ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Review

ONEX GE300 Review: A Superb Mesh Gaming Chair

Sweat less, game more. The ONEX GE300 is just pure comfort on a budget.

For the sweaty types, a mesh gaming chair is the perfect solution.

And, contrary to belief (as you’ll quickly discover with my ONEX GE300 review), a mesh office gaming chair can still look dope; despite preconceptions.

No doubt you want the classic racing style bucket seat with curved sides, plush leather and fancy liveries. But, without showing my age, there’s nothing that beats comfort. A mesh gaming chair will ensure this comfort through better ergonomics and breathability.

Does the ONEX GE300 deliver on this promise? Let’s find out! 👇

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Review
ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair
For an ergonomic mesh gaming chair at this price point, I was half expecting a dodgy build with many drawbacks. Yet, after a few months use, I am yet to find any problems of major significance. With the exception of a few little niggles, the ONEX GE300 is one of the best mesh gaming chairs you can find for less than $250.

There's ample support in all the right places, highly breathable mesh and a design that rivals most. It's missing a headrest locking mechanism and I doubt the cushioning will last forever. Yet, minor flaws are expected for a gaming chair that's so cheap!

If you are upgrading from an office chair, replacing a worn out gaming chair or looking for something that's breathable on a budget, the ONEX GE300 is an excellent choice.

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I’ve been raving about ONEX for some time now. For the price, what you get is actually incredibly comparatively to more popular brands. When I asked myself why huge retail chains such as JB-HIFI would stock such an unrecognised brand on the eSports scene, my curiosity started to get the better of me.

So, I decided to take the ONEX GE300 for a test drive to see whether ONEX could deliver just as much with a mesh gaming chair as they have done with their PVC ranges.

Let’s see how a few months of being strapped to the ONEX GE300 have been! 👇

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Review Contents:

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chairs (Multiple Colours)

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Design

Fabricated with metal, breathable mesh and PVC leather, the ONEX GE300 is a lightweight gaming chair which, for design appeal, rivals most mesh chairs within this price range. While the ergonomics and high tensile breathable mesh of the ONEX GE300 are the major attraction here, design is still of importance and the GE300 won’t disappoint.

When you remove the lumbar cushions, the GE300 looks very much like a professional office chair with a splash of colour. However, strap the lumbar cushions back onto the chair and you’ll immediately get the sense of something a little more edgy. This level of versatility makes the ONEX GE300 attractive for anyone who holds down a corporate career as well as a gaming career. But we both know your gaming career will take precedent!

While you might consider the design basic, that’s actually what I love most about the ONEX GE300. Particularly when other good ONEX gaming chairs are completely decked out with fancy liveries. The simple nature of the design with 7 colours to choose from is fresh. The minimalism of the design ensures the ONEX GE300 is suitable for most gaming rooms.

With armour-like padding that’s made from half mesh and half leather, there’s good levels of breathability where you want it most (your back), high density foam for your bum and comfortable PVC leather to support your sides.

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Specifications

Ergonomically designed with an array of colours to choose from, the specifications of the ONEX GE300 are fairly modest. They are what you would expect for a gaming chair at this price range but there is nothing completely mind blowing.

For overall size, the ONEX GE300 sits at 67cm (width), 68cm (depth) and 118-128cm (height) which is fairly small comparatively to rival chairs. If you have are a very tall gamer, you might be better off with something slightly bigger such as the ThunderX3 TGC12.

Coated with 350mm nylon breathable mesh and PVC leather, the ONEX GE300 performs well during the summer seasons and is as equally equipped for the cooler months too.

Here are the complete specifications of the ONEX GE300:

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 67cm x 68cm x 118–128cm
  • Product Weight: 18kg
  • Weight Capacity: 125kg Recommended (Max 150kg)
  • Cover Material: High Tensile Mesh + PVC
  • Frame Type: Nylon
  • Adjustable Armrests: One Dimensional
  • Adjustable Backrest: 90°–135°
  • Mechanism Type: Multiblock Mechanism
  • Rocking Mechanism: Yes
  • Rocking Lock Mechanism: Yes
  • Gas Lift: Class 4 (100mm Max)
  • Caster Size & Material: 60mm Nylon Caster

For the most part, the specifications live up to what they state on paper.

The 100mm class 4 gas lift is a little short which again is a statement that the ONEX GE300 was made for mid-size gamers. This is compounded by the fact that there is also a max weight capacity of up to 150kg (which is more like 125kg to be honest).

The backrest will recline between 90-135 degrees which is fairly standard and the rocking mechanism comes with a safety lock which is something that I personally quite enjoyed. There’s the exception that the headrest is a little flimsy for my liking and I often had to jam it into position. However, that is one of the only major flaws I could find during testing.

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ONEX GE300 Ergonomic Chairs

Comfortability & Customisation

In the breathability department, the ONEX GE300 is unrivalled at this price range. The high tensile mesh with a subtle trim of PVC leather is a really good combination for both summer and winter. Given that breathability will most likely the primary reason why you would purchase the ONEX GE300, I can confirm that it excels in this category.

For comfort, casual gamers and lighter players will have no problem. However, if you are planning on using the ONEX GE300 for more than 8 hours a day then you might find it becomes a little uncomfortable – the memory foam padding is not particularly thick. I’m 6ft 3 and weigh 90kg which is not exactly heavy and I found myself becoming a little restless after longer periods of time.

Additionally, if you are looking for a gaming chair that’s highly customisable then the ONEX GE300 is not for you. The focus on ergonomics and breathability is absolutely at the forefront of development with the GE300 which makes customising the chair counterintuitive to the design. Beyond the lumbar cushions, one dimensions arm rests and the ability to adjust height profiles, there is not much else you can modify with the GE 300. 

ONEX GE300 Build Quality & Assembly

As eluded to above, the ONEX GE300 is not a chair for very heavily-built players. It can take a significant amount of weight, given its lightweight frame, yet, if you weight upwards of 110kg then this chair is not for you. 

For everyone else, the build quality is rather superb. With castor wheels that operate with a 360 degree swivel, moving around on the ONEX GE300 is just as flowing as the airflow on your back. In addition, the durability is also a victory for something that comes with a nylon frame instead of the standard go-to of reinforced steel.

When assembling, the ONEX GE300 was relatively simple, however, I have assembled simpler chairs in the past. Given it’s total weight of 18kg, I would recommend two people assembly the chair for both speed and safety; particularly when you are buying this is a gift for your little ones.

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Review

ONEX GE300 Price & Value

For price, the ONEX GE300 is one of the best value gaming chairs you can purchase.

Although slightly more expensive than other ONEX chairs, the retail price of $249 is extremely cheap for a gaming seat that delivers the same levels of breathability and ergonomics. Most other chairs within this category would cost north of $300 for similar specifications and so there’s bucket loads of value.

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Combining a simplistic design with high breathability, smooth casters and a fairly sturdy frame, the value in the ONEX GE300 goes slightly beyond the ergonomics. It’s a great look chair that will won’t stick out like a sore thumb during office meetings and will support your spine during long gaming sessions.

ONEX GE300 Gaming Chair Review Verdict

Given that ONEX is a fairly unknown brand, I had my doubts about whether the ONEX GE300 gaming chair was actually going to deliver what others have championed. It takes a lot of brainpower to create an ergonomic mesh gaming chair that ticks all the right boxes whilst still looking like it doesn’t belong in the corner of an office.

And yet, much like the ONEX GX2 Series, I was left a little stunned. 

If you are upgrading from a cheaper chair or have never owned a gaming chair before, you will absolutely think nothing of some of the GE300’s minor flaws. However, as someone who reviews hundreds of gaming chairs each year, it’s hard to look past some of the basics; despite the cheaper nature of the ONEX GE300.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my time using the ONEX GE300 and would highly recommend for any gamers looking for breathability over slick design or customisation. As such, I have graded my ONEX GE300 review a highly respectable 90%.

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