Typhoon Gaming Desk Review: Best Typhoon Gaming Desks

Best Typhoon Gaming Desks: An Honest Review

Level up your gaming rig with a classy gaming desk from Typhoon.

Typhoon gaming desks are a series of standalone gaming desks from QUDO sold exclusively at Officeworks. Despite operating within a competitor space, Typhoon gaming desks hold up extremely well and prioritise build quality over fancy features.

It would be unfair to compare Typhoon to Flexispot and Mojo, who manufacture some of the world’s best gaming desks. However, for gamers entering the gaming desk market for the first time in Australia, Typhoon promises a great first experience.

But which Typhoon gaming desk is best? Let’s find out! 👇

Here are the top 4 best Typhoon Gaming Desks from Officeworks:

  1. Typhoon Pro 1200mm LED Gaming Desk
  2. Typhoon Elite 1500mm Gaming Desk
  3. Typhoon Bathurst 1000mm LED Gaming Desk
  4. Typhoon Ultimate Gaming Sit Stand Desk

Scroll down to learn more about each of my recommended Typhoon Gaming Desks to complete your setup in style! 👇

Typhoon Pro Gaming Desk

1. Typhoon Pro 1200mm LED Gaming Desk

Best Typhoon Desk For Most People

Price: From $239.00 AUD
Dimensions: 1200mm x 650mm x 750mm
Desktop Weight Capacity: 40kg

The Typhoon Pro LED Gaming Desk is arguably the most popular gaming desk at Officeworks and will be best suited to most gamers.

Its popularity stems from the fact that the Typhoon Pro falls directly in between both budget and elite options from Typhoon. It’s not too big, not too small, and it comes with the best features you would want from a gaming desk.

It’s the vanilla in the Neopolitan ice cream. Who doesn’t like vanilla?

With a width of 1200mm, there’s ample room for your gaming equipment alongside remote-controlled LED lighting down the sides of the desk for visual effect. The Typhoon Pro is built with a steel frame and MDF desktop for durability, and there’s a scratch-resistant melamine finish with a carbon fibre look.

If you’re stuck between two or three Typhoon Gaming Desks, I would recommend you purchase the Typhoon Pro as the ultimate middle-ground choice.

Typhoon Elite Gaming Desk

2. Typhoon Elite 1800mm Gaming Desk

Best Large Typhoon Gaming Desk

Price: From $389.00 AUD
Dimensions: 1800mm x 750mm x 750mm
Desktop Weight Capacity: 100kg

Perfect for gamers with large amounts of equipment and dual monitors, the Typhoon Elite 1800mm Gaming Desk is one of the largest options available from Typhoon. There’s a slightly cheaper 1500mm version, but go hard or go home, right!?

Again, just like the Typhoon Pro, gamers will enjoy a sleek and modern finish with RGB LED backlighting to improve the visuals at nighttime. There’s a drinks holder, a headset rest and a cool cable management system to keep things neat and tidy.

However, while flashy lights and cup holders might sound fancy, where the Typhoon Elite shines is the build quality with a powder-coated steel frame and scratch-resistant melamine finish. It’s an elite build for the elite gamer who needs multiple monitors, a desktop and plenty of accessories on a single desk.

Typhoon Bathurst Gaming Desk

3. Typhoon Bathurst LED 1000mm Gaming Desk

Best Budget Typhoon Gaming Desk

Price: From $149.00 AUD
Dimensions: 1000mm x 600mm x 750mm
Desktop Weight Capacity: 40kg

If you are looking for a durable gaming desk on a budget, the Typhoon Bathurst LED Gaming Desk 1000mm Black is a great option for starter gamers or gamers looking for a no-thrills gaming desk to get their setup underway.

While not as large as the other Typhoon Gaming Desks featured here, the Typhoon Bathurst makes for a superb entry point to the gaming desk market and still delivers the core of what you need. For $149, you get a stylish black desk that is sleek and modern, LED lighting for improved aesthetics and a desk that is large enough to fit one monitor with your gaming equipment.

As much as the price might indicate a cheaper set of materials, Typhoon Bathurst gaming desks are still manufactured with E1 FSC particleboard. So, while remaining light on the wallet, you can rest assured that they are still mighty regarding durability. There’s a cute little cup holder and headset rest to keep things neat and tidy, alongside a cable management system to ensure your setup remains wire-free.

Just tuck your cheap gaming chair underneath the Typhoon Bathurst gaming desk, and you’ve got a decent setup for a budget price!

Typhoon Ultimate Gaming Desk

4. Typhoon Ultimate 1500mm Gaming Sit Stand Desk

Best Electric Typhoon Gaming Desk

Price: From $529.00 AUD
Dimensions: 1500mm x 700mm x 720-1200mm
Desktop Weight Capacity: 100kg

If you value posture and gaming chair ergonomics, the Typhoon Ultimate Gaming Sit Stand Desk is perfect for those looking for a gaming desk that can be adjusted to different heights. While far more expensive than some of the other Typhoon Gaming Desks featured on this list, your back and body will thank you for the investment.

The Typhoon Ultimate Sit Stand Desk features a built-in keyboard and mouse tray for convenience, a cup holder to stay hydrated and adjustable feet. In addition, there is a cable management system and a built-in power strip to keep your cords organised.

Oh, how could I forget the LED lights running down the side!?

Despite the complex mechanics, the Typhoon Ultimate is also super easy to set up and, without question, is the best Typhoon Gaming Desk for good posture and durability. With a max weight capacity of up to 100kg, the width and strength of the Typhoon Ultimate will hold absolutely every device you need to upgrade your at-home gaming experience.

Typhoon Gaming Desks Review

Now that I have presented the best Typhoon Gaming Desks allow me a few more moments to give you my honest review of Typhoon Gaming Desks.

Overall, Typhoon gaming desks are a superb choice for any gaming setup when working with a tight budget. There are options for both starter gamers and elite players, with LED lighting as standard across all of the desks available at Officeworks. The build quality is superb, and you will rarely find solid steel-framed gaming desks with scratch-resistant materials at this price point.

As such, I have graded my Typhoon gaming desk review a solid 89%

However, while some gamers might prefer a fabric finish or attached gaming mat, the rawness of Typhoon gaming desks is actually what I like about them the most. It’s a no-thrills experience that provides a lot of value through its cable management systems and remote-controlled LED lighting functionality.

If you are looking for a starting gaming desk that will not cost you the same amount as your desktop PC, Typhoon gaming desks are a superb option in Australia. Just make sure that you buy the size that will fit both your needs for today and tomorrow. I have already made that mistake and it was painful to say the least!

Typhoon Gaming Desks
As an entry point to gaming desks, Typhoon gaming desks are a superb choice. There's LED lighting as standard and a solid steel frame that will hold plenty of computer electronics and gadgets. Sure, there are better options on the market. But, when you consider you can pick up a super strong gaming table with a headset rest and cupholder for less than $150, there's a long of consideration for Typhoon gaming desks.
Highly Durable
LED Lighting
Sit Stand Options
Solid Builds
Took The L
Not Premium
Difficult Setup
Editor's Rating

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  1. Thank your for the recommendations. I have been looking at Typhoon desks for a while but couldn’t find anyone who has written an independent review. Officeworks have their video reviews on each product but they are clearly just promoting the products to make sales rather than being honest. So, thank you for spending the time to review these.

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