How Magic Works In Demon's Souls

How Magic Works In Demon’s Souls – A Beginners Guide

Learn magic in Demon's Souls with our easy to follow tutorial.

Struggling to defeat a boss and wondering how magic works in Demon’s souls to give you an upper hand? No sweat, we’ve got you covered.

Magic is an attribute in Demon’s Souls Remake that has two branches; Sorcery and Miracles. Sorcery is used to perform offensive spells like Soul Ray and Fireball. Conversely, Miracles focus on defensive spells like healing and reviving.

While it’s tempting to just charge straight into your foe wielding a shiny sword, magic plays a critical part in your survival throughout Demon’s Souls. As an extremely challenging souls game that plays similar to Elden Ring, learning how to use magic and mastering all character traits will be vital to defeating the bosses that guard the Archstones.

But how do you learn magic in Demon’s Souls and use these powers wisely?

In this short guide, we’ll explain all you need to know about magic in Demon’s Souls. No matter whether playing the original or the remake, the same rules apply to the game.

Scroll down to read our full guide on magic in Demon’s Souls or click the links below to skip to the sections that are most relevant to you:

When you’re done, don’t forget to hit the comments with any questions you have about magic in Demon’s Souls. We’ve clocked well over 200 hours on this game and would be more than happy to help with any questions you have.

Now, ready to become a master sorcerer? Let’s get started.

How To Learn Magic In Demon's Souls

How To Learn Magic Demon’s Souls

Learning magic in Demon Souls is something that you can do from the very start of the game. It will help you heal and overcome opponents, especially when facing tough bosses. By now, you’ve probably realised that Demon’s Souls is not an easy game to play without magic. Therefore, it is worth focusing on magic from the very start and equipping it.

To learn magic in Demon’s Souls, the first thing that you will need to do is look for an Archstone to fast-travel to the Nexus. Here you will find a man resting next to the stairs on the right side of the building behind the pillar. After talking to him a few times, a menu will pop up with an option to learn magic.

You will also find a man on the opposite side of the building who can teach you miracles for 3,000 souls. Basically, learning magic is essentially buying spells in Demon Souls. The additional bonus with this purchase is the Talisman of God, essential for restoring your health to some extent and using magic.

You can visit Freke, Yuria, or Freke’s apprentice to learn more sorceries. Just speak to them and select the Remember Spells option to learn sorceries. If you run out of memory slots, you can unlock more of these by investing souls into your magic skill. It will allow you to learn more sorceries in Demon’s Souls and a variety will be helpful.

When learning Miracles, you can visit Urbain or his apprentice and use the “Remember Miracles” option to add more sorceries to your memory slots. However, you will need more intelligence for Miracle slots, so invest in this attribute also.

Now, besides the Talisman of God, you can also find a Wooden Catalyst at the Lord’s Path. Most players go with the Talisman of Beasts in Demon Souls, as it will allow them to cast Sorceries and Miracles. However, the Talisman of God is also a great option.

You can get the Talisman of Beasts by defeating the Black Phantom Scirvir, but he will only appear once you have attained Pure Back World Tendency. The other way to obtain this is by completing the Mephistopheles quest, in which you have to get the Freezing Yurt, Pure Black Character Tendency, and Silent Chief from the Tower of Latria.

How To Use Magic Demon's Souls

How To Use Magic Demon’s Souls

Okay, now you know how to learn magic, it’s time to learn how to use magic Demon’s Souls.

Once you have purchased some spells, before you start using these, the first thing that you will need to ensure is your faith attribute is at level 10 or higher. Most of the classes in Demon Souls already have faith attributes ten or higher, so you don’t have to worry.

However, to be absolutely sure that you can use magic straight away, I would recommend opting for the Royalty class. The Royalty class by default comes with all the necessary attritubes to use magic efficiently in Demon’s Souls.

To use magic in Demon Souls, follow this simple steps:

  • Select the catalyst or casting item by tapping the right d-pad
  • Select which spell you want by pressing up on the d-pad
  • If you are able to cast, the spell will be in full colour.
  • If you are unable to cast, the spell will be greyed out.

By investing more points into Intelligence, Magic, and Faith attributes, you will be able to cast better spells throughout the game. Your blue bar will primarily allow you to perform one spell at a time, but you are free to use and wield spells if you have Focus Points.

How To Level Up Magic Demon’s Souls

If you want to level up the Magic attribute in Demon Souls, you should first defeat the Phalanx boss. After that, you have to talk to Monumental.

Once done talking to Monumental, visit the Maiden in Black at the Nexus. Here you have to invest Souls Points in increasing the Magic Stat. Each point you invest in the magic attribute will increase your max Magic Power. As with most souls games, the more you increase your max magic power, the more slots you will acquire and the better the spells you can cast.

Other than that, increasing your max magic power will also increase the Wooden Catalyst and Insanity Catalyst Magic Adjust. You can take this attribute to a max level of 99 and trust us, you will want to do this if you plan on absolutely destroying any opponent that stands in your way!

Best Magic Spells Demon's Souls

Best Spells In Demon’s Souls

While casting spells is always a great option during battle, not all spells are equal and some may not have the desired effect you want. It’s important to understand how spells work to get the most of them and we have provided a very quick guide to the best spells in Demon’s Souls.

If you want to master the game, we encourage you to learn which spells can be stacked with one another as well as the properties of each spell to ensure you are not left without MP that will come critical later on during a single fight.

Here are the 7 best spells in Demon Souls:

  1. Soul Ray
  2. Warding
  3. Light Weapon
  4. Poison Cloud
  5. Firestorm
  6. Water Veil
  7. Cursed Weapon

1. Soul Ray (Attack Spell)

If you are already using ”Soul Arrow” then the Soul Ray spell is the perfect upgrade to this. Dealing far greater damage and enabling you to hit multiple enemies at once, the Soul Ray attack spell is a superb starter spell for your arsenal. Not only does the Soul Ray spell cut through multiple enemies with it’s piercing effect, this spell also plays out very well when surrounded by multiple enemies.

2. Warding (Defence Spell)

For defence, there is not much better than the warding spell. Obtained fairly early in the game, the warding spell will reduce physical attack damage by 70%. If you are playing with an aggressive build that induces close-counter combat, the warding spell will quickly become your new best friend.

To get the most out of the warding spell, be sure to master your timing. Taking up 2 spell slots and costing 50 MP every time you use, the warding spell is only great when used sparingly. If you are struggling with magic or fire attacks, the warding spell will not help you much and cannot be stacked with other spells such as the Water Veil. However, for close quarter combat with weapons, be sure to equip the warding spell to your arsenal.

3. Light Weapon (Enchanting Spell)

With the light weapon spell, any weapons with magic attack remain unchanted. As such, this spell is an absolute must of magic builds if you wish to get the most out of your website. While this spell does not do direct hit damage to your opponent, the Light Weapon spell will buff your weapons with magic attack which also scales with your magic level. For builds with low strength and dexterity, you will need the Light Weapon spell. However, it will consume 2 spell slots and last for only 60 seconds so use with caution.

4. Poison Cloud (Attack Spell)

The Poison Cloud spell will drain opponents health by 5 HP per second with a total damage counter of 905 damage. It’s fairly simple to cast and works well against all of the primary bosses. A good technique for this spell is to cast the spell and then run away quickly for maximum effect. This spell is particularly effective against bosses such as Old King Doran and Garl Vinland. It also works on the very tough Black Phantoms.

5. Firestorm (Attack Spell)

The firestorm spell is the most powerful AoE attack spell in the game. As such, you should aim to obtain this spell with your mage build. Dealing devastating damage to your opponents which is increased when combined with damage-boosting rings such as the Ring of Magical Sharpness, the Firestorm spell is lethal.

It is so lethal in fact, you can often one shot enemies. However, great power comes with great responsibility and controlling the Firestorm spell is not that easy. Every time you cast, the spell will be unpredictable with the pillars of flame appearing randomly. For increased control, you should position yourself close to your enemy to ensure that larger foe are hit multiple times with the pillars of fire.

6. Water Veil (Defence Spell)

If you’re defending against fire attacks then the Water Veil spell is the best spell to use in Demon’s Souls for these moments. When casted, the Water Veil spell will reduce all fire attacks by 45% and when combined with the Flame Resistance ring, this spell is incredibly powerful for your defence. When fighting bosses in the Stonefang Tunnel such as the Armor Spider and Flamelurker, be sure to use this spell.

7. Cursed Weapon (PVP Spell)

The cursed weapon spell is extremely useful during PVP battles. When casting, the cursed weapon spell will buff your attack by 50% which will make slicing through enemies relatively simple. But be warned, this spell will reduce your HP by 1% per second while being used. So, if you do not have any form of regeneration build then this will be extremely costly to your hit points.

How Magic Works In Demon's Souls

The Final Word

Hopefully now having read this article you are well versed on how magic works in Demon’s Souls. You should hopefully know how to learn magic, how to use it and the best spells for each situation that you encounter. So, what are you waiting for? Get off this article, jump into the game and let’s get your Gandalf on!

As always, playing smart with your magic is critical. There is only a certain number of spells you can cast during a single combat and you will want to make sure that you are using the right spells at the right time. From shielding yourself to going on the offensive, Demon’s Souls is a game that requires strategy over brute force.

Dying and losing souls is one of the most annoying parts of the game so be absolutely sure that you know how to use magic in Demon’s Souls before you start casting spells.

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