Dying Light Memes Australia

Dying Light Memes Australia: 23 Hilarious Memes

Die with laughter with these hilariously funny Dying Light memes.

In meme culture, Dying Light memes are actually quite rare. For a video game that quite easily could amass hundreds of memes, they are surprisingly few and far between.

But fear not! If you are looking for the best funny Dying Light memes in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve trawled the internet to collate the funniest Dying Light memes around. From glitches to hilarious Dying Light logic, we’ve got some of the dankest Dying Light memes.

So scroll down, get your laughing fix and be sure to share with your friends. There’s plenty of Dying Light & Dying Light 2 memes to have a good snigger at; despite the uptake in the community!

Here are 23 of the best Dying Light memes:

Me » Monday

Every. Single. Week.

Dying Light Meme 1

Can climb apartment houses…

Can’t climb 5m fence around safe zone.

Dying Light Memes 2

Me when I get ten dollars

Gimme more money!

Dying Light Meme 3

Can endlessly do bad ass parkour…

Exhausted swinging a bat 3 times.

Dying Light Meme 4

The only thing they fear is UV!

Dying Light 2 Logic.

Dying Light Meme 5

When you’re playing dying light…

And, it’s night time.

Dying Light Meme 6

How tough am I?

I survived a level 4 volatile chase on Dying Light.

Dying Light Meme 7

You immunity is low…

Go outside and touch grass.

Dying Light Meme 8

Bitten in the neck by a zombie?

Here, this will do it!

Dying Light Meme 9

2 minutes into praying to the mother

Then, she gives you this look.

Dying Light Meme 10

Techland employees be like…

Dying Light Meme 11

Dying Light 2 has a bad story

Dying light fans…

Dying Light Meme 12

Night In DL2 Vs Night In DL1

Yeah, couldn’t have put it better myself!

Dying Light Meme 13


Pyro needs to be bullied into playing this game!

Dying Light Meme 14

Kyle Crane Lockpicking

Watch out for that massive horde of zombies!

Dying Light Meme 15

Dying Light Community

… Ask for Dying Light 2 news!

Dying Light Meme 16

When you realise you can’t seduce Lawan

You can’t seduce me!

Dying Light Meme 17

Broke several bats…

Fists are made of iron stone.

Dying Light Meme 18

Night in Dying Light comes

Volatiles be like…

Dying Light Meme 19

Steps up tiny ledge…

Levels up agility

Dying Light Meme 20

Six swings with a crowbar…

Totally out of breath!

Dying Light Meme 21

Supply drops in Dying Light be like…

Dying Light Meme 22

When you kill a zombie in Dying Light…

The body turns into a plastic bag!

Dying Light Meme 23

Enjoy our funny Dying Light memes?

Awesome! We found them hilarious too!

While there’s plenty more that could be said about Dying Light, the meme community took a fairly sizeable pass on Techland’s greatest creation to date. Nevertheless, what we do have is a boutique collection of the extremely funny Dying Light memes that will forever be remembered.

Dying Light is an awesome game but some of the logic has to be questioned. Especially when you can parkour huge buildings all day long but can’t swing a bat more than 3 times without becoming exhausted! Do you know of any other Dying Light memes? Drop them in the comments below!

If you’re in the mood to kill some more time, check out some of our other Dying Light articles as well as even more meme roundups!

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