Medieval Dynasty Straw

How To Get Straw In Medieval Dynasty (Easy Guide)

Erect barns, thatch your roofs and build up a stockpile of straw that would please even the most discerning villagers with this easy to follow guide.

Who would have thought that finding something as simple as straw in Medieval Dynasty would be so difficult? Well, here we are! Like most, you may be wondering where to locate and find straw to craft thatched roofs and other items for your village.

Well, we’ve got the answer for you right here! Here’s everything you need to know about finding straw and what to do with it in Medieval Dynasty. 👇

Straw Locations Medieval Dynasty

How To Get Straw In Medieval Dynasty

Whilst you may think that straw would be located at farms or fields, in Medieval Dynasty, straw can be found along the river banks. The easiest location to find straw in Medieval Dynasty is along the river banks where you can gather reeds situated by the river’s edge.

Players can harvest 1-2 pieces of straw from reeds at a time and they are readily available all year round on riverbanks and lake shores. In particular, the town of Gostovia is an optimal location to start the game and gather straw. To collect straws, simply walk up to the reeds and tap the A button to engage with them.

Alternatively, if you are the daring type, in addition to river banks, straw can be procured by stealing materials from inhabitants of other villages and village rooftops. Naturally, taking actions like these could damage your reputation with the locals but it’s a fun way to spice up the game. If you’re feeling stealthy, go for the steal.

How To Use Straw In Medieval Dynasty

How To Use Straw In Medieval Dynasty

Once you have farmed a healthy collection of straw, it’s time to put it to use. In Medieval Dynasty, straw is primarily useful during the early parts of the game, however, it can also be used in the latter stages as well. The most common types of creations you will craft with straw will be thatched roofs and barns. However, there are many other use cases as well.

Straw can be used in Medieval Dynasty to craft the following:

  • Simple House
  • Woodshed I
  • Herbalist’s Hut I
  • Hunting Lodge I
  • Fishing Hut I
  • Builders Hut
  • Barn I
  • Barn II
  • Donkey Shelter
  • Goose House
  • Stable
  • Fold
  • Henhouse
  • Pigsty
  • Animal Feed
  • Daub
  • Flat Straw Hat
  • Simple Torch
  • Straw Hat

How To Get Straw In Medieval Dynasty

The Final Word

Despite staw in Medieval Dynasty being fairly commonplace, there are many ways to use straw to bolster your village. During the mid-stages of the game, you can use straw to build a barn in addition to threshing platforms to collect an abundance of straw.

However, the riverbanks will always remain the best source of straw whilst also delivering a serene outlook on the realm of Medieval Dynasty. Engaging in peaceful farming sessions adds an entirely different outlook to the game and is a nice break from the survival that pursues your adventure.

So, what are the best materials in Medieval Dynasty? Drop us a comment below! When you’re done, don’t forget to check out some of our other Medieval Dynasty guides and tutorials across some of your favourite games:

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