams (The Butcher), the Renegades are more akin to a crew of bandits rather than a faction, with their backstory connected to how Aiden ended up in Villadore in the first place. I won’t spoil the backstory for you as it’s pretty epic; however, once you learn about the Renegades’ checkered history, you’ll start to fear them.

Unlike the Survivors and the Peacekeepers, you cannot join the Renegades faction. You will mainly encounter them as you attempt to liberate zones from their control. Of which, you cannot decide to award zones to the Renegades and will have to do your best to keep them from assuming control all on their own.

But be warned. While the Peacekeepers may give fair warning before opening fire, the Renegades have no such respect for human life.

Dying Light 2 Factions: Peacekeepers or Survivors?

Which Is Best: Peacekeepers or Survivors?

So then, which faction is better – peacekeepers or survivors?

While joining either faction has no bearing on the storyline, Peacekeepers are slightly better than Survivors in Dying Light 2. This is because when you join the Peacekeepers, you receive much better rewards such as car traps, electrical traps and the PK Razor Canon.

Conversely, joining the Survivors will provide you with better manoeuvrability tools, such as zip lines and airbags. However, the boost you get to your parkour skills from these rewards, while fairly decent, is not enough to warrant Survivors being awarded the best faction.

Choosing between the Peacekeepers or Survivors ultimately boils down to your preferred playstyle. With the ability to set up facilities of either faction, a good strategy is to assign two facilities to the Survivors to get the ziplines and three facilities for the Peacekeepers to use the car traps and other goodies.

If you like the combat aspects of Dying Light 2, then Peacekeepers are better than Survivors. However, for anyone who wants to explore the rooftops of Villadore, then Survivors are the best faction to join.

So, who will you choose? Peacekeepers or Survivors?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out some of my other roundups and buyers guides to complete your gaming setup:

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