Top 5 Best CS:GO Knife Skins To Unbox [UPDATED]

The visuals, the price. Here are the best CS:GO knife skins right now.

Trading virtual collectables for real money has always been popular amongst niche gaming communities. Dating back to the 90s with Runescape accounts and those Christmas hats, all the way to modern FPS games and what seems like an endless stream of purchasable items, there are a lot of online exchanges that make this possible.

However, there was a pioneer in the FPS world long before the likes of Fortnite skins. That pioneer was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Collectables in CS: GO range from humble pins to slick knife skins with the latter being some of the most expensive CS: GO items you can collect. Kind of like NFTs before NFTs were invented, if you know what I mean.

Today, we’re paying homage to the underworld of CS:GO tradeable items by celebrating some of the best knife skins you can obtain from the knife case CS:GO in this quick roundup.

Which skin will come out on top? Let’s find out! 👇

Best CSGO Knife Skins

From the ‘Flip Knife Fade’ to the Doppler, community-designed knife skins in CS:GO come with a huge amount of value retention. Like a fine wine, each knife skin not only holds its value but, currently, will increase in value with age.

Once you own one, you earn a crazy amount of respect from the community.

The best CS:GO knife skins right now are:

Karambit Doppler Ruby CS:GO Knife Skin

Karambit Doppler (Ruby) Skin

Best S-Class Tier Knife Skin In CS:GO

Release Date: January 8, 2015
Case: Chroma, Chroma 2, and Chroma 3 Cases

Price Breakdown by Condition:

  • Factory New: $13,820
  • Minimal Wear: $6,890

During the Full Spectrum update of CS:GO on January 8th 2015, Valve added new Chroma Cases which contained 14 community-created knife skins. Among them, the Karambit Doppler (Ruby) was the most desirable and it is arguably still the most popular knife skin today.

The Karambit Doppler Ruby knife skin follows a default Karambit form factor. There is a curved form with a fang-like blade and its handle remains solid, matte black. While the metal segments are painted in glossy red, there is a pattern over the Karambit Doppler that consists of different red shades; creating waves that resemble the look of the Ruby diamond.

These waves are manipulated by the pattern index.

Despite there being no rare variation of the Karambit Doppler (Ruby), the value holds strong due to a very low chance of skin drop and the love that the Karambit has generated from the CS:GO community. It’s been a classic since 2015 with players also opting for standard Doppler finishes when sticking to a tighter budget.

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade CS:GO Skin

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade Skin

Most Interesting CS:GO Knife Skin

Release Date: March 15, 2017
Case: Spectrum and Spectrum 2 Cases

Price Breakdown by Condition:

  • Factory New: $3,682
  • Minimal Wear: $3,166

First introduced with the “Take a trip to the canals” update in 2017 via the Spectrum 2 cases, the Butterfly Marble Fade skin has become one of the most memorable knives from this collection. A true staple for any collector’s cabinet.

While the butterfly knife’s handle remains metallic, there are a few significant orange inserts sprawling toward the tip of the weapon. However, traditionally, the most interesting skin part is the blade. Here, the blade is painted in smoke-like patterns of blue, red, and yellow with each of the colours smoothly transitioning into one another, creating a soft gradient.

The pattern index also changes the appearance of the smoky colours which gives the Butterfly Knife Marble Fade the unique trait of being able to create individual and expensive variations. The “Red Tip” is just one of them and the CS:GO community has gone wild to make others.

Available in Minimal Wear from $3,166 and Factory New Condition from $3,682, the Butterfly Knife skin also comes with StatTrak and a minimal drop chance. Just a few other reasons why this knife skin is a must-purchase.

M9 Bayonet Lore Skin

M9 Bayonet Lore Skin

Best Mid-Range Knife Skin

Release Date: June 15, 2016
Case: Gamma and Gamma 2 Cases

Price Breakdown by Condition:

  • Factory New: $5,360
  • Minimal Wear: $3,914
  • Field Tested: $1,700
  • Well Worn: $1,217
  • Battle Scarred: $910

In June 2016, CS:GO welcomed its “Gamma Exposure” update with the Gamma case taking centre stage of newly available collectables for CS:GO fans. Inside the Gamma Case, players would find the M9 Bayonet Lore.

As you can guess from its name, this knife is inspired by an iconic AWP Dragon Lore skin. The handle is painted in military green colours and comes with plenty of stylistic scratches. Pathing towards the blade, you will see a hand guard with no paint: just dark-grey metal which gives the M9 Bayonet Lore a more menacing appearance.

Next, there is the blade. Here, you will immediately recognise why the skin is called Lore. It is painted in a rich yellow, which gets lighter towards the blade’s tip. Next to the sharp edge, you will also see the famous Dragon Lore medieval pattern which, by all accounts, is the star of the show with this masterpiece.

The M9 Bayonet Lore is available in Battle-Scarred ($910), Well-Worn ($1,217), Field-Tested ($1,700), Minimal Wear ($3,914), and Factory New ($5,360) conditions. However, it does not come with StatTrak which might put some of you off this knife.

Flip Knife Fade CS:GO Skin

Flip Knife Fade Skin

Most Understated Knife Skin

Release Date: August 14, 2013
Case: CS:GO Weapon Case 1, Weapon Case 2 & Weapon Case 3

Price Breakdown by Condition:

  • Factory New: $1,394
  • Minimal Wear: $1,258

In 2013 during the “The Arms Deals” update, Valve started putting the Flip Knife in cases with 11 of them in total to collect. The Flip Knife Fade quickly became the most sought-after flip knife skin and arguably is still one of the most understated skins in CS:GO today.

While the handle is nothing more than an unsaturated grey with a few minor scratches, the blade is where the real style begins with an extremely colourful livery. Painted in yellow, red, and blue gradients, the Flip Knife Fade packs a colour spectrum that intertwines all intermediary colours with their primary; making for a stunning visual.

In addition, the pattern index of the Flip Knife Fade also impacts the gradient, creating rare variations. Of these variations, any Flip Knife Fade that has the greatest amount of purple will typically be the most expensive version to purchase.

You can get the Flip Knife Fade skin in Minimal Wear ($1,258) and Factory New Condition ($1,394). Both of these come with StatTrak and both options are superb for your collection.

Falchion Knife Damascus Steel CS:GO Skin

Falchion Knife Damascus Steel Skin

Best Entry Tier Knife Skin

Release Date: March 15, 2017
Case: Spectrum and Spectrum 2 Cases

As one of the cheapest knife skins you can purchase, the Falchion Knife Dasmacus Steel also heralds from the “Take a trip the canals” collection released in March 2017. It’s a random loot item from Spectrum and Spectrum 2 cases.

The central element of Falchion Knife skin is Damascus Steel. It looks like wavy lines of dark and light grey colours. And this pattern is present at 80 percent of the knife. However, the bottom and upper tips of the handle are painted in a solid gray color. Even though the pattern index changes the layout of the wavy lines, there are no rare variations.

Falchion Knife Damascus Steel is available in Battle-Scarred ($194), Well-Worn ($195), Field-Tested ($220), Minimal Wear ($272), and Factory New ($289) conditions. Due to such low prices and pleasing visuals, this knife got famous and has more than average popularity.

Best CSGO Knife Skins

The Final Word

The Counter-Strike community and aftermarket are packed to the brim with an incredible selection of collectables; including knife skins. As a means for players to express their personality, knife skins are well established as highly sought-after items and their value is expected to endure over time. The pioneers of in-game purchases.

From the eye-catching Karambit Fade and its stunning colour blend to the refined elegance of the Butterfly Knife Crimson Web, each skin is littered with distinctive charm.

Collectors, traders and just humble gamers who simply want individuality with their virtual loadout, each of our recommended knife skins is an exceptional choice. So, embrace your favourite skin, equip it with pride and let it become an extension of your virtual identity.

Did we miss any good knife skins in CS:GO?

Drop us a comment below with your favourite items in CS:GO and we’ll be sure to check them out. In the meantime, take a look through some of our other roundups and tutorials:

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