Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Review

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Review: All Flash, No Comfort?

Seriously cool. But is it comfortable? Let's find out!

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Review
Artiss RGB Gaming Chair
If looks could kill, the Artiss RGB gaming chair would be on death row. No seriously, it's the best looking budget gaming chair I have reviewed for some time. Suitable for kids, teenagers and anybody not taller than 5ft 10 inches, the Artiss RGB comes with enough to make you comfortable for longer gaming sessions whilst donning some serious looks. And, that's before you turn on the lights!

Mature gamers may want to look for something that focusses more on ergonomics over flashy bits. However, for kids and teenagers who love themselves so good RGB light shows, the Artiss RGB gaming chair is the ultimate gift.

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Much like a mobile phone that’s decked out with technology but struggles to make basic phone calls, flashy gaming chairs can also fall into a similar trap of looking far greater than what they really are.

Year after year, gaming chair manufacturers splash out on dope new features and ways to improve immersion whilst attempting to keep costs as low as possible. An attempt to create a point of difference if you will.

From the Brazen Puma and it’s speaker system to Alfordson’s range of gaming chairs that are decked out with nearly every specification possible, you would be forgiven for assuming that Artiss gaming chairs showboat more than they do add value.

Having spent over 6 months playing around with the Artiss RGB, I can comfortably say that there’s more to this chair than just a bunch of flashy lights. 

But is it right for you? Let’s find out! 👇

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Review Contents:

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Australia

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Design

First up, I must say that this is one of the best looking entry-level gaming chairs I have had the pleasure of reviewing for some time. Once all of the components were assembled, the Artiss RGB absolutely dominated my games room and if you play with a room that’s filled with darker hues, like my own, I have no doubt you will be equally as blown away.

From an embodying design that’s tightly wrapped with premium PU leather, Artiss gaming chairs just absolutely reek of something much more premium. There’s so much here that will draw your eye straight out of the box – even before the lights!

The colours are fierce, the leather smells great and the overall shape is comforting; but not overpowering. As much as the seat width is not as forgiving as Advwin’s RGB gaming chair (which rivals the Artiss), there’s enough curvature and width to make you want to sit down for a long period of time.

It’s a shame that the Artiss RGB gaming chair does not feature an s-curve design, however, too often, budget gaming chairs completely wind up overkilling this type of curvature which leaves you feeling like a slinky about to fall down some stairs.

With s-curves, the Artiss RGB gaming chair does not suffer from this same feat.

Features & Specifications

Suitable for teenagers and mid-size gamers of up to 150kg in weight, the Artiss RGB gaming chair stands at a modest size of around 53cm depth, 53cm width and 125 cm height. This is slightly bigger than the ThunderX3 RC3-HEX RGB which recently featured on my list of best ThunderX3 chairs. There’s a SGS gas lift that will enable you to extend the height of the chair, however, anybody over 5ft 10 inches might struggle.

Other specification highlights include a lockable recliner mechanism of up to 90-180 degrees, 5 dual-wheel castors and 2D adjustable armrests. The castors are relatively smooth across my carpet, however, it would have been nice to have 3D armrests. I’m very picky when it comes to armrests! 

As for the features, the RGB lighting obviously steals the show. The lights are of good quality and gamers can customise between a variety of settings. These include changing the brightness, switching between multiple colours and choosing between dot lighting, cycle lighting or a single static colour. 

It’s fairly easy to get the hang of modifying the settings and, to my surprise, the RGBs are not just some cheap afterthought! This feature is definitely something that your kids will enjoy if you are buying the Artiss RGB as a gaming present for Christmas.

Here are the complete specifications of the Artiss RGB Gaming Chair:

  • Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 125 cm
  • Colour Options: Red, Black & Blue
  • Product Weight: 22 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 150 kg
  • Foam Type: High-density cold-moulded
  • Frame: Metal
  • Arm Rests: Adjustable (fixed)
  • Recline: 90 – 180 degrees lockable recline adjustment
  • Cover Material: PU Leather

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Light Functionality

Comfortability & Customisation

Typically, I game for around 5-6 hours a day and never once felt uncomfortable in the Artiss RGB gaming chair. There’s healthy amounts of rigidness with enough of a flex so you don’t feel like you are about to hit the deck.

I am not a massive fan of gaming chairs with removable lumbar cushions as I personally find them uncomfortable. However, between the silky smooth PU leather and the natural curvature of the chair which forms nicely around modest builds, there’s more than enough to be comfortable. Not to mention the seat padding is very thick which is awesome.

In the summer months, PU leather is not always the best choice of material for heavy sweaters. If you suffer from that, you might want to look at a mesh gaming chair instead. However, the same goes for all other chairs made from this material so that is not a specific flaw of the Artiss RGB.

Like most rival racing seats such as ONEX gaming chairs, the Artiss RGB allows you to recline up to 180 degrees and adjust the armrests both up or down. Beyond this, there isn’t much else by way of customisation besides lifting or declining the chair with the gas lift. 

Just kidding, the RGB lights are completely customisable! When you unbox the Artiss RGB gaming chair, you’ll get a remote control that you can use for a variety of purposes like increasing and decreasing brightness. Plus, you can re-order RGB buttons and choose from 7 colours based on what you like and your room’s existing lighting setup

Artiss RGB Build Quality & Assembly

One of the major drawbacks of the Artiss RGB gaming chair is sadly it’s durability. While I personally have not had any issues, other Artiss RGB gaming chair reviews have stated that this gaming chair is not for the long haul.

From what I can tell, you won’t have an issue with the stability of the chair as there is a strong metal frame holding you upright. However, with the PU leather so snugly fitted to the frame, over time, you will notice some wear and tear.

Unless you’re crazy about keeping everything you own in ”like new” condition, you probably won’t have an issue with a few bumps and scrapes after months worth of gaming. Customer reviews can be quite dramatic and I have been super careful with my Artiss. However, it would have been nice for the upholstery to uphold a little longer than what some customers are stating. 

As for assembly, well, this is a completely no thrills experience. All of the tools you need to assembly the Artiss RGB gaming chair will come with the box and there’s fairly clear instructions. The chair itself looks stunning from the moment you unpack the first batch of components and this will take you around 30 minutes to build with two people.

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Red

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Price & Value

Available from $215, the Artiss RGB gaming chair sits will within the entry-level market whilst donning some mid-tier features. For price, there is a ton of value here when you consider the tilt lock mechanism and RGB lighting. Both of which do not feature on many other gaming chairs at this price point.

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If you’re looking for an RGB gaming chair for around $200 in Australia, you ultimately have the choice between Advwin, Aflordson and Artiss. Of the 3, the Artiss RGB gaming chair provides the best design. Couple this with thick padding and a sturdy base, the Artiss RGB gaming chair makes a claim for being one of the best budget gaming chairs around. 

For new gamers, kids, teenagers and those upgrading from an old office chair, there’s plenty of reasons why the Artiss RGB is worth purchasing.

Artiss RGB Gaming Chair Review Verdict

All in all, I have graded my Artiss RGB gaming chair review a highly respectable 88%. There’s questions over the durability of the upholstery if you plan on gaming every single day and I would have liked 3D armrests as a nice feature. However, I am a critic and most gamers won’t really care too much given the main attraction of the RGB lighting.

What you get for just over $200 is actually incredible. The chair is stunning, the RGB lighting is performs well and there’s good amounts of comfortability for mid-size gamers. I have personally never been a huge fan of RGB gaming chairs as I much prefer all black builds. However, the Artiss RGB gaming chair definitely turned my head a few times.

If you’re a casual gamer, you’d be punching above your weight with this chair. There really isn’t much else on the market that delivers the same degree of features for this price.

Check out some of my other gaming chair roundups and reviews to help you make the right purchase this year!

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