Micro-Influencing For Tech Brands: AMA with Steven.

You've seen his work, now you get to meet the man behind the keyboard!

You asked, and we delivered! 😊

In our recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Instagram, we put our founder, Steven Lord, in the spotlight to spray insights on his journey as a micro-influencer for gaming technology and publishing brands in Australia!

He’s a shy fellow and isn’t normally one of the camera. Yet, you coaxed him out of his hovel and for that, we thank you!

If you’re questions not listed here, check you DMs as the answer will be there!

Quickfire Round:

Up first, a selection of some of your single-answer questions.

  • What is your favourite game? – Overwatch.
  • What is the worst game ever made? – Goat Simulator. Please.
  • Do you like Vegemite? – Ew, gross.
  • What platforms do you play? – Xbox, Switch & PC.
  • Are you married? – Not yet, but soon!
  • Do you have pineapple on Pizza? – Hell. No!

Now we know that Steven hates Pineapple Pizza and is not a fan of goats, here’s our roundup of 5 of the best questions we received over the course of the session.

Why did you start GamePro?

GamePro started as nothing more than my personal digital diary. A place where I could log my thoughts on certain video games and have like-minded people to pinch, punch and scratch with until we agreed to disagree.

I had never imagined that within less than year it would spiral into becoming what it is right now. And for that, I am truly humbled.

My passion for gaming, like most people, stems from early childhood and I will easily clock anywhere between 20-30 hours per week. However, the turning point for GamePro was when I became an Xbox Community Ambassador. To be frank, I was blown away by the true extent of how popular the gaming industry had become globally.

And that was just on Xbox!

So, I decided to make GamePro a little more official and invite other gamers to join more frequently in the conversation. Since then, the website has transformed heavily into your a-typical review and opinion website, however, authenticity and pure passion is still at the core. We have no plans to go full-commercial.

What has been the biggest challenge?

No joke, just time.

I have a full-time job that see’s me working well past the dinner bell on top of GamePro and family commitments. Plus, believe it or not, I actually enjoy gaming without my critics hat from time to time too!

From an outside perspective, influencer marketing just looks like an abundance of free gifts, funny videos and not a lot of actual work. However, this is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. From designing graphics, taking photos, social media and managing websites to writing 20,000+ words a week and staying on top of industry trends social media profiles, there’s barely time for snacks!

It’s only when you watch spotlight pieces, like that of Camille Hanson on Intellifluence, that you begin to understand just how much work goes into influencer marketing. It’s a dedication towards a passion and one that yields incredible content.

You can watch that video right here:

Would you do anything different?

Plenty. Some self-confidence to go on video would be a start!

But seriously, this entire journey has been a lot of failing and learning. So yes, I would do lots of things differently. To pick some key examples, I would firstly plan for the future rather than winging the entire process. Although fun, it has wasted a lot of time.

It’s only recently that I started researching influencer marketing tactics to assist with the running costs of the website and the upkeep. Through learning how to get stuff done efficiently, this has saved so much time and frustration.

On that note, I would also recommend checking in with yourself and saying no to things that you are not good at achieving. Everything you see here, besides the content, is entirely my own creation. However, I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to create awesome videos. Yet, that is just not where my skills are.

Understand what you are good at and outsource the rest.

What brands do you work with?

Right now, GamePro has no affiliation to any brands. We are clan-less and that’s the beauty of micro-influencing.

If you are truly an authentic micro-influencer, creating allegiances with any one particular is actually disingenuous. Instead, you should source products or games from all over the world and speak to what is worthwhile playing.

That said have previously collaborated with Razer, HyperX and FromSoftware.

Any advice for aspiring influencers?

Other than the advice already listed, I would strongly recommend using influencer marketing services such as Intellifluence. Unless you are in the PR game, finding the right contacts is time consuming and difficult. Whereas platforms such as Intellifluence do the hard work for you.

The bigger you become, the greater your overheads and so there comes a crossroads whereby you have to start think less hobbyist and more commercially. Through influencer platforms, you can get rewarded for still enjoying your hobby and that will at least pay the bills.

Besides that, be authentic and only go down this road when you have a true passion. I can assure you that I have wrote many a topic in the past that does not hit me in the feels and they take 3x as long as anything else on this website.

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