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Super Mario Party Online Reveal

Load up your Switch. It's about to go down!

Three years later, Nintendo has finally issued a compelling reason to reboot Super Mario Party on your Switch and race across the board once more. The new and totally free update to Super Mario Party significantly adds the ability to play online with your friends; bridging a gap that has been sorely lacking since release.

In addition to Mario Party online, the latest update also includes Partner Party. In this mode, which is similar to Mario Party, two teams pit off against one another to crown the champion of the board. This is the first time that board games have supported online play and it is set to revitalize a game that was slowly heading for the back of the cupboard. 

Super Mario Party
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5th Oct 2018
Nintendo Switch
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What’s more, of the 80 mini-games available with Super Mario Party, 70 are now also playable online. Before this most recent update, only 10 mini-games were playable online and now fans have much more to look forward to. According to the patch notes, there are two ways to play online, both of which require an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. First up is ‘Friend Match’ which allows you to play with friends across the internet alongside random players. Secondly, should you prefer a more intimate setting, you can opt for ‘Private Game’ mode which allows you to play with anyone using passwords.

Despite being released back in October 2018, Super Mario Party is super fun to play with friends and during gatherings. With lockdowns across the globe due to the pandemic, Super Mario Party online ensures that you can still enjoy creating havoc with your friends and family but from the comfort of your own home. We expect that this move from Nintendo is directly aimed towards stealing some market share back from the wildly popular group games such as Jackbox.

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