Best Alfordson Gaming Chairs Australia

Alfordson Gaming Chairs: Top 5 Best Alfordson Chairs (2024)

Packed with features, here are the best Alfordson gaming chairs in Australia.

As a brand, Alfordson are dedicated to providing mid-range luxury at cost-effective prices. And, when it comes to Alfordson gaming chairs, they are not only cheap but also come packed with a bucket load of features that you wouldn’t expect at this price range.

From footrests and back massagers to LED lighting and lumbar support pillows, it blows my mind a little how Alfordson have managed to cram so much functionality into a series of budget gaming chairs. In fact, I would go as far as saying that (particularly for lighter gamers), Alfordson delivers some of the best gaming chairs within its class.

Of course, there is going to be a compromise at this price point. So, don’t go expecting Secretlab high-grade softweave material! However, for what you pay, Alfordson gaming chairs come packed with more perks than a modern warfare loadout.

But which one is best? Let’s find out! 👇

Best Alfordson Gaming Chairs Australia

To say that Alfordson gaming chairs are the ”best of the rest” would be a little offensive. Granted, there are more prestigious brands in the gaming chair arena; however, Alfordson punches well above its weight class for budget gaming chairs.

With plenty of Alfordson gaming chair models, finding the right chair for your setup can be challenging. So, to help you make the right purchase, I have rounded up 5 of the best Alfordson gaming chairs in Australia.

Here are 5 of the best Alfordson gaming chairs in Australia:

  1. Alfordson Vogler – Best For Most People
  2. Alfordson Gordon – Best Value
  3. Alfordson Ethan – Best For Heavy Gamers
  4. Alfordson Elite – Most Comfortable
  5. Alfordson MARC – Most Features

Keep scrolling to explore each of my recommended Alfordson gaming chairs. 👇

Alfordson Vogler Gaming Chair

Alfordson Vogler Gaming Chair

Best Alfordson Gaming Chair For Most People

Price: From $219.95 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 180kg

As the most popular Alfordson gaming chair and ranked #1 on Amazon for video gaming chairs, the Alfordson Vogler is a budget purchaser’s dream. There are extra large lumbar pillows, a retractable footrest, a USB-powered massager and plenty of padding for comfort.

The massager is nowhere as good as the legendary OSIM uThrone series; however, that chair costs almost 8x the price of the Alfordson Vogler and so it would be unfair even to draw comparisons.

Learn More: Read Alfordson Vogler Review

I do not doubt that the Vogler is one of the most stacked gaming chairs in Australia for this price range, and if you are looking for a solution that doesn’t break the bank, the Vogler will last for a fairly decent amount of time too. A great gift for kids and teenagers.

That said, despite the Vogler claiming to uphold a maximum weight capacity of up to 180kg, this was not the case during testing. So, if you are looking for something a little more heavy-duty, you should look towards the Ethan or the Elite.

Alfordson Gordon (Best Cheap Gaming Chair Australia)

Alfordson Gordon Gaming Chair

Best Value Alfordson Gaming Chair

Price: From $169.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 180kg

You only have to look at the Alfordson Gordon to see why it’s the best-value gaming chair within the range. The Alfordson Vogler might be the most popular Alfordson gaming chair, yet, the Gordon is where you will find the most value for money. From its super slick s-curve design to a slight gap in the backrest which improves breathability, the Gordon performs just as great as it looks.

When you consider that Typhoon gaming chairs have far less durability than Alfordson and are priced at a similar range, the Alfordson Gordon looks very attractive.

Not only is the Gordon suitable for tall gamers, but it will also quickly double up as an office chair too. The 360 swivel is smooth, and the chair’s width is absolutely banged on for most body shapes. Similarly to the Vogler, the Gordon also claims to carry a maximum weight capacity of up to 180kg. However, the recommended weight capacity for this chair is much less, approximately 140kg.

The reason why the Gordon is cheaper than the Vogler is primarily that it does not come with a USB massager. Massage chairs are typically a 5-minute wonder, so I would choose the Gordon over the Vogler any day of the week.

Alfordson Ethan Gaming Chair

Alfordson Ethan Gaming Chair

Best Alfordson Gaming Chair For Heavy Gamers

Price: From $179.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 180kg

If you’re into Alfordson gaming chairs but are slightly on the heavier side, the Alfordson Ethan is the best option for you. While still featuring a footrest, lumbar support and an s-curve design, the Alfordson Ethan has a heavy duty metal frame that will support a maximum weight of up to 180kg. This time around, it actually does what it says on the packaging!

While the Alfordson Elite will also carry up a maximum weight of up to 180kg, I have chose the Ethan for this category purely for design purposes. The Ethan just looks more premium.

It’s slightly wider seat also ensures that you’re not going to get squished whilst gaming and the extra large lumbar pillow makes for a very comfortable experience. In addition, I am a massive fan u-shaped headrests as I find these more comfortable than rectangle headrests; which is also a bonus.

With extra thick padding that utilises high density moulding foam to cover the entire chair, gaming for long hours is no problem with the Alfordson Ethan.

Alfordson Elite Gaming Chair

Alfordson Elite Gaming Chair

Most Comfortable Alfordson Gaming Chair

Price: From $154.95 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: 180kg

Where comfort is a priority, the Alfordson Elite is the most comfortable gaming chair within the Alfordson series. Utilising thick car seat moulding foam across the entire frame, the Alfordson Elite delivers identical features to every other Alfordson gaming chair; but with a little extra bounce for your bum!

Although I prefer the Alfordson Ethan for it’s design, the Alfordson Elite also supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 180kg which makes this chair equally as good for heavier gamers. Plus, when you consider that rival chairs such as the ONEX GX2 gaming chair do not come with half as many features as the Alfordson Elite, you’re onto a winner.

If you’re looking for a wider gaming seat that has extremely well cushioned padding and still packs a ton of features such as a footrest, a massager and an s-curve design, the Alfordson Elite is the best choice for you.

All you have to do is now decide between gold, red, blue, black, pink or grey!

Alfordson MARC LED Light Gaming Chair

Alfordson MARC RGB Gaming Chair

Most Feature Rich Alfordson Gaming Chair

Price: From $219.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 180kg

Rivalling the Artiss RGB Gaming Chair, the Alfordson MARC delivers the most features out of all the Alfordson gaming chairs listed here. There’s customisable LED lights, a heavy duty nylon base, 8 point massager and oh, the same grade of leather you can expect with every other Alfordson product.

Heck, if it came with speakers like the Brazen Puma it would have the most features I’ve ever seen!

Available in white, blue, red, pink and black, the Alfordson MARC takes the majority of the best components from Alfordson gaming chairs, chucks some customisable LED lights into the mix and says ‘I belong in your home’.

Again, I would have much preferred for Alfordson to not use a nylon base, however, as long as you don’t weigh over 140kg, the stability of the Alfordson MARC will not let you down. If you (or your kids) love LED lighting and can put up with the fairly average cable management system, go for the MARC!

Best Alfordson Gaming Chairs Australia

Are Alfordson Gaming Chairs Good?

Well suited to both new and budget conscious gamers, Alfordson gaming chairs deliver cost-effective solutions when powerhouse chairs such as the Razer Iskur and Noble Hero are out of reach. Overall, Alfordson gaming chairs are a good choice for budget conscious gamers who still want all the bells and whistles.

Most Alfordson gaming chairs look identical (and for the most part they are). Therefore, paying close attention to the specifications will ensure that you buy the right one for your setup. There’s plenty of nuances with each chair that will be the difference maker between comfort and frustration.

Nevertheless, within their own rights, each of the Alfordson gaming chairs listed here delivers a superb experience for the price. From footrests and back massagers to rocking tilts and even options that come with suede materials, there’s many reasons why Alfordson would raise a few eyebrows.

Sure, you can expect some minor hitches given that you’re paying less than $250 for most the chairs featured here. But don’t let that deter you away from budget purchases. Even big names in the industry get it wrong sometimes and they are valued at almost 5x the price of Alfordson gaming chairs!

What’s your take on Alfordson gaming chairs? Yay or nay?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my other reviews and roundups of the best gaming chairs you can buy in Australia!

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