Best Karuza Gaming Chairs (IEM Sydney)

Best Karuza Gaming Chair Australia (2024 Update)

Cheap and cheerful. But what Karuza gaming chair is best?

Karuza Gear is on it’s way out. And so, your chance to grab a Karuza gaming chair or Karuza gaming PC for an absolute bargain is also limited too. As one of the better budget gaming chairs Australia has seen over the past 4 years, Karuza gear has been shipped to many Australian homes.

However, as a brand that no longer manufactures gaming chairs, Karuza gaming chairs can only be found at select stores like Centrecom in Australia and time is running out before they will be as extinct as Cleopatra. But, they are now cheaper than ever!

If you’re looking for a budget gaming chair besides the popular Alfordson Vogler gaming chair and have your eyes on Karuza, we’ve put together a shortlist of the best Karuza gaming chairs to help your cut through the fluff. The models featured here are those that we have personally tested so that you can rest assured knowing that you are getting your money’s worth with our recommendations.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Best Karuza Gaming Chairs List:

Before we provide more details on each of the chairs listed below, here’s a quick glance of the best Karuza gaming chairs still available for purchase in Australia right now:

While Karuza offered a fair few other variants, our research suggests that other models are no longer for sale and therefore we are only reviewing the chairs still available. Now, let’s dig deeper into why we have selected these chairs.

Karuza SZ-1216 Gaming Chair Review

Karuza SZ-1216 Gaming Chair

Best Cheap Karuza Gaming Chair

Price: $129.00 » Framework: Metal
Lumbar Support: Yes (Via Cushion)
Weight Limit: Under 125kg

As Karuza’s budget gaming seat option, the Karuza SZ-1216 gaming chair is the best Karuza chair for anybody looking for something that’s cheap and cheerful. This is the first Karuza chair we ever tested having seen the SZ-1216 at IEM Sydney back in 2018 and we have to say, we were moderately surprised.

Sure, the chair has it’s flaws as you can expect with any cheap gaming chair. However, it’s available for less than $130 today which makes the Karuza SZ-1216 absolutely perfect for young children or gamers who really are not too fussed about the finer details.

More Info: Read Karuza SZ-1216 Review

Karuza gaming chairs are nowhere near as good as most other manufacturers, however, they are some of the cheapest gaming chairs in Australia and ideal for entry players. For gamers who like colours and LED lighting, while the Karuza SZ-1216 does not come with LEDs, there are 8 colours to choose from. Our personal favourite is plain black but we’re a little boring like that.

With a classic metal framework, class 4 gas lift and butterfly recliner mechanism which reclines up to 135 degrees, the SZ-1216 will look familiar in every way to some of your more premium chairs. However, what you pay is what you get and you may find that some of the mechanics are not manufactured to the same standards as you can expect with premium chairs such as the Razer Iskur.

Karuza YX-1216

Karuza YX-1216 Gaming Chair

Best Overall Karuza Gaming Chair

Price: $249.00 » Framework: Metal
Lumbar Support: Yes (Via Cushion)
Weight Limit: Under 125kg

Most manufacturers of gaming peripherals often create a budget, mid-range and premium option of their products. For Karuza, the YX-1216 stands as the mid-range gaming chair and a good hybrid between the cheap SZ-1216 and the larger and more expensive YX-802.

The YX series at Karuza is the predecessor to the SZ series and you can tell immediately that more thought has gone into the manufacturing. While the majority of specifications remain identical once more, the YX-1216 just feels slightly better built all-round.

With the SZ-1216, we found that the creaking was unbearable at times and struggled to setup the chair with some of the mechanisms just not fitting neatly. Conversely, with the Karuza YX-1216, you enjoy a more premium experience all-round – from setup to sitting.

Players can expect a recliner system, lumbar support, head rest, gas light, tilt tension adjustments and of course the staple Karuza metal framework with the YX-1216. While still not a fan of the Nylon Base with P.U Castors that feature across the Karuza range, we cannot deny that the Karuza YX-1216 glides smoothly across our wooden floor.

The YX-1216 is the perfect gaming chair for budget purchases who don’t want to break the bank but also want something that won’t break!

Karuza YX 802 Gaming Seat

Karuza YX-802 Gaming Chair

Most Comfortable Karuza Gaming Chair

Price: $349.00 » Framwork: Metal
Lumbar Support: Yes (Via Cushion)
Weight Limit: Under 125kg

As you have probably gathered, there is not much distinction between all models of Karuza gaming chairs. The mechanics are fairly similar and the design of each model is almost identical. However, what you will find with the Karuza YX-802 is that the entire seat is much larger than other models.

Perfect for larger gamers or gamers who just enjoy a little more wiggle room whilst playing, the YX-802 is without question the most comfortable Karuza gaming chair featured on this list. There’s 5 colours to choose from and the deeper seat makes the overall experience far more pleasurable when playing for longer periods of time.

As with all Karuza gaming chairs, the YX-802 features lumbar support via an adjustable cushion, a headrest cushion and other similar features such as the 135 degree recline. There’s foam cushioning which is surprisingly quite comfortable and the butterfly recliner mechanism is a little sketchy but functional nevertheless.

For $349 however, while the YX-802 is the most comfortable Karuza gaming chair, there are far better options on the market at this price point.

Best Karuza Gaming Chairs (IEM Sydney)

Other Karuza Gaming Chairs

The 3 Karuza gaming chairs featured here are not the only models that Karuza ever produced. As a brand that will soon be a long distant memory, we would like to pay homage to the other Karuza gaming chair models. Here are all the models within the entire Karuza series.

  • Karuza YX-0034
  • Karuza YX-1216
  • Karuza YX-802
  • Karuza YX-0026
  • Karuza YX-0026+
  • Karuza SZ-1216

Are Karuza Gaming Chairs Good?

Just because Karuza gaming chairs are cheaper than most, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are awful. There have been a lot of reviews that slate Karuza gaming chairs but we would have to question whether expectations were not aligned properly.

Starting from $130, we really were not expecting much from our Karuza gaming chair , however, were moderately surprised at the quality.

Overall, Karuza gaming chairs are good if you want something that’s better than your standard office chair but by all accounts is not high quality. While Karuza gaming chairs look like your classic gaming seat, the build quality is a little suspect and we would recommend use only for younger children or non-fussy people.

If you’ve ever experienced anything like the Razer Iskur or Secretlab’s Titan 2020 award winning gaming seat, you are going to be disappointed!

Karuza gaming chairs are good for casual gamers and short play times. Beyond that, you might find yourself a little uncomfortable; particularly within a humid climate. The truth about the build quality will be revealed over time and the overall comfortability does not lend itself to longer gaming sessions.

What’s your take on Karuza? 

Share with us in the comments below and don’t forget to read our other reviews to complete your setup with the best gear available.

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