How To Pick Locks In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Pick Locks In Hogwarts Legacy (Easy Guide)

Say Aloha' to Alohomora

When you’re pursuing the magic of Hogwarts, you will find all sorts of secret passageways and mini-quests to complete. In addition, any locked doors you find will obviously pique your curiosity too. But how exactly do you open locked doors and pick locks?

Well, if you’ve seen the movies, you should already know that the “Alohomora” spell unlocks doors throughout Hogwarts. But you’re going to need to work a little before being able to get your mitts on the treasures within.

To find out where to learn the Alohomora spell, how to use it and how to pick locks in Hogwarts Legacy, scroll down to read our easy-to-follow guide on everything you need to know about lockpicking at Hogwarts. ✨🧪

How To Unlock Alohomora Spell Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock The Alohomora Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can pick locks in Hogwarts Legacy, first, you will need to learn the Alohomora spell. As much as the Alohomora spell is as iconic as the Harry Potter movies themselves, unfortunately, this isn’t the first spell that you will unlock in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, it’ll take around four hours until you reach the main story quest that unlocks Alohomora.

The Alohomora spell is unlocked after you complete the “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” main storyline quest. This quest requires you to find Demiguise statues for caretaker Gladwin Moon. For whatever reason, Gladwin is terrified of these frozen furry fellows, so he wants you to destroy them all – Demiguise statues are one of the game’s main collectables.

Thankfully, in return for your assistance, Gladwin Moon will teach you Alohomora before you complete this task. You will get to use the Alohomora spell throughout the quest to gain entry into the faculty tower and destroy more statues. But it’s yours to keep once the quest has been completed.

How To Open Locks In Hogwarts Legacy

How to Pick Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have learned the Alohomora spell, you can now proceed to unlocking locked doors and lockpicking in Hogwarts Legacy. Though the Hogwarts Legacy lockpicking minigame isn’t exactly the same as the ones in Skyrim or Fallout, it’s pleasantly easy to learn.

To pick locks in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these 7 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Cast the Alohomora Spell to start lockpicking
  • Step 2: Rotate the green ring clockwise.
  • Step 3: As soon as the green gears start to turn, stop rotating the green ring.
  • Step 4: Next, rotate the red ring clockwise.
  • Step 5: Again, as soon as the red gears start to turn, stop rotating the red ring.
  • Step 6: Once both rings are in place, both sets of gears will turn and the lock will open.
  • Step 7: When both the green and red gears are turning, the lock will open.

As soon as you start to see either the green or red gear turning, this is the optimal position for lockpicking. So, be sure to stop turning the ring as soon as you see the gears turning to avoid overshooting the prime spot.

One tip is to keep the designs on the rings looking like either a plus symbol or an X. All other positions in between these won’t open the lock, so just rotate in sets of 45 degrees.

Upgrade Alohomora Spell To Levels 2 & 3

As you continue to progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you will find that not all locks will open with your standard Alohomora charm. This is because the locks will require you to upgrade the spell before being powerful enough to complete.

To upgrade the Alohomora spell, you will need to find more of those Demiguise statues. For level 2, that means finding 9 status and bringing the moons back to Gladwin. Then, for level 3 that means thirteen moons for Gladwin.

If you’re having trouble finding them, don’t forget that they only appear at night!

Demiguise Statues Hogwarts Legacy

The Final Word

As useful as the Alohomora spell can be, it’s not the only piece you need to solve the puzzles in Portkey’s game. Depulso can be used to press buttons and solve puzzles, and there are those silly little eye-chests that need Disillusionment to trick them.

But that doesn’t mean Alohomora isn’t super useful either. After all, you can’t find all the Daedalian Keys and unlock the full floo network without it!

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