Best Brazen Gaming Chair Australia

BraZen Gaming Chairs: Top 5 Best BraZen Gaming Chairs

British made and packed full of features. But which BraZen chair is best?

Straight out of the UK, BraZen gaming chairs are deftly designed with the promise of luxurious comfort during long gaming sessions. Sporting your a-typical racing-style seat, BraZen gaming chairs come with a wealth of features at low-cost prices.

As one of the largest gaming chair distributors in the UK, BraZen have curated a range of gaming seats suitable for both PC gaming and couch-style gaming, with options for kids, adults and those sweaty teenagers among us.

But which BraZen gaming chair is best? Let’s find out! 👇

Best BraZen Gaming Chairs Australia

From rocking chairs with speakers to tall winged back recliner seats that double up as professional office chairs, you are spoilt for choice with BraZen.

Here are the top 5 best BraZen gaming chairs in Australia:

  1. BraZen Puma PC Gaming Chair – Best Budget
  2. BraZen Emperor X Gaming Chair – Best Rocker Chair
  3. BraZen Phantom Elite – Most Comfortable
  4. BraZen Stag 2.1 Gaming Chair – Best For Speakers
  5. BraZen Sentinel Elite – Best For Tall Gamers

Keep scrolling to explore each of my recommended BraZen gaming chairs. 👇

Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair

BraZen Puma PC Gaming Chair

Best Budget BraZen Gaming Chair

Price: From $289.95 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: Up to 100kg » Warranty: 2 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

Despite the Brazen Salute holding strong as the cheapest BraZen gaming chair, the BraZen Puma is the best budget option for kids and teenagers. Not only is the BraZen Puma more comfortable with a padded headrest, seat and armrests, it just looks better too.

As an entry-level gaming chair, the BraZen Puma sports an extremely stylish design with 8 colour options. There’s a mid-size back and a concave design that can hold a maximum weight of up to 100kg. The recommended total load is 80kg which again leans towards teenage gamers; rather than adults.

Learn More: Read BraZen Puma Gaming Chair Review

There are 5 high-quality nylon casters for insane manoeuvrability, adjustable height and rocking tilt functionality and extremely high-quality leather for the price point. It’s a gaming chair built for PC gamers that will take a bit of a beating too!

With plenty of special offers announced by BraZen over the last year, while $289.95 may not seem much like an entry-level gaming chair, the BraZen Puma has been cited for sale at almost half that price throughout certain months of last year. So, if you are happy to wait for a sale, you can grab the Puma at an absolute bargain.

Brazen Emperor X Gaming Chair

BraZen Emperor X Gaming Chair

Best BraZen Rocker Gaming Chair

Price: From $399.95 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: Up to 100kg » Warranty: 2 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

If you’re looking for a high-quality rocker chair with speakers for your kids, the BraZen Emperor X ticks all the boxes. Not to mention that it looks stunning too.

As a classy rocker chair, the Emperor X gaming chair comes with a foldable design for easy storage, a subwoofer to deliver next-generation surround sound and direct connections to your favourite games consoles, including all variants of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation.

There are two solid fixed armrests for comfort, and the entire chair is upholstered with high-density foam and a faux leather wrap that embodies impressive stitching. In addition, there is also a nifty control panel on the side and, of course, the BraZen logo slapped on the headrest and front. It can get a little sweaty sometimes; however, that’s common with most faux leather chairs!

If you have been looking at X Rocker gaming chairs, you may want to consider the BraZen Emperor, as this bad boy comes with not only Bluetooth 2.1 audio speakers but it’s also surround sound too!

Note: For adults, you should look at the BraZen Emperor XX

Brazen Phantom Elite Gaming Chair

BraZen Phantom Elite Gaming Chair

Most Comfortable BraZen Gaming Chair

Price: From $449.95 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 120kg » Warranty: 2 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

As the most comfortable BraZen gaming chair, the BraZen Phantom Elite is stylishly understated while maximising performance. Not only does the Phantom Elite provide all of the features you need for a comfortable gaming experience, but it will also quickly double up as a professional office chair!

There’s an adjustable lumbar cushion, a neck cushion, adjustable armrests and, of course, adjustable height and recliner functionality. All of this sits on top of an extremely sturdy metal frame with five high-quality castors and a 360-degree swivel mechanism.

While much more costly than the Puma, the Phantom Elite has been built for teenagers over 14 years of age and is more comfortable. With faux leather and foam padding, the Phantom Elite is available in red, blue, white, green, yellow, black and pink.

Sure, it doesn’t come with speakers like some of BraZen’s rocker chairs, but when comfort takes precedence over gimmicks, the Phantom Elite will not disappoint you.

Brazen Stag 2.1 Gaming Chair

BraZen Stag 2.1 Gaming Chair

Best BraZen Gaming Chair For Speakers

Price: From $399.95 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: Up to 140kg » Warranty: 2 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

Not to be confused with the BraZen Emporer, the BraZen Stag, while extremely similar in functionality, is an entirely different chair altogether. Aimed at teenagers aged 14 years and under, the BraZen Stag kicks things up a notch with a sturdy metal base and highly comfortable faux leather upholstery.

Similarly to the Emporer X, the BraZen Stag comes with Bluetooth 2.1 surround sound and seamless connection to your PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, Smartphones and more. While there is some latency when connecting to your console, connecting directly to your TV eliminates this quickly.

As an all-purpose multimedia chair, the BraZen Stag 2.1 will serve you well for gaming and connecting via VPN to your favourite streaming services!

Now all you have to do is choose what to play!

Brazen Sentinel Elite Gaming Chair

BraZen Sentinel Elite Gaming Chair

Best BraZen Gaming Chair For Tall Gamers

Price: From $449.95 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 120kg » Warranty: 2 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

Possibly the most complete BraZen gaming chair available, the BraZen Sentinel Elite is best suited for taller gamers and adults looking for a gaming chair that will double up quickly as a professional office seat.

Just like the Stag is similar to the Emporer X, the BraZen Sentinel Elite could quickly be confused for the Phantom Elite. However, there are a few subtle differences.

Firstly, the Sentinel Elite has rectangular shape upholstery on the chair’s spine. Then there’s the butterfly recliner mechanism. While the Phantom Elite and the Sentinel Elite come with the exact recliner mechanism, the recliner on the Sentinel Elite just works better all around.

Beyond that, they are ultimately the same chair with the equally as good build quality and are priced identically too! So, your preference ultimately comes down to the design!

Best Brazen Gaming Chair Australia

Brazen Gaming Chair Review Verdict

So, are BraZen gaming chairs good?

Overall, BraZen gaming chairs are extremely solid gaming chairs that will last you a long time. While there were a few hitches with the speaker systems, the chairs are extremely well-made, and you will be comfortable during lengthy gaming sessions.

BraZen chairs are everything that I would expect to come out of Britain. They are thickly padded, sturdy and boast strength which is very common for British-made goods.

The design of the chairs is on par with most rival gaming in Australia, so if you are looking for a gaming chair that will look very different from what your mates have, BraZen gaming chairs are a good option.

If I were to pick just a single BraZen gaming chair, it would be the BraZen Sentinel Elite. The reason for this is that the Sentinel Elite delivers everything I enjoyed about BraZen gaming chairs without the finicky sound system. It’s the single model that leaves all of the fancy components back in the laboratory, and for that, I appreciated the build.

Your kids and younger teenagers will love BraZen gaming chairs.

BraZen Gaming Chair Review Verdict
Perfect for kids and younger teenagers, BraZen gaming chairs are solid, durable and will stand the test of time. While I had some issues with Emporer X's speaker system, the entire range of BraZen gaming chairs that I have tested are extremely well-built.

What I liked most about the range is the diversity. There's the Puma with no lumbar support, the Phantom Elite that delivers on what the Puma is missing, and the Emporer X rocker chair, which is just awesome and unique.

If you are looking for something different from Australian gaming chairs, BraZen gaming chairs are a superb option that will stick with you for many months to follow.
Good Range
Highly Durable
Great Stitching
Super Comfortable
Took The L
Not For Adults
Poor Speakers
Low Breathability
Editor's Rating

What’s your take on BraZen gaming chairs?

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