Best Typhoon Gaming Chair Australia

Typhoon Gaming Chairs: Top 5 Best Typhoon Gaming Chairs

Step aside ONEX, a Typhoon is on the horizon.

Exclusive to Officeworks, Typhoon gaming chairs are a series of entry-level racing seats designed for budget conscious and casual gamers in Australia.

While incomparable to that of Razer, Secretlabs or NobleChairs, Typhoon gaming chairs are most similar to other entry-level series such as Alfordson gaming chairs. They’re built on a budget, perfect for someone who does not live at their computer and will get the job done when you’re not looking to spend over $500 on a premium seat.

If you’ve been to your local Officeworks and are considering buying a Typhoon gaming chair then you have come to the right place! Today, I am rounding up the best Typhoon gaming chairs available to buy from Officeworks right now with an honest review of Typhoon gaming chairs at the end of this article.

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Best Typhoon Gaming Chairs Australia

For gamers on a budget, Typhoon gaming chairs are price sensitive racing seats that are easy to assemble. I would classify Typhoon chairs as a ”no thrills” option for anyone who wants to buy a fairly comfortable seat which can be slightly customised.

As with most gaming chair manufacturers, Typhoon gaming chairs come with both entry, mid-range and premium options depending upon your budget.

Here’s the top 5 best Typhoon gaming chairs in Australia:

  1. Typhoon Pursuit Gaming Chair – The Cheapest
  2. Typhoon Bathurst Gaming Chair – Most Popular
  3. Typhoon Pro 2 Gaming Chair – Most Comfortable
  4. Typhoon Ultimate Gaming Chair – Best For Features
  5. Typhoon Prime Fabric Gaming Chair – Most Breathable

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Typhoon Pursuit Gaming Chair (Black & Green)

Typhoon Pursuit Gaming Chair

Cheapest Typhoon Gaming Chair

Price: From $119.00 » Lumbar Support: No
Weight Capacity: Up to 135kg » Warranty: 3 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

When price matters, the Typhoon Pursuit is the cheapest Typhoon gaming chair. At just $119, there is very little else on the market that is available at this price point which makes the Typhoon Pursuit also one of the cheapest gaming chairs in Australia.

Despite missing lumbar support, rest cushions and all of the adjustable components you can typically expect with more expensive gaming chairs, the Typhoon Pursuit is still quite a comfortable experience and great quality for the price.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this gaming chair to last you a lifetime. However, as an entry point to gaming chairs, it’s a good place to start.

Upholstered with fairly decent PU leather, the Typhoon pursuit also utilises FSC certified wood. This means that gamers can play until their hearts content consciously knowing that the timber has been ethically sourced too! 👍

Typhoon Bathurst Gaming Chair

Typhoon Bathurst Gaming Chair

Most Popular Typhoon Gaming Chair

Price: From $168.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 120kg » Warranty: 3 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

The Typhoon Bathurst is the most popular Typhoon gaming chair at Officeworks and for good reason. It’s vanilla enough to blend into a wide variety of environments and has been designed to suit the majority of gamers needs.

With a maximum weight capacity of up to 120kg, the Typhoon Bathurst gaming chair is suitable for gamers as tall as 170cm. There’s built-in lumbar support, a high back rest and plenty of room for slight customisations across most of the chairs components. Beyond the stylish black finish, the Typhoon Bathurst enables gamers to adjust the armrests as well as the tilt and height of the chair too.

However, just like the Typhoon Pursuit, I would only recommend sitting on the Typhoon Bathurst for a maximum of 3-5 hours at a time. It’s a gaming chair that’s good for a quick chilling session rather than full time work.

For better ergonomics, you should look at spending $100 more and buying something such as the ONEX GE300 instead. Alternatively, the Brazen Puma is also another great option for any gamers who like the look of the Bathurst but would like something more durable.

Typhoon Pro 2 Gaming Chair

Typhoon Pro 2 Gaming Chair

Most Comfortable Typhoon Gaming Chair

Price: From $249.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 130kg » Warranty: 3 Year
Recommended Daily Usage: 3-5 Hours

Alright, now we’re getting into the good stuff.

The Typhoon Pro 2 is arguably the most comfortable Typhoon gaming chair due to it’s vast array of adjustable features and support mechanisms. There’s breathable mesh at the back for those sweaty moments, a reclinable backrest, chair tilting, adjustable armrests and of course, the ability to adjust the height of the chair.

As an entry to mid-range gaming chair, the Typhoon Pro 2 offers great value for money with it’s ergonomic design and adjustable lumbar support cushion. The overall build quality of the Typhoon Pro 2 is also slightly more durable than the Bathurst and Typhoon Pursuit. This extends also to the PU leather which feels slightly more premium.

Available in pure black or black and blue, the Typhoon Pro 2 looks more akin to an ergonomic office chair than a gaming bucket seat. And, quite frankly, behaves like one too. Where comfortability takes precedent over style, go for the Typhoon Pro 2.

Typhoon Ultimate Gaming Chair

Typhoon Ultimate Gaming Chair

Best For Features. The Elite Version

Price: From $449.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 150kg » Warranty: 3 Year
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 5-8 Hours

As Typhoon’s flagship gaming chair, the Typhoon Ultimate resembles something a little similar to premium manufacturers such as Razer; while keep the price point fairly modest. It’s the crème de la crème of the Typhoon gaming chair range.

Suitable for up to 150kg maximum weight and for usage between 5-8 hours at a time, the Typhoon Ultimate is stronger, heavier and more durable than any other Typhoon gaming chair on this list. Featuring a unique, ergonomic design with adjustable armrests and lumbar support cushion for maximum comfort, the Typhoon Ultimate is upholstered with premium PU leather and sits on top of a 5 star steel base.

There’s 4D adjustable armrests, extended shoulder archers and inline skate wheels for silent rolling. It’s the best option for taller gamers who require something that will quite literally have their backs during longer gaming sessions.

That said, the Typhoon Ultimate is still not suitable for commercial use which makes me lean towards other brands who provide better back support.

Typhoon Prime Fabric Gaming Chair

Typhoon Prime Fabric Gaming Chair

Most Breathable Typhoon Gaming Chair

Price: From $419.00 » Lumbar Support: Yes
Weight Capacity: Up to 150kg » Warranty: 8 Years
Max Recommended Daily Usage: 5-8 Hours

For gamers that live within the warmer climates of Australia, the Typhoon Prime Fabric gaming chair is a great value option that offers a combination of comfort and style. Seriously, I perspire enough to create my own Typhoon and out of all the options featured on this list, the Typhoon Prime was the most comfortable experience.

Featuring an ergonomic design with adjustable armrests and lumbar support for the perfect fit, the Typhoon Prime is upholstered with a durable, breathable fabric and comes with a whopping 8-year warranty. When gaming chair manufacturers stamp such a long warranty on their gaming chairs, you just know you are in for a good time.

Similarly to the Typhoon Ultimate, the Typhoon Prime also comes with 4D adjustable armrests, chair tilt adjustments, a tilt locking mechanism and a 5 star premium steel base.

It’s practically the cheaper and more comfortable version of the Typhoon Elite.

For gamers that sweat, the Typhoon Prime is the best choice for you.

Typhoon Gaming Chair Review

Typhoon Gaming Chair Review Verdict

Now for the ultimate question. Are Typhoon gaming chairs good?

Overall, Typhoon gaming chairs are fairly decent budget gaming chairs that will serve a purpose for a short period of time. For kids and young adults who will not be too fussy about the build quality, there is some value here with a cheaper option.

However, for adults that have previously experienced high quality gaming chairs, you will be bitterly disappointed at the durability of Typhoon’s range. Taking this into account, I have rated my Typhoon gaming chair review a modest 79%.

As much as the Typhoon Ultimate and Typhoon Prime are the elite versions of the series, I would actually buy the Bathurst over both of them for shorter periods of play time. At least this way when the Bathurst breaks on me, I still have 2 more purchases left before I end up spending the same amount that I would have done on the Ultimate.

I am being super critical here and you will find other Typhoon gaming chair reviews that are less harsh on the build quality. However, as a gamer who has historically used premium racing seats, I cannot look past the fact that Typhoon gaming chairs will only really last one year before needed a replacement.

Typhoon Gaming Chair Review Verdict
For gaming on a budget in Australia, Typhoon gaming chairs are a solid choice. But only for a short period of time. While initially comfortable, the Typhoon gaming chairs that I have tested wore down quite quickly and are most likely best suited to smaller gamers.

If you have kids who just want a gaming chair and will not be as critical as most adults, Typhoon gaming chairs provide a cheap option that will get the job done until they start to become fussy.

However, for everyone else, you will enjoy your experience but will perhaps become slightly frustrated that you didn't spend a little extra on something more durable.
Cheap & Cheerful
Long Warranty
Good Adjustability
Great For Kids
Took The L
Not Durable
Cheap Materials
Editor's Rating

What’s your take on Typhoon gaming chairs?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check out some of my other roundups and buyers guides to complete your gaming setup:

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