New Pokémon Snap Trailer

Pokémon Snap™ Is Back!

Gotta snap them all, gotta snap them all.

Nintendo has been busy of late. From the much-awaited Super Mario Party online to the second edition of Pokémon Snap™, Switch players have much nostalgia to look forward to as we traverse slowly out of the colder months throughout Australia.

Straight out of Bandai Namco Studios, the new Pokémon Snap hit the shelves on 30th April with Pokémon fans rejoicing all over the world. 22 years after its initial release on the Nintendo 64 the New Pokémon Snap, places you as an adventurous photographer with the sole mission of capturing the finest snaps of the amazing world of Pokémon. With plenty of new Pokémon having been released since the original game back in 1999, there is plenty of opportunities to meet the most recent additions.

Since the first release, we have seen all kinds of Pokémon spin-off games, from investigating mysteries with Pikachu to, for some reason, two PokéPark games. Yet, despite this, none of them have captured the unusual, yet compelling, magic Pokémon Snap had all those years back. The challenge now facing New Pokémon Snap is whether it can recreate this sensation without becoming an imitation of the original game.

So, what’s in store for Pokémon lovers with this new release?

New Pokémon Snap Trailer
Release Date
April 30, 2021
Bandai Namco
Nintendo Switch
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New Pokémon Snap Overview

Upon first inspection, while the new Pokémon Snap relies upon foundations built by the original game, it has managed to develop advanced mechanics which create a much more fulfilling experience. From sprinkling some sass through photo editing to the ever-present charm of the game as a whole, dedicated Pokémon fans are bound to absolutely love New Pokémon Snap.

As for the gameplay, although as thin as the N64 original, this does not hamper the sheer fascination you feel when traversing through the forests. When hunting for the perfect captures, the game plays at just about the right speed. If you are the type of person who can put up with replaying a few levels here and there, the game is not tiresome. In fact, it is not overwhelming or absurdly complex but leaves you wanting more. And of course, the characteristics of each Pokémon are just phenomenal. From the ever bouncy Pikachu to the sound of Woopers cry, you will simply just fall in love. 

In the game, there are 24 courses to complete with six being Illumina Spots. If you are anything like us, you will be revisiting these spots upon many occasions to capture the perfect snap. However, for those who just speedrun through most games, this is also possible. Each playthrough will take around 9-10 hours in total with newcomer Pokémon to find such as Scorbunny, Bouffalant, and Torterra, all of whom hail from various regions of the Pokémon universe.

As for the longevity of the game as a whole, we will soon find out. As a single-player Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch with a total of around 18-24 hours of play for the most serious of photographers, you may find that you are done faster than you think. 

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