Ergolux Hotshot Recliner Gaming Chair Review

Ergolux Hotshot Recliner Gaming Chair Review: A Slouchers Dream?

Chuck out that crusty old chair, it's time to go to the movies.

Ergolux Hotshot Recliner Chair
Not quite cinema grade, yet, a high quality recliner gaming chair nonetheless. If you spend long hours sat within the same chair, the Ergolux Hotshot is a slouchers dream and best suited to any gamers under 5ft 10 inches tall.

As a great option for console gamers who like to lean back rather than sit forward when gaming, the Ergolux Hotshot presents as a static gaming chair that will quickly double up as a lounge chair if you wish to have just a single chair for all your movie and gaming activities.
Great Value
Highly Breathable
Good Adjustability
Great Comfort
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Not For Tall Gamers
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Ever wondered what gaming at movies would be like? Ever dreamed of bringing a movie like experience to your home with popcorn a plenty and a super comfortable recliner chair that resembles that of a VMAX cinema?

Well, now you can with the Ergolux Hotshot recliner gaming chair!

As a reclining gaming seat that will quickly double up as a lounge chair or something to have a quick snooze on, the Ergoloux Hotshot is a robust recliner that comes with a cup holder for some G FUEL and plenty of padding for those lengthy Elden Ring no hit play throughs. Or a weekend of binge watching your favourite TV shows!

But, is it worth the price?

Here’s everything you need to know before you buy! 👇

Ergolux Hotshot Review Contents:

Red & Black Ergolux Hotshot Gaming Chair

Ergolux Hotshot Design

For design appeal, the Ergolux Hotshot is rather striking. With a wealth of colours to choose from, there’s plenty of variety to match the decor of your gaming room or lounge. While I have never been a fan of PU leather (and would much rather a more natural look), the Ergolux Hotshot recliner gaming chair does well to avoid leather crinkles and unnecessary sheen. These are synonymous with cheaper PU leathers and while the Ergolux is not exactly cheap, I had fears that they might have skimped out of the leather.

Thankfully, this was not to be the case.

Considering that the Ergolux Hotshot is a static reclining chair which typically would result with a much bulkier build, the Hotshot’s form factor is actually relatively slim. There’s comfortable arm rests that are positioned at the perfect height, 2x sizeable drinks holder for your favourite juice pops and a side pouch for some quick half-time scooby snacks.

For anyone who hates leaving their gaming chairs to grab a drink, you’ll very much enjoy the Ergolux’s storage components!

As for the upholstery, the Ergolux is lined with premium PU leather which gives a little sheen to the exterior. There’s ample padding for your bottom and the padding is not so overpowering that it compromises the look of the chair. Overall, it’s a pleasantly surprising build given the specifications.

Features & Specifications

Here are the full specifications of the Ergolux Hotshot gaming chair:

  • Release Date: 24th November 2021
  • Product Dimensions: 94cm x 71.5cm x 41 cm
  • Product Weight: 25 kg
  • Framework: Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Back Style: High Back
  • Weight Capacity: 125 kg
  • Seat Swivel: 360°
  • Recline Adjustment: Yes (90° – 135°)
  • Armrest Style: Linked
  • Lumbar Support: Yes (Via Cushion)
  • Headrest Style: Detachable Cushion
  • Footrest: Yes (Retractable)

For a gaming chair that is static and well supported, I was surprised to see that the Ergolux Hotshot could take up to a maximum weight capacity of just 125kg. Normally, gaming chairs that move around have this type of weight limit and so the Ergolux Hotshot is definitely built for kids, teenagers and small adults.

Beyond that, the specifications are fairly decent at this price range and while the chair is very heavy, you don’t get the feeling that the Ergolux will be completely unmovable once you put the pieces together which is nice.

Ergolux Hotshor Recliner Gaming Chair In Grey

Comfortability & Customisation

Look, I could sit here and tell you that the Ergolux Hotshot is one of the best ergonomic recliner chairs in Australia. But that would be telling tall tales.

The back recline features are great and the ability to position the lumbar support cushions into the perfect spot is also a superb addition. The seat moulds to you back and the footrest is also a handy feature for when you really just want to kick back and relax with some of your favourite Xbox RPG games.

However, for taller gamers like myself, I ended up taking off the lumbar cushions as they were uncomfortable. I would much rather an ONEX gaming chair or even an Alfordson gaming chair over the Ergolux just purely because of my height. In addition, due to a lack of breathability from PU leather, the warmer climates of Australia make for some very uncomfortable sitting during the summer months unless you do not sweat too much.

There’s quite a lot of customisation available with each component, however, it’s quite clear that this gaming chair was built for younger kids or teenagers. For anybody under 5ft 10 inches, it would be absolutely perfect.

That said, the Ergolux Hotshot does almost act like your gaming bed which is kind of cool. You can sweat out some dubs then kick back and relax into a little snooze which is nearly impossible with most gaming chairs so I did enjoy this feature. Again, I’m not knocking the chair for smaller gamers. It just wasn’t built for bigger players like me.

Ergolux Build Quality & Assembly

The Ergolux Hotshot has a fairly decent build quality. It’s solid, durable and there’s a good sense of support no matter whether you are sitting upright or reclining to the maximum. Due to it’s static static, the Ergolux is likely to feel like a regular lounge chair at times which isn’t a bad thing at all!

Besides a good quality build, the Ergolux Hotshot is very easy to put together. There’s an instruction manual with 6 easy steps to follow and the components fit nicely into one another which is great. Even without an instruction manual, it’s fairly obvious to work out and will take you no longer than 20 minutes.

I would recommend that you complete step 4 before tackling step 3 when building the Ergolux Hotshot as I found this was a more logical process. The nuts and bolts to assemble where the back and the seat meet should ideally be done first. This makes the rest of the assembly seamless.

Blue & Black Ergolux Hotshot Gaming Chair

Ergolux Hotshot Gaming Chair Price

If you are on a budget and have spent a lot already on your AAA games, you may want to compromise with a cheap gaming chair instead of something that’s priced within the mid-range bracket. However, for anyone who is looking to spend around $350, the Ergolux Hotshot is worth looking into.

There’s not many other chairs at this price range that will deliver the same movie-like experience that the Ergolux Hotshot can provide. And, when you consider the additional nice features such as the cupholder and the side sleeve for some snacks, there’s actually a decent amount of value here too.

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Who should buy the Ergolux Hotshot?

If you have reached this part of my Ergolux Hotshot Recliner Gaming Chair review and are still unsure as to whether this gaming chair is right for you, here’s some top reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy the Ergolux.

You should buy the Ergolux Hotshot gaming chair if:

  • You don’t want to spend more than $400.
  • You are looking for a fixed recliner chair for gaming.
  • You play video games in your lounge.
  • You hate having to leave your chair to grab snacks.
  • You play video games for a long period of time.
  • You don’t want to wait for shipping.
  • You want more features than just the chair.

You shouldn’t buy the Ergolux Hotshot gaming chair if:

  • You are over 5ft 10 inches tall.
  • You already have a reclining gaming chair.
  • You like to move around when gaming.
  • You don’t plan on using the chair as a lounge chair.
  • You play for long periods of time

Ergolux Hotshot Recliner Gaming Chair Review

Ergolux Gaming Chair Review Verdict

Overall, the Ergolux Hotshot is a comfortable gaming chair that can also be used for a movie-like experience at home. It’s best suited for gamers under 5ft 10 inches and is relatively inexpensive for the features that you get with the chair.

I wouldn’t go as far as replacing my lounge chair with the Ergolux Hotshot as other Ergolux Hotshot reviews have cited. However, I can see why some gamers would do that, depending on what they are currently using to watch TV.

If you are a taller gamer, you will struggle to get the top pillow to properly support your neck which essentially renders any ergonomic benefits obsolete. Nevertheless, for small to mid-size gamers, the padding is generous, the width is adequate and the mechanics are relatively smooth.

Coupled with a fairly decent build quality I have graded my Ergolux Hotshot recliner gaming chair review a highly respectable 88%. Whether you use the Ergolux Hotshot recliner gaming chair for gaming or simply as a general comfort seat, it does what it says it will do pretty well and makes for a great alternative to have a cuppa!

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