Onex GX2 Gaming Chair Red & Black

ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Review: Not For Strong Adults

Superb value for money. But only for kids and smaller adults.

Onex GX2 Gaming Chair
Despite the OP logo, the Onex GX2 looks premium and is great value for money. It's manufactured well, unpacks nicely and can withstand a fair bunch. If you are upgrading from a regular office chair, the Onex GX2 is a massive upgrade. However, there is nowhere near as much of a cuddle as you get from other gaming chairs.

As much as I like the Onex GX2, it is only really suitable for petite gamers and teenagers. The slimline nature and weight capacity of 125kg is not well fitting for strong adults like me. And, if you are of this build type, you will enjoy far greater comfortability with a wider gaming chair such as the ThunderX3 TGC12 series.

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Proudly Australian, ONEX gaming chairs are available at your favourite retailers including JB-HIFI, MWAVE, Amazon and of course, the official ONEX Website.

As far as gaming chair brands in Australia go, ONEX would not be featured at the top of the popularity list. However, don’t let that fool you as the ONEX GX2 is one of the better budget gaming chairs available; particularly for smaller gamers.

With a slimline design coated by stunning premium leatherette, ONEX gaming chairs are great upgrades from your standard office chair.

Having spent 4 months testing the ONEX GX2 before writing my ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair review, I can comfortably say that the ONEX GX2 is one of the best value gaming chairs under $200 in Oz.

But there’s a few catches…

Before you pull the trigger and pick one of these up, allow me to share my honest opinion of ONEX gaming chairs to ensure you make the right decision.

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know before you buy! 👇

ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Review Contents: 

Onex GX2 Leatherette Gaming Chair Blue & Black

ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Review: Design

Playing right into the racing seat stereotype, the ONEX GX2 presents as a slimline eSports gaming chair with premium leatherette. Topped with a carbon fibre print that isn’t actually carbon fibre but rather a pattern, the blend of the two creates an extremely appealing design comparatively to other gaming chairs.

My gaming room is decked out with dark furniture, tons of plants and, of course, neon lighting. Combing these elements, from a distance, the ONEX GX2 looks like the most premium peripheral I own which makes you really question whether the ONEX GX2 is an entry-level gaming chair.

However, it’s only when you get closer that you can tell that the leather and manufacturing has been put together on a tight budget. This seems to be common with Australian gaming chairs under $200 with the Alfordson Vogler and Karuza SZ-1216 also suffering from similar flaws. But who cares anyways, all the best gamers play in the dark!

With plenty of colours to choose from (Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Navy, Black/Red, Black/White), no matter the vibe of your games room, the ONEX GX2 will also not look out of place. There’s an adjustable backrest that tilts up to 135°, adjustable head and back cushions which serve as fairly modest solutions for lumbar support and a carbon fibre pattern that takes the design to the next level.

It’s a slim build and not good for larger gamers. However, for a sleek gaming chair that won’t cost you a bomb, the ONEX GX2 ticks many boxes for design.

Onex GX2 Gaming Chair Red & Black
Red & Black
Up to 180°
Weight Capacity
< 150KG

ONEX GX2 Features & Specifications

For it’s features and specifications, the ONEX GX2 is fairly light when it comes to gizmos. Not only is the chair light itself, gamers should not be expecting neck massagers, LED lighting or high amounts of customisation. ONEX gaming chairs are what I would class as a ”no thrills” selection. They do what they say they are going to do and come with just about everything you will want from your gaming seat as a bare minimum.

Here are the full specifications of the ONEX GX2 gaming chair:

  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 65cm x 50cm x 125–135cm
  • Product Weight: 18kg
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 125kg
  • Foam Type: High Density New Foam
  • Frame: Metal
  • Arm Rests: Adjustable (Fixed)
  • Recline: Butterfly Mechanism (90°–135°)
  • Gas Lift: Class 4
  • Cover Material: PVC

Much to my surprise, the metal frame is actually quite sturdy considering it has not been designed with reinforced steel. I would have preferred non-fixed adjustable arm rests as I game at weird angles, however, they are adjustable enough for my fellow contortionists. The gas lift is sound, the PVC leather durable and there is enough high density foam to make the chair fairly comfortable.

That said, if you are a heavier gamer, stay well clear of this gaming chair. While the specifications state a max weight capacity of up to 125kg, you’ll quickly find that this is a bit of stretch. The ONEX GX2 is undoubtable targeted towards smaller gamers.

Onex Gaming Chairs Reclining Black

Comfortability & Customisation

As I have eluded to, there is not much customisation with the ONEX GX2. Other than adjusting the height and leaning back a little with the butterfly mechanism recliner (which is not stable at full recline), there is no flex tilting available with ONEX gaming chairs. A flex tilt would ensure that when you move around in the seat there’s some give. Yet, during the most frantic of gaming moments, the ONEX GX2 felt too rigid behind me.

For some gamers, that might not be an issue and plenty of rivalling ThunderX3 gaming chairs also lack customisability. However, for anyone who’s like me and loves themselves some good rocking action, you’re going to get pretty vexed.

For comfort, I had a great time in the cooler season but sweated a little more during the summer months. Leather seats will do that to a gamer and while this is not technically a flaw of the chair, it’s a flaw of the choice of material. The slimline width of the ONEX GX2 also did not help with comfort for my bigger build. Still, I have no doubt that smaller gamers or younger children will not run into either of these issues.

As for the seat, the high density foam kept my lower back comfortable during longer gaming sessions and the frame at first did not feel like it was going to buckle at any stage. After some wear and tear, I could definitely feel that the chair was not as sturdy as it once was which again is just another reason why the ONEX GX2 gaming chair is better suited for lighter gamers. That said, the comfort would be perfect for someone a little smaller so I won’t be too critical of ONEX gaming chairs here. It just wasn’t for me.

ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Price

The ONEX GX2 costs $179 and can be purchased from JB-HIFI, MWAVE and Amazon. For this price, what you get is actually good value for money. Firstly, there are not many gaming chairs under $200 that look this good and if you are happy with a no thrills option then the ONEX GX2 provides everything that you will ever need.

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I am sure the overall comfortability of the chair for smaller gamers is great and as a Christmas gift for your kids, they will be absolutely over the moon. The grade of leather is good enough to warrant this price range and the build is relatively sturdy. Despite being limited to smaller gamers, the GX2 is still one of the best entry-level ONEX chairs.

It’s always hard to be super unbiased when reviewing gaming chairs as I have now reviewed so many. So, whilst parts of this ONEX gaming chair review might seem a little critical, it’s really quite a good little gaming seat.

Put it this way, I have seen far worse gaming chairs that cost more!

Onex GX2 Review

Who should buy ONEX Gaming Chairs?

As an entry-level gaming chair option, ONEX gaming chairs are a solid choice for new gamers or for when you’re looking for an upgrade to an office of dining room chair.

You should buy ONEX gaming chairs if:

  • You don’t want to spend more than $200.
  • You are upgrading from a standard office chair.
  • You are buying a gift for a young gamer.
  • You don’t want to wait for overseas shipping.
  • You want a slimline gaming chair.
  • You like to buy from Australian companies.

You shouldn’t buy ONEX gaming chairs if:

  • You prefer functionality and gizmos.
  • You already have a more premium gaming chair.
  • Your are a strong adult.
  • You only buy household brands.
  • You live within a very humid household.

Is The ONEX GX2 Gaming Chair Good?

Without stating the obvious, the ONEX GX2 is an excellent gaming chair for smaller gamers or younger children. If you are looking for a stylish gaming seat that’s comfortable for a few hours and looks the part amongst all of your other fancy technology, the ONEX GX2 is one of the better purchases you can make under $200 this year.

It’s easy to set up, supports your back and neck and the price is reasonable considering the build quality of the product. If you’re in the market for a budget gaming chair as a gift for your teenage gaming addicts, the ONEX GX2 should be at the top of your list.

Alternatively, if you have been using a crusty old office chair as your gaming seat and are looking for an upgrade then the ONEX GX2 will feel like an absolute dream. Comparatively to other chairs in the market at this price range, the ONEX GX2 sits roughly within the middle of the pack for functionality but definitely towards the upper-end for design.

Did you enjoy this ONEX Gaming Chair Review? Check out some of my other hardware and gaming gear reviews to complete your setup!

Content Disclaimer: This ONEX Gaming Chair Review has been independently written. We have not been commissioned by ONEX, nor have we received content royalties. This includes financial payment, free advertising or the ONEX GX2 gaming chair by way of gift. If you do purchase the ONEX GX2 gaming chair via any of the Amazon links you find within this article, GamePro may receive a small commission. But that’s how we keep this website alive!

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